Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reunion Rescue Struts with old friends and new ones, too!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, this year's Strut Your Mutt was fun fun and funner than ever! We ran into old friends and made lots and lots of new friends, too...just take a look and see...

Russell heading to Treasure Island to strut 2014!!!
Reed got up out of the sick bed to strut for homeless pets...hope for the future!

Russell is ready to strut in his new dress hahaha!

Russell and his good buddy Reed.

Our good friend Shirlee who helped us learn about Bruce Willis on death row in Sonoma County a few years Bruce Willis is happy in his new home for several years....and Shirlee's a green volunteer at new Reunion Rescue friends Green Dog Rescue.

Our core Reunion team raring up to strut...Reed, Russell, Adena, Joe, Darla, Annie and Piper!

Can't take enough snapshots of our loving Reunion rescuers and team...don't you wish everybody was like this and adopted their home homeless pets!

Happy Reunion Rescue family Darla Loescher and her mom, dad and sister Piper!

Good people and good dogs make the world go round...GO TEAM BLOUNT!

Jeff is a wonderful friend and long long longtime Rocket Dog Rescue champion! 

Valerie Louie is another long time Rocket Dog Rescue staple and champion, but Valerie, Cricket and Andrew have also trained a lot of Reunion fact, Andrew, Valerie's son has primed many a pittie for many a kiddie! Thank you Valerie and Andrew for all your love and many years of service!

Some of our new friends running security!

These are Muttville adopters and with sweet kids like this helping senior dogs have a new leash on life...boy, there's hope for our sad old world yet!

This is a deaf boy from Hayward shelter...just ask his loving mom...deaf dogs make great companions!

Bloodhound sniffing out some strut!

My good friends Jeff and Pali Boucher...the end all be all of SF Bay good sweet and Pali have loved a lot of dogs and both of us do our share of grooving to great and dogs...

Pali loving on Russell who's an honorary Reunion dog..he was one of the two pittie mixes saved that year from SFACC by SFSPCA ..they do two token pits a year thank you very much...Pali and Rocket dog saved Russell's friend that was left to die at SFACC by SFSPCA. Thank you Pali Boucher and Rocket Dog Rescue.

Short stuff does some strutting too, right?

Rocket Dog Rescue fires off the strut!

Jerzy and Reunion Rescue's Hank saved from death row at SFACC 12 years ago!

Hank has the world's prettiest smile...

Hank's wonderful dads, Norm and Jerzy...thank you, Hank for bringing three of the most charming gentlemen ever into my life. Forever and ever grateful.

Me and Pali used to take turns saving the death row pitties...and look at us now! Feeling the love!

Jerzy, Joe, Piper, Annie, YO, Adena and Reed...where's our dogs?????

More fun and more love with the gang!

Loving the strut with the Best Friends gals!

Can I just not get enough Hank time?
Honorary Reunion-eer!

We love Beagles at Reunion Rescue...oh yeah!

Donner and his mom...heading to the pass?

We're 1/2 way there...strutting for homeless pets everywhere!

Can't get enough of that struttin' stuff!

Just a strut away from freedom!

Finish line!!!

Pey-Jia, TJ and and Reunion Rescue's Jesse..carrying on the Reunion Rescue tradition in Berkeley, California U.S.A.

Pali and Piper strutting with Xolo

Living the good life!


Here's to Boston!

Sweet time struttin'

Hello world...I'm just here to strut!

Mom, let me show you how it's done!

Russell is our main strutter with Reed and mom Adena!

Daddy Joe and Reunion Rescue's Darla!

Sweet Pea where are you??????

Just sitting here waiting like a very good Sweet Pea!

My favorite tune is Quiche Lorraine by the B52's!

I am the prettiest like a butterfly and sing like a bee!

My mom is starting me on the Reunion Rescue raw food diet tomorrow! Yay, I'm sure glad I came today!

Our good friend Pat with foster Hope from the Oakland Shelter!

Hope spent her life on a chain and now has a new leash on life..Hope goes to her new real family home next week!

Our good friend Jan's Rosemary....

Russell heading home after a long strut...him's pooped!