Saturday, September 16, 2017

Are you missing an animal from Hurricane Harvey?

Murdered at Houston SPCA for being a pit bull
We want to help! September 2, the Houston SPCA took over the Ford Center in Beaumont, Texas. The outcry for missing pets has become muddled and confused due to the false, misleading statements from Houston SPCA.

We created the page No name pittie will die at Houston SPCA in 2012 due to the no name pittie on the page who was murdered by Houston SPCA for being a pit bull. The Houston SPCA kills all pit bulls. Period.

Over the years, American Pit Bull Examiner, Pit Bulls and Other Animals and No Kill Houston have covered stories about murdered pit bulls at Houston SPCA. We may not have Animal Planet and 25 million dollars a year income, a huge presence and facility like the Houston SPCA, but we can object to their mass killing of pit bulls others know what this organization does with its support.

If you or anyone you know is missing a dog or other animal from Hurricane Harvey, please post on our page No name pittie will die at Houston SPCA. Be sure to include a link, photos, videos, bio and description along with contact info for the owner. This is important. We want to help you find your pet or livestock.

A photo album will be created on our No name pittie will die at Houston SPCA Facebook page to help organize this effort. With your help, we can match video and photos shot at the Ford Center in Beaumont, Texas with missing pets.

If the Houston SPCA will not fulfill it's well-funded mission to protect animals, then we will.

In the honor of the little no name pittie who was murdered at the Houston SPCA for being a pit bull...along with hundreds of thousands of other pit bulls and us try to reunite people with their beloved pets.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Houston SPCA screws the pooch at Beaumont's Ford Center

Katelyn Reid photo of Harvey rescue
Now that the dust has settled, or rather the levee leveled, boots on the ground first responders are recalling horrible experiences with Houston SPCA.

The Houston SPCA rolled into Beaumont the afternoon of Saturday, September 2nd and completely took over operations and animals being cared for by rescuers and volunteers who'd been sweltering in the hot and humid Ford Center for a week.

Katelyn Reid had organized the Ford Center operation and despite heat, flooding, fleas and other disaster and pests, the center was operating surprisingly efficiently. People from all over the United States had driven to Beaumont, many like Erika Pearce from Indianapolis who drove with her husband and a car filled with donated vet supplies and much needed medicine to help care for the incoming hundreds of dogs, cats and other animals.

These good people worked tirelessly and missed meals to save these animals before Houston SPCA took over and shut everyone out.

Shylah Salas was one of the hard-working animal lovers and has issued a gut-wrenching statement to the Houston SPCA:

To the HSPCA, I am NO LONGER a SUPPORTER of your organization. After our encounter at the Ford Center in Beaumont, I walked away feeling distraught towards your efforts which were UNPROFESSIONAL, UNORGANIZED and seemed to have LACKED SINCERITY.

Your employees, especially TRAVIS came off Ignorant & lacked administration skills. Grant it, yall did a wonderful job w/ organizing our supplies. HSPCA claimed to "take charge" yet instead of "CALLING A MEETING with THE COMMUNITY at FORD CENTER", the information was being transfered through word of mouth.

YOUR EMPLOYEES SLEPT COMFORTABLY IN your company van WHILE Sandra Kelly and I, along with 3 members, TENDED to a trailer carrying 8 DOGS (1 w/parvo) and a sick horse. NONE OF YOUR STAFF WAS AVAILABLE until 8am then held a "Staff Meeting" for an HOUR & A HALF while DOGS SAT WITH URINATION & DEFFICATION in their crates.

The ICU PATIENTS did not have REFILLED BAGS, a chicken was DEAD. Travis ordered an elderly man to leave the premises (who was granted permission to stay by Ford shelter original coordinator) because "This is not a camp ground!" How dare you tell this man that if his 12 cockerspaniels and 1 lab were not transferred or taken elsewhere, they will be EUTHANIZED AFTER 2 WEEKS when your policy stated " 30 days". How is 2 weeks a sufficient amount of time for OWNERS WHO LOST EVERYTHING but their lives to recover their beloved pets?!? 

HOW DARE you transport 20+ dogs w/out providing proper documents or communication regarding their transfer. First of all, WHY TRANSFER these DOGS?? WHERE DID THE REST OF THEM GO? Yepp...we have proof of animals missing in crates and 1 who was walked at 8pm, but never returned. Why only start inventory POST TRANSFER of DOGS? And why were pups labeled aggressive & specific animals(excluding the sick) segregated?

HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR DONATIONS WHEN YOU ALREADY SEIZED 80% that EXISTED PRIOR to YOUR ARRIVAL. Why donate money when you are planning to euthanize after 2 weeks? Those donations sustain you for MONTHS.

Your lack of communication, administration, and most importantly, Honesty screwed yall over. I cannot prove you were euthanizing, but what I do know was something felt shady when HSPCA arrived. I was BOOTS ON GROUND....

Leila Barry, another hard working Ford Center first responder adds this to Shylah's statement:

I was boots on the ground as well, and was amazed that after 6 hours, 6 you couldn't tell the rescuers how many dogs were there. Yeah Travis you know how to count money really well, but not dogs. And how were the 22 dogs flown outta state when all the airports WERE CLOSED AND UNDER WATER. and why was the single room under the pavilion STAFF ONLY . You have a lot of explaining to do HSPCA. I WANT TO KNOW.

When Shylah received a Houston SPCA plea for donation money, it was just too much and she posted her statement. These people see the orchestrated money raising campaigns all over social media by the Houston SPCA taking credit for their work and the lives these volunteers rescued from flooded homes and brought to the Ford Center. It is infuriating and it is nauseating. They are getting a dose of the way Houston SPCA does business...and to them, it's business. Pit bulls aren't good business and that's probably why you never saw a pit bull on their hit Animal Planet series Animal Cops: Houston.

Since 2012, we have been questioning Houston SPCA's high kill practices with our Facebook page No name pittie will die at Houston SPCA.

According to No Kill Houston "The Houston SPCA's Save Rate was only 35% the last time that they were honest and released their records to the public.  We believe that their Save Rate is drastically lower than this now."

World Animal Awareness Society also tried to get some answers from Houston SPCA in their
No Hope for Paws as Houston SPCA accused of killing dogs after Hurricane Harvey: Operation Houston video:

We will continue to write about and research the Houston SPCA and the goings on at Beaumont's Ford Center. Please contact Pit bulls and other animals with photos, videos and animal stories related to Harvey and the Beaumont Ford Center.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Update: Fact Check - Red Cross Harvey donation toss, the urban legend fact checker, is jumping the train to capture some of the mass audience of animal lovers around the world incensed over the Red Cross tossing donations in Houston.

Wendy Underwood shared a video which has now been claimed by Cody Sloan who shot the viral video and updated September 12, 2017 with this video.
                                                                                                                                                     According to Snopes, "On 10 September 2017, a now-viral video posted to Facebook contains claims
the Red Cross in Houston, Texas was instructed to throw out a significant quantity of food and supplies donated by the public in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey."

Snopes goes on to quote from the video and Pit Bulls and Other Animals blog, "In the video, the camera pans over a pile of food, bags, and crates in what appears to be a garage, while the woman narrating it reiterates that it consisted of donations to the organization that had been discarded. No additional information is given."

Snopes managed to get in touch with the Red Cross whose spokesperson Elizabeth Penniman had this to say, "We work with a large number of partners, who provide bulk donations of goods to the Red Cross. There has been no directive given at any of our operations to discard or dispose of any new

The 'fact check' goes on to say Snopes has made repeated efforts to contact Underwood who resides in Waco and verify the video's origin. Pit Bulls and Other Animals has updated blogs to identify the video as having been shot by Cody Sloan from Houston who is working hard to see that the leftover donations in question are being distributed to needy pets and local Houston animal rescue organizations.

It's important to note the reason this video went viral. The Red Cross is no stranger to controversy. In fact, NPR did a series on the mysterious goings on involving $500 million dollars donated to the American Red Cross in Haiti relief: In Search Of The Red Cross' $500 Million In Haiti Relief In response to the furor over the tossed Hurricane Harvey donations, the Red Cross has issued a lengthy statement which fails to address the trashed donations filmed in Sloan's now viral video:

The Red Cross certainly can't be accused of not waxing eloquent, but their polemic in this case only succeeds in fanning the fire. What the Red Cross doesn't seem to understand in their admonishment of the 'dangers of rumors and misinformation' is the audience to whom they're speaking. Many of those who read and passed along this information are hard-working Americans and others who wanted to help their fellows and companion animals displaced by a horrible event. From the comments left on social media, many of these good people had already caught wind of misguided funding in the hands of the Red Cross such as the ProPublica exposé: How one of the country’s most venerated charities has failed disaster victims, broken promises and made dubious claims of success.   

Bottom line, people want clear answers and the response to this incident by the Red Cross is anything but.

Please refer any animal stories and Hurricane Harvey pet updates to Pit Bulls and Other Animals.

donated items such as canned food, water, diapers, blankets or dog food."

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pit bull hater Phyllis Daugherty blows hot air and false information

Phyllis Daugherty rolled and curled her tinted hair and applied her thick layer of Merle Norman pancake to appear on CBSLA Channel Two news. What she had to say was filled with error and out and out lies. Daugherty, director of a group called "Animal Issues Movement" which conjures up alt-right pro-Trump racist blogs, began to rant like a banshee about the dogs she really hates, pit bulls:

"pit bulls have a high rate of attack and a high rate of killing people and animals"

"the problem is they're an unpredictable breed"

                                             ......and this one "they are genetically geared and wired to attack"

Where is this 'spokesperson' of hatin' on dogs actually getting her information? which uses debunked and faked numbers and has been totally debunked by experts in the field? Or maybe Merritt Clifton who writes a pit bull hate blog and pretends to be some sort of backwoodsy scholar. Merritt and his bed-feller, Beth, who hate pit bulls so much, they killed their own pet dog, Trooper.

Where do these people come from? Don't answer that. We do not want to know and certainly do not need any more hatin' haters.

According to Daugherty's Linkedin page, she has spent 18 years "specializing in training' on companion animal and pet overpopulation topics ranging from spay/neuter (where she has some sort of link to a profit business) and 'adoption and animal cruelty issues, especially dog fighting and cockfighting' .. don't even want to go there. From her spewed misinformation, we hope she is referring to 'fowl birds' and not 'foul genitalia.'

Locals in the greater Los Angeles area are calling for a boycott of Phyllis Daugherty. If that means hold your ears and run for the hills, be sure to take your dog with you if you hear anything else coming out of her mouth like froth from a rabid animal.

We have been rescuing pit bulls here at Reunion Rescue, home of the world's friendliest pit bulls, for over 20 years with never so much as a nail scratch. There is very obviously a right way and wrong way to do things and we would strongly recommend not to heed the advice of THIS Animal Issues Movement director.

A kitty cat paradise in the Lonestar state

Donna Dayhoff Powell is the director of Street Cat Rescue, a longtime Austin, Texas area feline organization. Donna is an expert when it comes to TNR or 'trap, neuter, release.' "Trap-neuter-return (TNR) is a type of program through which free-roaming cats are trapped, sterilized (males are castrated and females undergo ovo-hysterectomies), and returned to the outdoor locations where they were found."

When she received notice a feral cat feeder was moving and needed to find someone to continue caring for a colony, Donna knew relocation of a colony is difficult. Then, the unexpected happened. A realtor contact knew of someone
interested in becoming a feral cat caregiver. 

"She said, we'd love to take on this project. She is teaching her kids about the whole process and how to have a backyard family of cats." Literally, a case of the impossible happening.

Donna contacted the person who said,
"I have this chicken coop that we could keep them up in for a month...and then when it's time ..there's a chicken run which leads to a kids "play area".

I told her I'm not a fan of relocation and will only do it IF they have the proper setup, and IF, they will be held up for at least a month and IF they have an enclosed area (NO CRATES in a barn)," Donna tells the property owner.

So.....upon property inspection, Donna relates, "
I say, she understated this one! A Cats paradise!"

Donna was blown away. "Trees galore, two acres and THIS! I was in awe the whole time and I kept saying..uh this is no chicken coop! The chicken "house" is solid, with hardware cloth windows to look out and she's going to add several perching spots for them to make their "month" stay comfortable. And then she will add a cat door for the comings and goings, after a month. The chicken "coop" is next to the barn."

Anyone in rescue will tell you, events like this don't happen every day! Donna 'warns' her cat friends, "don't even bother asking me feral cat folks....if she takes any more down the road it will be from me!"

Street Cat Rescue is revving up for their annual fundraiser. If you are in the Austin, Texas area a love cats, this one's not to miss. Prizes, music, fun, food and lotsa cats and cat lovers.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Red Cross throws out tons of animal donations in Houston!

The Red Cross is finishing up in Houston and threw out 600 blankets, 500 pounds of dog food and tons of other valuable donations from all over the United States.

According to Wendy Underwood, "Have you seen the posts about the Red Cross and their abuse of volunteers and evacuees? Well, this is going to blow you away! They are throwing supplies into the trash in Houston. But don't worry, they said they can collect more from what's going on in Florida. I'm glad they are so respectful of their donors hard earned money."

Did you donate to the Red Cross when they were taking in donations during the siege from Hurricane Harvey all around Houston and down to Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange?

People from everywhere were donating to the Red Cross. According to the director at the Houston Red Cross station, Wendy Underwood was told, 'it's ok. We (the Red Cross) are going to get a lot more in Florida.'

Luckily, Wendy Underwood is an animal lover who knows a lot of good rescues in the Houston area. She is on her way back to the Red Cross for another load so hundreds if not thousands of dollars in kindly donations will not rot and spoil in the aftermath of Harvey.

Pit bulls and other animals has not yet heard of any monetary donations being returned by the Red Cross, only food, blankets and supplies for the displaced animals due to Hurricane Harvey. We are accustomed to looting during a disaster, but this is taking it up a notch.

Shady dealings with donations is not news with the Red Cross. NPR reported the Red Cross spent 25 percent of the donation money, nearly 125 million dollars, for the 2010 Haiti earthquake on internal expenses like 'management costs' and 'administrative fees.'

Wendy shot a video of some of the items she salvaged from the Red Cross:

This entire debacle begs the simple question, why didn't the Red Cross post a notice on social media to share the donations with local rescuers? When we tried to find an address for the Red Cross location in Houston to refer questions, all that came up was a huge donation page. Maybe they should include a caveat that donations in kind will be thrown out in the garbage.

UPDATE: 9/13/2017-it was brought to our attention that local rescues found out about the surplus and all donations have been picked up by rescue groups and several small shelters for people and pets.

Snopes performed a fact check and came up with the same response we did from the Red Cross:

Red Cross Instructed to Throw Away Donated Supplies in Texas?
If you have any Hurricane Harvey stories, please forward to Pit bulls and other animals.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Where did all the pitties go? Houston SPCA swoops into town and dogs disappear...

Jeri's 'little blue pittie'
Jeri Gilmore Langman and her husband are rescuers in Bullhead City, Arizona. When they heard about the situation in Beaumont, Texas, they headed for town literally to bail Beaumont and her animals out. She was surprised at the operation at Ford Center. However chaotic, things were progressing. There were about 100 or so dogs at the center when Jeri arrived Thursday the 31st. She went to work boots on the ground rescuing from flooded homes and bringing animals to the Ford Center where two volunteers were checking in and and ID'ing incoming animals.

Friday night, a couple arrived and stated they were with Houston SPCA. The woman began grabbing dogs and walking animals without checking in and out. When she became irate, the couple was asked to leave. PETA had also tried to intervene, according to Jeri, but they were expunged as well. The next day, Saturday, September 2 at 2:30 p.m., the Houston SPCA took over.

Jeri was outside Vidor, Texas involved in a rescue when the Houston SPCA came in, but when she returned, she thought 'something here is off.' Many people who were at Ford Center when Houston SPCA came in have all said the same thing. There was a weird pall over the whole building when Houston SPCA took over. It was different from the system Katelyn Reid had established. There was a comradery among the volunteers who'd dropped everything from homes across the U.S. to help out the 'Golden Triangle' in Jefferson County, Texas. That sense of everyone working together was gone and had been replaced by fear. The animals could feel it, too.

When Jeri first arrived at Ford Center, she made it her business to video and photograph all of the intake animals. A vet tech by profession, she was amazed that not one of the animals exhibited any aggression. After the Houston SPCA took over the center, a draped section labeled 'staff only' contained animals with 'aggressive' signs on their kennels.

Pit Bulls and Parolees and Villalobos Rescue vet was working with these volunteers who were shut out from helping the animals they'd spent every night and day saving in life-threatening situations. Everyone was pushed out as the Houston SPCA took over. As Jeri puts it, "it quickly became 'their way.'"

One dog stands out to Jeri as she recalls the goings on at the Ford Center. She was a little blue pittie, mangy with Demodex. She and Jeri had become closely bonded. She'd been found in a pick up truck where she'd been abandoned for three days. When Jeri returned from Vidor, she sensed something 'askew' and then thought, 'wait a minute, where's my little blue pittie?' Jeri began searching the entire facility and the little pittie was nowhere to be found.

There were two sections being used for infirmary and Jeri was told by a volunteer to check the infirmary. The little blue pittie was not in the first building, but Jeri found a group of people gathered together. Jeri was told by the vet that the little blue pittie had left for Houston SPCA. This was terrifying to Jeri. Why in the world was this dog being shipped to Houston?

Jeri has documented this whole affair with photos and videos. She asked 'Travis' and an associate, both from Houston SPCA, in this VIDEO their plans for and locations of the missing dogs.

This is important. Jeri was told by Houston SPCA representative 'Travis' that the little blue pittie had been sent to Houston. As is documented in the her video, 'Travis' states that 22 dogs so far had been transported to Houston. He added, "all medical cases went to Houston." Jeri immediately posted this information on her Facebook page specifically to alert the public. Something was not right and the public needed to know.

Jeremy Boss has shot several videos which have gone viral on social media. Here is the video documenting the same conversation with 'Travis' and the other Houston SPCA associate:

Two days later, Jeri discovered the little pittie had in fact been adopted by a finder. After specifically being told the pittie had been transported to the Houston SPCA institution in Houston where pit bulls are never adopted, this information was unsettling. What about the 22 others? Where were they?

When Jeri specifically asked 'Travis' about the Houston SPCA facility, he told her, 'the Houston SPCA can hold thousands.'

Jeri feels that no attempts are really being made to find the owners of these dogs. Why are they all being shipped to Houston SPCA in Houston with '1000's of spaces' when their owners were in the Beaumont area, the Golden Triangle? One thing she knew for sure and had seen it in action. The Houston SPCA had an agenda, an eerie agenda.

Please send any photos, videos and information you have about the goings on at the Ford Center in Beaumont.