Thursday, October 12, 2017

Here today, gone tomorrow: 100's of missing Harvey dogs from Houston SPCA

Three of the pets from Houston SPCA website...gone. Where are we?
Pit Bulls and Other Animals has been tracking the Ford Center dogs and other animals since Houston SPCA stormed in and took over the operation September 3, 2017. The highly funded public charity pushed out Best Friends and other first responders which raised huge concerns as HSPCA has a long history of killing pit bulls.

Social media went viral with reports of 40 some odd pit bulls that disappeared and were suspected of being killed by Houston SPCA. Best Friends created a petition begging Patti Mercer, director of Houston SPCA to keep the animals safe until owners could be reunited. Mercer refused. The HSPCA did post over 200 dogs on their website, but these dogs have mysteriously and suddenly disappeared.

We have placed several calls to Houston SPCA, but they seem to be very tight-lipped about the animals. We were referred to their media person Julie K who has not returned our calls. What is the big secret?

The only response we have been able to squeeze out of the tight-lipped Houston SPCA was this on their Facebook page:

At the time of this post, there were only a total of 47 dogs on the Houston SPCA website for adoption. Hundreds of animals disappeared from the Harvey link which is no longer offered on their site.

Where are these dogs? Were they, at best, shipped off to other shelters and rescues? With all of the horrors in the news regarding high-kill shelters and dangerous rescue organizations, we are concerned about these Beaumont, Texas animals and their well-being. Are they still alive?

Or...were they killed as has been the history at Houston SPCA to kill all pit bulls and other animals they deem not cute enough to raise huge funds like the present I Walk for Animals campaign. The Houston SPCA rakes in about $40 million a year as a public tax-exempt charity. This means these animals are publicly owned and the Houston SPCA must account for the whereabouts of these dogs and cats.

The Houston SPCA's number is 713-869-7722. These dogs and cats need to be accounted for and by law, the Houston SPCA owes an explanation for each and every animals they impounded.

No name pittie will die at Houston SPCA is a Facebook page dedicated to the animals missing or killed by the Houston SPCA.

We can only hope that the missing hundreds of dogs placed into the care of Houston SPCA which has always killed all pit bulls are safe. If only this institution placed a fraction of the effort they put into fundraising drives like their I Walk for Animals event and Chevron sponsored Run For a Reason, maybe there wouldn't be so many missing and dead pit bulls and other animals.