Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Irate Californian Tries to Ban Rescue Writer

I write the American Pit Bull Examiner articles. Yesterday, the Examiner received the following unsubstantiated and untrue statement from Alicia Esken, the person who recently hired a tracker to steal Vinny the rescue dog owned by Angela Sera of Dogtown Rescue.

"Dear Examiner,

This story is filled with false accusations. Below is the email I sent to Cindy Marabito. I have also copied and pasted the email I sent out that includes the link of Angela Sera of Dogtown Ranch and Rescue claiming the dog to be a service for the military going to a Vet from Afghanistan on TV which was a blatant lie.. Because of this story I and John Braden have received threatening emails and phone calls. The dog never left the state of Texas and they have falsified information and used scare tactics in getting the dog from a boarding kennel until all was settled.

Not only do I want this vulgar and malicious story pulled down, I am asking you to Ban Cindy Marabito from your website. She is engaging in slander and liable and does not deserve a voice under your umbrella. I will sent this out to the community so they may write to you as well. I am not standing alone on this. I am in talks with the sheriff and if need be will obtain legal council."

Here is a copy of the original piece which was written after Vinny had been stolen:

Vinny was recently relinquished from California to Angela Sera's Dogtown in Elgin, Texas right outside Austin, During his transition to his new rescue, a blast sounded which scared Vinny and caused him to bolt.

Sera and Dogtown posted the following flyer and since July 26, have been working round the clock to find Vinny. Last night was a miracle, as Vinny was found.



979-826-2480, CALL IF SEEN




Before Vinny could be returned to the rescuer who's spent over a week tracking night and day to find Vinny, a guy by the name of John Braden took Vinny and left the property claiming Vinny needed vet care.

Frantic over the past week's stress looking for Vinny, Sera allowed Braden to take Vinny to seek medical attention.

What happened next was almost worse than Vinny's initial disappearance. Braden turned out to be hired by the initial California advocate Alicia Esken to steal Vinny and return the dog across state lines to Los Angeles.

This is illegal. The American Pit Bull called Esken for a comment. Esken admitted to hiring Braden who runs a transport business out of Phoenix, Arizona. When informed she was committing theft across state lines, the angry woman hung up the phone.

Braden could not be reached for comment, but a message was left for the transporter with the email handle 'alphawolf' that he was transporting stolen property.

Sera has reported Vinny's theft to the microchip company to which Vinny is legally registered to Angela Sera of Dogtown and the local and California authorities.

Sera's work is highly respected in the state of Texas where she advocates and cares for animals whose last house on the block before death has been Dogtown. Sera and Dogtown have been involved in the Spindletop raid victim dogs and to which the rescue has offered safekeeping for several of the dogs recovered from the ongoing abuse and dog killing case in Willis, Texas.

Please contact Ebby Sera to help with resources and support in helping get Vinny returned to high rightful and legal owner and advocate.

Contact West Los Angeles Care and Control if you have knowledge or see this stolen dog.

11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90064

888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381

Please continue to follow the American Pit Bull Examiner in our search to find the truth. We will not stop until every dog is answered for. That is a promise.

This morning, Lee County sheriff's department responded to Esken's complaint to search Dogtown's facility. Her attempt to remove the American Pit Bull Examiner which has been instrumental in networking hundreds of death row dogs, many of whom are in happy homes today, is uncalled for and prejudicial.

Vinny is safe and happy back at Dogtown after he was retrieved from the boarding facility illegally hired by Braden and Esken to hide the dog. Rather than rejoice in his safekeeping, Esken seems determined to not only close down pit bull rescue Dogtown, but Reunion Rescue as well.

Reunion Rescue uses the small amount of money made writing articles to support our dogs. The American Pit Bull Examiner is known for reporting the truth, no matter who it pisses off. We will continue to rescue and find a way to generate the necessary income to save the dogs nobody else wants.


  1. Alicia Eskin is tryint go protect her own fanny in this thwarted attempt to kidnap a dog she had already surrendered to Dogtown. Many people would testify as character witnesses to Angela Sera and to Cindy Marabito. It is obvious that this Alicia cannot spell, does not have her definitions of slander and libel straight, nor does she have a leg to stand on to hire C-O-U-N-S-E-L to pursue a suit. I am so tired of all these lawsuit threats! If you do not do anything wrong, you should not have to sue anyone. Nor should you fear if anyone sues you. I support Cindy and Angela.

  2. Alicia Esken is a problem for pit's and the people who genuinely love them....Perhaps she should face criminal charges for theft, or maybe, conspiring to commit a theft, lets use that old wornout "animals are property" law for the greater good for once!!!!

  3. I concur with the above views. Angela Sera and Cindy Marabito both are very responsible, effective, and productive rescuers, especially of pitbulls, and especially of pitbulls with "issues." Vinny is finally in a place (with Sera at Dogtown) where he will receive real care and stability. This nonsense complaint against Cindy's article and articles comes suspiciously at a time when Spindletop's defense attorney, Zandra Anderson, has also spent energy and intimated threats to remove Cindy's Spindletop articles from the Examiner. The Examiner legal team should be alert to these efforts to silence truth, as the Examiner prides itself on putting facts and opinions out there for the public to decide about its truth, not on deferring to political correctness or personal agendas to protect the guilty.

  4. I'm glad SOMEONE could decipher what was happening in this mess because I sure couldn't.Any way this story could be sent out in "short" form...the cast of characters alone was mind boggling.