Thursday, August 9, 2012

Texas dog lawyer tries to shut down rescue

Zandra Anderson is the pro bono defender of Leah Purcell, the proprietress of the Willis, Texas Spindletop facility which was raided July 17 with almost 300 animals siezed. "Katie Jarl, HSUS Texas State Director, called the “dog rescue” a “large scale hoarding situation,” and called conditions “absolutely deplorable.”

Anderson, rather than look for any defense for her client and the 'deplorable' conditions discovered by Montgomery county investigators and the HSUS, has decided to employ another tactic. She has attacked Reunion Rescue and director Cindy Marabito with false accusations and demanded the American Pit Bull Examiner articles not only be stricken, but that Marabito be 'banned' from writing for the Examiner.

Known for reporting the truth, The American Pit Bull Examiner articles will be republished in their full form with photos in this blog for archiving purposes. The American Pit Bull Examiner has a history of writing about last minute death row dogs and others, many of which are enjoying lives in wonderful homes today.

Question for Anderson...not only do you defend the deaths and abuse of perhaps hundreds of dogs sent to Spindletop for 'refuge', but now you want to shut down articles saving other pets. The articles support, in a small way, the dogs of Reunion Rescue...the dogs Anderson claims are 'farmed out' to other rescues. This is the first of many false and inflammatory statements Anderson submitted to the Examiner. Hopefully, in a court of law, her arguments are based on fact, not fabrication.

The following is a breakdown for Anderson and the team of trolls who spend their spare time harassing those of us who have lost dogs at the horror hotel known as Spindletop.

So let me push up my sleeves and ask the dogs and other animals in my care here to be patient. Instead of a walk today, I'll be wasting more time trying to clear up the mess and after effects from the Spindletop tsunami.

Linked below are Zandra Anderson's false accusations which resulted in the un-publishing of several articles, including a plea for Nolan the abused dog from Lake Tawakoni in which Leah Purcell fleeced one unsuspecting donator for $450 on the day of the raid. The dog never even went to Spindletop. He is here in Austin safely fostered. He is the one lucky dog in this mass hoarding for dollars gone so horribly wrong.

Skipping past the intro in which Anderson claims Marabito printed 'out and out fabrications' and likens Marabito to an 'unbalanced individual to wreak havoc.' She goes on to offer her literary review courtesy of her work at the South Texas School of Law which brings up a photograph of a shit filled toilet when googled. Do they teach creative writing at her alma mater? Maybe a brush up course is in order as the two complaints are riddled with grammatical error as well as mistruth.

Claiming 'wherever there is animal seizure, rumors fly' allowing for the poor defendant to defend herself for 'fear of being a target of criminal prosecution.' Before I get down to business, let me help to reinforce that statement. I am just getting started here, so be afraid. Be very afraid...I rescue pit bull terriers...hence the Latin 'terra ... earth'. I am going to make you a promise. I am going to dig like there is no tomorrow and you haven't even begun to see the s--t start to fly. I will not slow down until every dang bit of it hits the judicial fan.

Now then....

!. "FALSE. MarabitocontendsStella[sic], a dog, was killed in an electrical failure at the refuge based on a disgruntled ex-employee's statement despite she was informed this dog was not involved in such an incident."

In fact, I was informed by her client, Leah Purcell that Stella was adopted. For over two months including the very day the HSUS and Montgomery County ACC were raiding her property, Leah Purcell called me to describe what was taking place. I asked her if she would like me to write an article asking for help. At that time, I had no reason to believe Purcell was guilty of abuses or crimes. She answered to, "hold off. Zandra was trying to negotiate for 'our' personal dogs." I reminded her these were our personal dogs and asked her one last time about Stella.

I offered Purcell the opportunity to come clean. In rescue, I realize things can happen and had begun to fear the worst about Stella, especially now that the joint was being raided. Purcell didn't even let me finish my question. She said, "oh, she's doing great. They love her!"

July 18, that 'disgruntled ex-employee' positively id'd Stella as one of the dogs who died a horrific painful death with 37 others in the torture chamber infamously known to us now as the Morgan Building. Note to Zandra, I'd be a bit disgruntled, too, if I had to bury 38 dogs I'd hired on to care for in the hot miserable dirt at Spindletop.

2. "FALSE. At the same time, Marabito has the dog,[sic] Stella,[sic] posted on her website ( stating the dog is in Austin and begging for donations on a dog she contends is dead[sic]"

Let me stoop down below pond scum level to try and explain this. I am busy trying to raise money to board the four dogs I have in California and recover from the $10 plus thousand dollars I've raised and sent to Leah Purcell and James Brewer of Spindletop for boarding.

Three have thankfully been redeemed and are here with my in my sanctuary, however two had to be spay/neutered as Leah Purcell defaulted on the promise to fix the dogs and deposited the checks issued above and beyond the boarding costs earmarked for their spay/neuter. We have statements from both donators to back this up.

Once I get caught up trying to take in the Spindletop dogs who need much medical and other treatment, I will try and satisfy Anderson's complaint about Stella's still being on our adoption page. She will join our Memorial Page in which other's who've died at the hands of Purcell and Spindletop have been invited to create memorium for their lost pets at Spindletop.

3. "FALSE. Marabitodissparages[sic] attorney,[sic]ZandraAnderson[sic],in teh article stating that she had knowledge of the alleged issues at the refuge."

One question as this one could take all could Zandra negotiate for the 'personal dogs' if she had no inkling of the dogs involved in the seizure and others not found? More than several emails cc'd to myself have direct quotes from Zandra Anderson stating her knowledge of the whereabouts of these pets.

In regards to Stella, if she is alive, then where is she? Why was I paying her boarding and if adopted as claimed by defendant Leah Purcell, to whom was she adopted. This should be relatively easy to clear up and I will gladly retract and apologize for any remarks about Stella. Just give me the dog. Simple. Again, where is she? Where are the others in which misleading id numbers were issued to the pet's legal and grieving owners.

4. "FALSE. Marabitio[sic] is claiming her "rescue" is going to claim certain dogs that were not owned by that organization. In fact, she claims on her site that the rescue is "home to the world's friendliest pit bulls" yet she operates no shelter. The dogs are farmed out to other rescues and kennels."

Where to start? My 'rescue' is a 501(c)(3) in excellent standing with 15 years of impeccable history and not so much as an arm scratch. Which dogs are not 'owned' by Reunion Rescue? Stella, Amber and Angel each were relinquished ownership to Reunion Rescue. Cindy Marabito 'owns' the Austin dog, Batgirl (new name Bebe) as we are not partnered with Austin Shelter. I adopted her on my birthday April 26, 2011 and drove her to Spindletop myself as I was full in my rescue here and couldn't make room.

Like many others, I trusted Leah Purcell and began a friendship with her that ended up a nightmare and in Stella's death. Since the raid, Reunion Rescue which keeps our 501(c)(3) published on our site to save death row dogs in the 11th hour were defrauded by Purcell who has pulled at least one dog, Feo, from the Alvin, Texas ACC under our non profit federal ID. We have committed to saving Feo if identified and if he is still alive.

Nolan, the subject of the article Zandra had unpublished yesterday is in foster care and in much need of medical attention. The article featured a chip in for Nolan, but has been deleted prohibiting Reunion Rescue from raising the necessary funds to cure Nolan's heartworm and other medical needs.

The Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge is indeed a reality. We may not be fancy, but will have air conditioned play kennels and already have a one of a kind raw fed holistic center in which the dogs can heal and get the much needed rehabilitation they never received at Spindletop.

Which 'rescues and kennels' Anderson is referring to are a mystery. Our California dogs are boarded at a wonderful place owned by a fellow pit bull rescuer who is also a dog behavior modification expert who never meets a bad dog. In fact, every one of our placed dogs in the past 2 years owe their happy lives to this facility. The only other 'rescue' in which our dogs were boarded was Spindletop which, in my book, neither qualifies as a rescue or kennel.

5. "FALSE. MarabitodisparagesJamesBrewer [sic] even commenting on attire and stated he was present for the hearing on the seizure. Mr. Brewer is a veteran law enforcement officer who lives in another state and was not there.

My deepest apologies. Two things, then. One, why did I and hundreds of other people pay James Brewer the upstanding law enforcement officer thousand if not hundreds of thousands of dollars...only Paypal board our dogs in the hellhole called Spindletop? Two, who was that guy in the dumb and dumber shirt?

6. "FALSE. Marabito falsely states there were 80 dogs in the house."

Printed by various other sources, "removing dogs from five buildings, including one two-story structure that housed 80 dogs."

7. "FALSE. Marabitoallegesthat [sic] attorney Zandra Anderson was negotiating to lessen charges which is false. The hearing was a civil proceeding and no criminal charges have been filed against the owner to date."

Constable Tim Holifield announced as did Tamara Holland with Montgomery County Attorney's Office that Anderson negotiated "an agreement to relinquish custody of 287 dogs seized. She waved her right to an appeal regarding custody of those dogs." Several other reports have quoted Holifield's statement, "the District Attorney's Office will evaluate all of the evidence, make a determination and eventually present their findings to a grand jury."

Whether Anderson decides to represent Purcell in the criminal proceedings or not is moot to Marabito and Reunion Rescue whose interest in the matter is to see justice prevail and all criminal acts against animals and the people who care for them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

8. "FALSE. Marabitoallegesthat [sic] Zandra Anderson 'stood on the grounds where our dogs like Reunion Rescue's Stella were buried." Not only is this false, [sic] Marabito has been told that this dog was not involved in any suchincident, [sic] and this dog did not belong to Reunion Rescue as suggested."

Zandra Anderson standing on the grounds of Spindletop...

On so many levels, so many questions. Stella and Amber who were brought to Spindletop by their finder were relinquished in a signed document to Reunion Rescue. Both dogs' boarding were covered in the $10,000 plus paid to Leah Purcell and James Brewer. Reunion Rescue has been told by Purcell that Stella was adopted. To whom? Where is she? Stella's body was positively identified by former employee and whistleblower, although Anderson has publicly and by email claimed Reunion Rescue's Stella is alive and did not perish with the 38 dogs in the Morgan Building.

Again, if you know where Stella is, please tell us. We would love to find out she is alive.

9. "FALSE. Marabitoalleges [sic] attorneyZandra [sic] Anderson had some sinister knowledge of an alleged incident involving the death of multiple dogs which is not true."

Zandra Anderson claims in her own writing in this complaint that she knew of what she calls 'an electrical failure at the refuge.' More details, please, about the electrical failure and the 38 dogs who perished of heatstroke.

10. "FALSE. Marabitoalleges that the owner picked up her own 'unaltered pit bulls' which is a total fabrication. Personal dogs were released and all were altered before the seizure."

Question, which veterinarian performed the operations and when were Asia, Cooper and Austin spayed?

11. "FALSE. Marabito consistently refers to these dogs as being owned by people who placed them at teh rescue for adoption. That is totally false. Dog [sic] were relinquished to the rescue for adoption by various people who no longer have any ownership rights in them."

This statement is purely ludicrous. I will simply address my own dogs. I have multiple proof of emails sent to Leah Purcell in regards to Stella, Amber, Angel and Batgirl now called BeBe concerning applcations for their adoptions from postings on our website. Each dogs opportunity was killed by Purcell with false claims that each dog was too aggressive for adoption and then Stella was killed.

After the raid, it was discovered that Stella and Amber had played with the finders small dogs in her backyard. Angel is a wonderful goofy boy who doesn't meet a stranger and loves to play. BeBe is hurting from the miserable treatment she received at Spindletop and will be undergoing long term care via the Reunion Rescue detox protocol. Amber is a gentle soul. She is keenly depressed from her terrible experiences at Spindletop and we are just allowing her to decompress and learn to be a beloved dog for the first time in her life.

I cannot speak for the hundreds of others affected by the word twisting and maneuverings of a slanted view of the law, so I will let them speak for themselves.

This is the end of Part 1 addressing the jointed complaints of Texas Dog Lawyer Zandra Anderson.

I will be updating with blog entries each day which will address the misguided complaints from the dog lawyer. I will add this, if I was a dog in Texas, I'd find me another mouthpiece...just sayin'.

Reunion Rescue depends 100% on the goodness through donations and our American Pit Bull Examiner articles to support our saved dogs. To remove our right to support our dogs based on untrue claims is a low blow, but what else would someone expect coming from Spindletop and those that still refuse to tell us where the dogs are?


  1. Thanks, Cindi, for addressing the so-called "Dog Lawyer" 's accusations. The fact that she is trying so hard to minimize (electrical failure?) the horrors that went on at STR tells me she may indeed be the atty for the defense. But not pro bono, no siree. There is money to be made here. And justice will be served. I think there should be a class action suit against STR big-time!

    1. And the lawyer knows that Cindy speaks the she [the lawyer] has to do something to try to discredit Cindy.

      I agree.....there's no "pro bono" in her representation.

      A class action lawsuit is a good idea.

    2. Wow, You must have inside information if you agree that there is no pro bono in her representation. Do you people deal in truth or facts or just what you want to believe?

    3. Why not read the attached complaint..the dog lawyer's own words.

    4. I think that is something that you should read. Read and comprehend.

  2. Lawyers will say and do anything to serve their client. I believe Cindy.

  3. ....who says she isn't trying to protect herself....she's as guilty as Leah and anyone else who participated in this mass charade.

  4. I’m so sorry about Stella (and the others, too, of course). :*(

    Another thought occurred to me while re-reading this article….Purcell should also be brought up on federal charges if she used your nonprofit federal ID to pull dogs. That’s fraud.

  5. That anyone could defend Leah Purcell, given the FACTS presented since the raid, is beyond my comprehension ~ especially a person representing themselves as an advocate for dogs! Has Anderson not watched ANY of the videos? How does she ignore the HSUS's assessment of the property, the conditions the dogs were kept in, the filth...or the astute comment of one of the veterinarians at the holding site who termed Leah's method of "containing" the dogs akin to TORTURE? Does she simply ignore the many people who were lied to about dogs being adopted when they never left that prison camp? How or WHY would anyone want to associate with a person capable of such CRUELTY?

    Ms. Anderson must have some high powered rose colored glasses on if she can gaze upon the evil that is Leah Purcell and still want to maintain any kind of relationship (as legal council or otherwise)with her.

    Leah's dirty little secrets are secret no more and Ms. Anderson's continued affiliation with her can only cast a very dark shadow of suspicion on her character as well.

    Dig hard and fast Cindy! Just wear protective clothing because everything associated with Leah Purcell is putrid and toxic.

    1. There have been no "facts" presented as of yet. There has been rumors, hearsay and speculation and that is it. Some people want to wait until real facts are presented t make a decision and other's like you want to join in the mud slinging.

  6. She is a lawyer for bad dog owners, NOT the dogs!

  7. Thank you for your courage Cindy. It sounds as though you now may not be writing for The Examiner as a result of Ms Andersons acusations ? If that is an accurate understanding I am very saddened in that I know all the money received from your writing supported the Reunion Rescue dogs. Hang in there.

    1. Which exactly why she should have verified her facts and checked her sources before posting. But it's obvious she did not or the Examiner would not have taken the articles down.

      She in fact jeopardized the dogs she claims to be helping in search of glory.

  8. Cindy you are delusional. Your Examiner posts were full of lies, speculations and libelous remarks. Did you really think they would not be taken down?

    For those of you who are constantly bashing Ms. Anderson, remember she is a Lawyer, her job is to defend people. That's it. Leah Purcell is entitled to that by law. We are STILL in America where people have a right to counsel and are presumed innocent UNTIL proven guilty.

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Cindy, this is your proof of anything? Why not have fair reporting, for instance you should have said something like "Zandra Anderson, the people from HSUS and Montogomery County stand on the ground that dogs were buried". That would certainly be more accurate. You are not a reporter, but a person who throws out lies and innuendos. Oh what was your motive for writing the article saying that Ms Purcell did not actually charge enough? Oh, I get it, you want to get people to donate and you want to charge more. Ok. Oh one more question. If you have a pit bull rescue why were "your" pit bulls at Spindletop?

  10. Given the plethora of information made public by official sources, as well as the testimony of many duped citizens that have come forth with their own Spindletop experiences, I think it is safe to say that no journalist would have need of inventing anything. I dare say that some of what has been released pertaining to Purcell's machinations, schemes and lies would make a tv script seem pale in comparison.

    Purcell does have the right to legal council, true, but that is not at the heart of the Anderson question. Anderson claims to be a dog advocate and even uses that as her tag line. Would a true dog advocate want to be in the same room with Leah Purcell..much less represent her? Could she not withdraw and recommend another attorney? Anderson says she is not being it's not a true case of a lawyer representing a client...she is CHOOSING to represent Purcell.

    Given the facts made public, it would lead any dog loving, dog advocating person to question how Anderson could stomach being in the same room as Purcell..much less putting forth effort to protect her.

    As she has chosen Purcell, many will choose to conclude that Anderson's "dog advocating" is at best, for show and at worst, a ploy to garner clients under the guise of an empathy for animals.

    1. "Given the plethora of information made public by official sources"

      Really? Where ?

      The facts have not yet been release to the public. Official would be pretty stupid to release those if they are considering further action.

      "would a true dog advocate want to be in the same room with Leah Purcell..much less represent her?"

      Unlike you, I don't presume to know why Zandra Anderson would chose to represent ANY client. That is her choice and I'm sure she has her reason but that doesn't make her anything to me other than an Attorney. And I certainly won't be slinging mud at her for doing her job.

      "Given the facts made public,"

      WOW, you people love to throw the word "fact" around don't you?

      "As she has chosen Purcell, many will choose to conclude that Anderson's "dog advocating" is at best, for show and at worst, a ploy to garner clients under the guise of an empathy for animals."

      You know what they say about ASSumptions.

    2. RJ, their "facts" are all the lies that Cindy has been writing and throwing out there and they do not have the intelligence to read and sort out for themsellf. They can only follow their leader.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hi, sound like another of the amazing people who champion Leah Purcell. If they were not standing on the ground where the dogs were buried, then where are the dogs buried? Perhaps you might enlighten us. We would much appreciate being able to gain closure and honor the animals killed and mistreated at the former hellhole called Spindletop Refuge.

    Please also cite your lies and innuendoes. In my spare time, I will address them as I am addresses the lies and false accusations from the dog lawyer. If you would care to quote the article with the offending line where I allegedly report 'Ms [sic] Purcell did not actually charge enough' I will happily address any statement I have made.

    When I boarded dogs at Spindletop, Batgirl, now Bebe, was the first and I had no place to put her. Like thousands of others, I believed Leah Purcell was the end all, be all regarding pit bull rescue. I was wrong and stupid to trust her. I have certainly reported that in more than several statements.

    The others, Stella (who was killed by Purcell due to 'electrical malfunction') and Amber were abandoned and Stella's ears butchered off in a Houston, Texas vacant lot. However, I'm certain you've done your research and know the whole story both covered in my American Pit Bull Examiner column and their Facebook page. They had nowhere to go and Leah (still thought to be an honest dog rescue/boarding facility) offered to board them.

    Angel came from Garland and his benefactor sponsored his boarding at Spindletop, but relinquished ownership to Reunion as did Amber and Stella's finders.

    Again, I'm certain you've researched our group and note the wonderful dogs we have boarded in California as well, however, they are in a safe and humane environment unlike the Spindletop facility.

    Thanks for your tips on writing...minus the spelling gaffs, your wordplay is fascinating and compelling. I'll be looking forward to future publications from you. Glad you can find something humorous to guffaw at while the rest of us look for our dogs and attempt to gain closure.

    Best of luck...every time you click on my blog, you help Reunion pit hate it or love it, they all get a cookie courtesy of JJ today.

    1. Sorry but I do not champion anyone if I do not know the truth, including Ms Purcell but I sure do not champion someone like you and your lies.

      What you have already forgotten what you wrote? Hummm, well the Examiner did take down all of your lies where you posted that. I will see if I can find a copy but it is the one where you talked about speaking to another rescue who said it cost much more than what Leah was charging. Think really really hard and see if you can remember that one.

      Again you would have been a much better journalist had you said that the HSUS and Montgomery County and Ms Anderson all stood on those graves since in the picture that you provided as proof, they were all standing there. Why would you pick out only Ms Anderson? I find that strange. I personally do not know where the mass grave is (if there is one) but some how I doubt that it was right there in the front by the gate, don't you?

      Who cares where those dogs came from? YOU ARE A PIT BULL RESCUE PERSON WITH A PIT BULL RESCUE GROUP WHY DID YOU LEAVE THOSE DOGS AT SPINDLETOP? No other rescue group that I know of pays another group to take their breed in.

      Oh and how do you now that the dogs you have boarded in California are in a safe and humane environment? You thought the same thing about Spindletop.

      Also, I am thrilled for any dog to get a cookie courtesty of me. Oh and one more thing you can say what ever you want about my writing style only a twit would pick that to fuss about. Bye twit.

    2. One more question Twit, just how did Ms Anderson try to shut down any rescue? Good grief, do you have no honor at all? Obviously not.

    3. To deploy a tragedy to raise funds for your own rescue is a crime in itself.

  13. Cindy, you still didn't answer JJ's question. If you have your own Rescue, why did you send dogs to ST?????? Just sayin...

    1. She only avoids answering the lies that I have caught her in.

    2. What about the lies others have caught her in...she adds more lies.

  14. Regarding "falsehood number 10" Unaltered dogs.. Not sure why Zandra is debating this. Several Spindletop raid victims have commented that their dogs who were supposed to altered were not..(Maybe Leah just didn't have the time). Also never met James Brewer.. but they had everyone send money to his personal Paypal account.. Whether intentional or not this made it very difficult to file a complaint or get a refund through Paypal. They will not act on personal transactions...If this was intentional then I question Mr. Brewer's integrity as a former "Law Enforcement Official". Many of Leah's most ardent and fanatical supporters on FB also have had their problems with hoarding and animal abuse. Including, Mike Chilinski and Anne Marie Duhon. When you read the facts of their cases you realize these are not the kind of trash you want in your corner. JJ and RJ appear to be one in the same which is a common blog tactic and if true is probably just another whacko form Leah's camp. What I find most amusing is the common attack talking point of "why would a rescue put a dog with Leah" As if to blame them for Leah's abuse. Anyone who has rescued Pits, knows that often because of the lies and myths spread about the breed, it is difficult if not impossible to adopt out. So Leah's con was to provide a last resort for many (she promised to find them a home.. apparently for some it was an unmarked grave). Some needed her "expertise" to evaluate and rehabilitate abused dogs. Others wanted her training expertise.. there were many reasons for individuals to send Leah their dogs..This line is nothing more than a lame attempt to make the rescuers the scapegoats. BTW RJ, JJ..No one is buying it. (It may be Zandra's line of defense)(Zandra good luck with that) In the end Leah will get her day in court and the facts will become public. Until then the most important thing is to find homes for the dogs and try and pick up the pieces of the mess she left behind.

    1. Eddie, my man, You know absolutely nothing about me to be making judgement calls but your comments don't surprise since you appear to be another Cindy Marabito drone.

      I am only interested in the truth. And actually am looking forward to the day the REAL truth comes out.

      What is wrong with wanting to know why someone who claims to have a Pit Rescue is dumping her dogs on another? I think it's a MORE than fair question. One I noticed she has not answered yet.

      And btw, there are a lot of other people who ARE buying it, to use your poor choice of words.

    2. No, EDWINTER, no one asked why a rescue would send a dog to another rescue. I asked why a pit bull rescue would send a pit bull to another rescue. That is something I have never known a BREED rescue to do. If Cindy had a legitimate pit bull rescue she would not be sending that breed some where else. Also if you want to assume that RJ and I are the same person, you go right ahead. You people are all sheep,following without thinking.

    3. Yo Cindy, I am not an attorney like Ms Anderson nor am I a high and mightly journalist like you but seeing as that is what you are I feel compelled to help you with your profession.
      No where in that letter to the Examiner did Ms Anderson refer to you as an unbalanced individual (although I personally believe that you are) as you state here:

      "Skipping past the intro in which Anderson claims Marabito printed 'out and out fabrications' and likens Marabito to an 'unbalanced individual to wreak havoc.' "

      What she did say is your writing has whipped up a frenzy of hate and all it takes is one unbalanced individual to wreak havoc. How can you read that and come up with your statement that Ms Anderson called you unbalanced? A reading comprehension course is certainly in order for you, Cindy.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Eddie, it is the LAW in Texas that ALL dogs released from Animal Control or any type of RESCUE whether it is 501c3 or NOT that ALL dogs and cats be sterilized within 30 days from the date of adoption. Look up your ACO laws in Texas.....the dogs did NOT legally have to be sterilized until they were adopted., the adoption fee would than cover the surgery to sterilize the dog. Cindy M. sent unaltered dogs to Leah at Spindletop. If she were a TRUE advocate she would have raised funds to have ALL the dogs she sent to LEAH STERILIZED prior to sending them to Leah with SPINDLETOP REFUGE. PERIOD., nothing else to say. Get your law facts straight., it is a punishment of a Misdemeanor C if you do not comply whether your the adopter or the rescuer\animal control\shelter\humane society etc....

  15. Yo Cindy and EDWINTER,

    Ms Purcell personal vet is none of your business, Cindy. Ms Anderson was commenting in her letter to the Examiner on your claim that Ms Purcell picked up her own unaltered pit bulls which are her personal dogs. EDWINTER just maybe you and Cindy can get a twofer discount in a reading comprehension course since #10 has nothing to do with any dogs being altered or unaltered except for Cindy's dishonest publishing that Ms Purcell has pit bulls that are her personal pets that are not altered. Or perhaps you just believe everything that Cindy writes. If she were an honest journnalist I do not beieve the Examiner would have taken her articles down, now would they?

    1. CM has preyed upon this incident. She has clearly gained fans by it as well as funds. All people want is the truth. Not rescue nonsense, not hearsay just the truth. Is that so hard to do? I suppose so when its your lively hood and or your lively hood is threaten.

  16. Cindy ....if you cannot print facts and save the theatrics ...don't print anything . One FACT ...had it not been for Zandra the last 4 legislative sessions , YOU would not need to worry about any rescues or owning a "Pittie " as they would be banned from many communities in this state . You are continually spreading false assertions covered in theatrical gibberish , I guess to try and be someone .This is the problem with the web and instant "experts" , especially bloggers .....say anything and someone will believe you . Stop quoting the HSUS ....most of what they have spewed is not factual . Dogs were not withheld food ( except all day during the raid when their full bowls were left on top of the dogs crates after the workers at ST were told to leave ( at gun point ) exercising , peeing or pooping all day , 10 hours or more ...of course they were in their own pee and poop !Crate were not stacked on top of each other ( except in Leahs and her mothers home ...btw , stacking a crate is in and of itself not cruel at all . It creates space for the dogs that people dumped there !

  17. RJ JJ First ... I am not an Cindy supporter but that doesn't matter..I was commenting on your attack on rescues who sent their dogs to Leah. My mistake on the unaltered dogs you are right this was in reference to Leah's personal dogs and I guess it was meant to suggest that she was breeding. I am surprised by the intensity of the response which would indicate a this is personal for you both... Likewise I feel the same for those who attack the people who entrusted Leah with their dogs (whatever the reason) I will again say that the idea of by attacking those who sent their dogs to Leah somehow excuses her for what she has done to the rescue community and more importantly to the dogs under her care won't fly.. Go ahead try it but most of us out here don't buy it. Only Leah is to blame for the hoarding and the abuse the dogs suffered as a result. Cindy will have to answer for anything she wrote that was false. There are a lot of people that have issues with her..

    JJ you said "No, EDWINTER, no one asked why a rescue would send a dog to another rescue. I asked why a pit bull rescue would send a pit bull to another rescue. That is something I have never known a BREED rescue to do." (this seems contradictory)

    This is what I responded to "Who cares where those dogs came from? YOU ARE A PIT BULL RESCUE PERSON WITH A PIT BULL RESCUE GROUP WHY DID YOU LEAVE THOSE DOGS AT SPINDLETOP? No other rescue group that I know of pays another group to take their breed "

    Okay I am confused as I understand it many rescues even Pit breed specific ones were sending dogs to Leah primarily because she was a Nationally recognized Pit expert who offered boarding, rehab, eval, training and adoption services... so it seems entirely plausible that anyone with Pit that needed help would send it to her..Just because Cindy had a Pit Rescue doesn't mean she had the space, abilities, and credentials to handle every case. So again it is confusing that you are attacking her for sending Leah dogs. I can understand attacking her veracity and journalistic integrity but it seems silly to go after her for sending dogs to Leah..

    1. ED, it's not personal to me. I had no dogs there, don't know Ms. Purcell. I am simply wanting people to WAKE up and realize what Cindy writes is pure bull. She has no facts to back up anything she says and everything she writes is her personal opinion, which she is entitled to but when she tries to pass it off as FACT, I have a real problem with it.

  18. Jeff, I am not a Cindy supporter but your assertions about the dogs indicate that you have first hand knowledge of the condition of the dogs at the time of the raid. So were the dogs getting proper daily exercise, training and the socialization that Leah had contractually promised? If so I guess Leah has nothing to worry about in fact she would have grounds for hefty libel suit against Montgomery County.
    Also your last statement was that the dogs were dumped. I know for a fact that many had sent their dog/s to Leah for evaluation, rehab and socialization.. she advertised these services.. By claiming these dogs were all dumped you betray yourself as another crazed hoarder supporter.

    1. Ed , I only asserted what I wrote , and yes I have first hand knowledge. Your attempt to enlarge the content of what I wrote is exactly what "blogging" discussions get us ... I am not crazed nor a hoarder supporter ....argumentum ad hominem ...attack the messenger when the message is not in dispute . I didn't claim anything ...I know many dogs came there because they would have been long dead at other places had they not been taken to Leah . Maybe you should have spent more time going to ST helping exercise dogs instead of emailing ?Had we all done more , maybe we would not be discussing this ?

    2. Jeff,
      My experience with Leah was short and rather recent. So I had no knowledge of what was really going on in her business. I did send Leah some money months back when I happened across her website and she was asking for help due to flooding. I am not a rich person so what I sent was not a token amount.
      As far as animal volunteer work work goes I do my share. I am not sure I owe you any more than that. I am familiar with some of the people who sent dogs to Leah and I trust that they believed they were doing the right thing. Your comment "It creates space for the dogs that people dumped there!" seem to echo others that wanted to shift blame away from Leah and back on the Rescues. . So I would disagree my comment was a "argumentum ad hominen.. but who cares?
      In the end I am angry that there are more great but hard-to-place dogs who are back in the adoption system and in danger of euthanization. They deserve better.

    3. Dogs that would already have been dead if not for a place to have them taken , however you wish to view it ....

  19. EDWINTER, I certainly am not attacking anyone that sent their pits to Ms Purcell, I am attacking Cindy Marabito. If Cindy has a legitimate pit bull rescue then she should know how to train and place them or she should not be in the pit bull business. I know many people who sent Ms Purcell pit bulls but if you can read the ridiculous statements on the victims page and believe any of that garbage then I feel sorry for you.

    Lets see on that page they have suggested that Ms Purcell knew the raid was coming so she had plenty of time to kill dogs and dump them on a country road. That Ms Anderson knew the raid was coming and that was why she had on boots. She might have even killed them by putting antifreeze in their water. She might not have even had a vet euthanize the dogs but she probably did it herself. On and on these people have spewed lies, stirred up by the likes of Cindy Marabito and all of her lies and toxic writings. There are a few very honest people who have gotten their dogs back and not jumped on the bandwagon but they are few and far between.

    The fact of what happened with those dogs have not come out yet but I can assure you that there is not one that looked abused or neglected or emaciated that have come out yet even with charges of the kennels being welded shut. Oh yes, one person said the dog did not look good and she did not want to take pictures of him because of that. If that were true that dog would have been the poster boy of "look what Leah did to my dog".

    You are also mistaken. Most people signed those dogs over to Ms Purcell. They did not board them with a continuing amount of money coming in to support them. They paid $750 to place that dog there and got to walk away. Am I condemning them for that, heck no. In fact most people are not educated in pits enough to place them properly. So, no I am not blaming them for that but I am sick to death of reading the lies and the hysteria coming out of the blogs from Cindy Marabito and the victims page. I know for a fact that Ms Anderson helped people locate their dogs only to be slammed on the internet later by the same people that she helped.

    The truth will come out for sure but if you want the truth then I would suggest that you stay clear of anything that Cindy Marabito writes.

    1. JJ, I agree some of what is written on both sides seems a little incredulous. I will not comment on the state of the dogs. I will wait for this be over. Everyone involved is entitled to their day in court. My understanding of the how the costs worked is different than yours. I will leave it at that as it really doesn't matter. We can agree that people were justified in sending dogs to Leah. She advertised a service and charged for it and apparently was respected for her knowledge of the breed. I am concerned that proponents of BSL will see this as an opportunity to leverage legislation. We need to get past this ... Regardless how anyone feels about Leah, Spindletop, or rescues we don't need gossip, lies, or shoddy journalism.. it only gives the anti-pit crowd more ammo.

    2. " I am concerned that proponents of BSL will see this as an opportunity to leverage legislation."

      I totally agree with you there!

    3. Ed, trust me when I tell you that most of those people paid $750 and that is it. They walked away and left the dogs there. When someone wanted to put a dog in Ms Purcell's rescue they could foster the dog until there was an opening or they could pay for 3 months of boarding upfront and leave. The dog was then put into the rescue when there was an opening. A few people (a very few) paid to board their dogs there and some of those people did not even pay the boarding that they owed monthly.

  20. Hey , I know ....Zandra actually is responsible for the dogs all being there !! Yes , that is it ! Because she has kept law makers from banning the breed here , that resulted in the dogs being alive to be put there !Does this make sense ? That is about the level of logic I read on this "blog" . Silly

  21. Jeff, you telling me you get that much logic out of this blog? You are way ahead of me!!

  22. contributors such as Marabito are not required to have experience in journalism nor adhere to the truth of an incident. In fact, according to, they need only be "citizens of either the United States or Canada, 18 years old or older." contributors are encouraged to make their articles as popular as possible. The more popular an author's article, the more he or she will get paid.

    "Examiners are independent contractors and receive competitive pay based on publishing frequency and Internet variables including page views, reader subscriptions, session length and advertiser interest," reads the website.

    The more controversial Marabito's article, true or not, the more money it will likely make her. Marabito’s article already has about 6,000 Facebook “likes,” much more than for stories by news agencies which have been reporting on the incident.

  23. RJ, JJ, Jeff, Dick Dong may as well all be the same angry ugly little "man." You are a disgrace, attacking Cindy who has dedicated her life to saving dogs. She has been incredibly brave and has made more effort and sacrifice than you could even begin to imagine. What have you done in your life that has benefited anything besides your bloated smelly egos? Real valiant of you to be such aggressive defenders of the truth. Except the truth cannot be defended in the name of hate.You could have possibly directed that energy to do something good for the world. Though I doubt it, your nature seems to be vile. You really spent a lot of time trying to provoke Cindy, maybe your mother did not give you enough attention growing up. Well I hope you choke on your own balls.
    Keep seeking the truth Cindy, you are loved and supported by many. I am sure these tyrants only make you a stronger warrior for the dogs we love.

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