Sunday, September 17, 2023

When a rescue helps a rescue rescue a rescue

Reunion Rescue/Animals First has been trying so hard to keep these two puppies together.

These two very bonded two puppies were found abandoned in Lodi and turned over to Reunion Rescue/Animals First Rescue by finder who feared that the landlord would discover them illegally housed in her apartment. Reunion Rescue had them vetted and immediately offered on our Petfinder/Adopt-a-Pet and website in hopes of finding a foster for both dogs. It was very important to Reunion to keep them together as they are extremely bonded. Being abandoned in a high crime area on the banks of the Lodi river, these two puppies - Jaco only five months old and little Coco just a year - only had each other in a terrifying environment. It's my belief that they survived the trauma because they had each other.
Coco was fostered under our foster-to-adopt program with the stipulation Jaco would be fostered with her until a perfect home could be found nearby where he could visit Coco. The foster immediately violated Reunion/Animals First protocol by attempting to adopt Jaco to people in Nevada. She was told Reunion Rescue never adopts out of state. Too many horror stories and we hear them all. We even suggested two very needy and adorable baby Chihuahuas on death row at Stanislaus Shelter in Modesto where we pull dogs, but they never answered our email.
The foster became irate and began demanding more vaccines for the two puppies when both had just recently been vaccinated. The vaccine certificates specifically state to not vaccinate for at least 3/4 weeks. When Reunion Rescue cited again the holistic protocol guidelines printed on our website - the same protocol the foster had agreed to initially or she would have never been allowed to foster for our organization.
The foster stated in text she no longer wanted the dogs in her home and we asked for a couple of days to arrange transport. Less than 48 hours, out great friend and longtime animal advocate saw our posting on Facebook and fell in love. He called and asked to adopt both dogs and keep them together forever. Thrilled, Reunion tried to text and call the foster who shot back she was keeping the dogs and "that would be her last communication."
Our representative attempted to visit and speak with her and the foster became highly agitated. The police were called as the dogs are now legally stolen. They under California law are legal property of Reunion Rescue.
She violated Reunion Rescue protocol and had both tiny dogs re-vaccinated less than two weeks since vaccines. The foster also told the police on record she'd had both the dogs microchipped again after they'd been microchipped by Reunion Rescue as legal Reunion Rescue dogs. All Reunion Rescue/Animals First Dogs are never adopted to the foster until the Reunion Rescue Adoption Contract is agreed to and signed by both the former foster and Reunion Rescue. No such contract exists between Reunion Rescue and this former foster. The foster only signed our foster application which has strict terms involving our holistic protocol and vet care, periodic wellness checks in the home and other strict guidelines listed in the signed agreement.
We have Jaco and Coco's best interest at heart and a great home for them to enjoy a wonderful long life together with our friend of well over two decades. We need funding to take this matter at once to the court system where a judge can look at our paperwork with Reunion Rescue listed as 'owner.'

I spent the week freaked out calling lawyers and got two great Oakland area lawyers who’re now on my speed dial to share with anyone else who need East Bay legal assistance. I have the names of three animal lawyers in the area to help other rescues who face these dire circumstances.

my beautiful friend Pali Boucher

Amazingly, the finder phoned me, frantic that the foster was threatening to bring the dogs back to her or leave them at some vet. When the finder asked her to relinquish to our good friend Pali Boucher, founder of Rocket Dog Rescue, she was turned down.

The finder was told the foster would only release our two dogs Coco and Jaco to her. She would bring them to Lodi Saturday 9/16 at 10 a.m. p.s.t. I didn’t sleep all night and waited for word. Nothing. Finally get a text from VCA Emergency Hospital in San Leandro from a woman who asked Reunion Rescue to send a rep to the hospital to pick up the dogs at 2 p.m.

I had a wedding to attend, good longtime friends and our landscape clients, but kept phone on silent to help officiate this exchange. Suzie E, a great friend and animal advocate repped Reunion as volunteer and retrieved the dogs. But, where to put them? They’d missed out on two arranged transports down to our good friend Bill where they have been adopted.

Here’s the magic part. Pali was in the midst of a lost puppy situation with all hands on deck tracking the missing dog. Even though she was completely wrapped up in her own rescue trauma, she without missing a breath told me to have Suzie bring the dogs to her. She would take care of them. And that she did. They are safe in the care of Pali who is truly the best animal rescue person I’ve ever met. She never stops and never says no. I will never forget this kindness. If more rescues like Pali and Rocket Dog behaved this way with each other, we truly could empty out all the shelters. 

Jaco and!

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A little side story for all you believers...

the minute I got in the car to attend the wedding and still not in possession of the rescue theme and in my book PIt Bull Nation - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Learning to Fly came on the radio immediately...when the wedding was over and we got in the car to go to the came on the radio again!!

These are the lyrics that keep me going in rescue from that song:

Well, some say life will beat you down 
break your heart, steal your crown 
so I've started out for God-knows-where 
I guess I'll know when I get there

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