Friday, August 10, 2012

Texas dog lawyer rebuttal #2

Now that my rescued dogs and recent refuges from Spindletop seizure and raid have been exercised and fed, I will begin to try and address the complaints filed by Texas Dog Lawyer Zandra Anderson against Cindy Marabito and Reunion Rescue to remove truthful articles about her client Leah Purcell's horror hotel formerly called Spindletop refuge.

To recap, yesterday's blog entry contains each false accusation Anderson presented to the Examiner which resulted in several articles being pulled. These articles are the sole source of income for the Reunion Rescue 501(c)(3) to care for, board, feed and treat the dogs in our care. Anderson also untruthfully contends throughout her rant Reunion Rescue has no dogs and objects to our 501(c)(3) non profit attempted to raise money for the dogs in our care.

The last of the articles to be unpublished was a piece about Nolan, the abused dog from Lake Tawakoni who is now in our care. He never set a paw on Spindletop ground, but moments until the raid took place, Leah Purcell was bilking his first Examiner article's readers for cash. One unsuspecting person actually donated $450 to help underwrite Nolan's medical needs directly to Leah Purcell's account.

Yesterday's blog addresses the first bevy of complaints issued by the dog lawyer:

12. "FALSE. Marabito suggests that the rescue took "pets for a high price." If the refuge took in dogs that were owned, then the owner relinquished any ownership rights in the placement. Dogs were there from Animal Control, court orders, [sic} and from people who found strays at no charge. If a person could not foster a dog during the waiting period, then they could board the dog during its wait time for a low set fee at the boarding facility on site."

For starters, we like to refer to the animals as 'he' or 'she' rather than it. That slant alone sheds illumination on the dog lawyer's world view of animals and the way they are and should be treated. I will not do business with any professional who calls animals 'it'..whether that person is a veterinarian, pet food company or dog lawyer.

The system at Spindletop was a 1/2 down payment to 'hold' a spot for the dog in need. Oftentimes, that fee was $500. Granted, in the '$750 board to rescue' program, the dog was signed over to Leah Purcell in many cases. However, does that give Purcell the right to withhold food, only feeding her favorites on a regular basis? Does that grant her the right to stack crate upon crate crammed with dogs which were according to the Humane Society of the United States, covered in their own feces, vomit and urine? Does that give Purcell carte blanche to secretly bury 38 dogs who died a tortured death due to 'electrical failure,' the dog lawyer's own words?

In a time when most citizens, and many of those who trusted Purcell were average citizens, are suffering economic hardship, $750 is a lot of cash. We're living in a time when people are dumping their pets at the local shelter because they cannot afford to feed them, so to someone who looks like she hasn't missed too many meals, again, $750 is a lot of money.

So is $10,000 a ton of cash. That is the amount Reunion Rescue paid to Leah Purcell and James Brewer via Paypal including the fees for Angel's boarding via a kindly benefactor. Each month, Reunion Rescue gets to work raising thousands of dollars to board our dogs. We are in the process of finally realizing our no kill refuge...a real one...on our land. It's going to be slow going, and since the dog lawyer's insistence our source of income be anihilated, even more slow to build. We are not fancy, but our dogs are safe, well fed, exercised and very much loved here. There is much damage to be undone and much healing to do.

Furthermore, I would suggest that the good people, like Reunion Rescue, who entrusted their dogs to Leah Purcell and Spindletop, might find fault with the dog lawyer's statement, 'then the owner relinquished any ownership rights in the placement.' I would suggest the dog lawyer elaborate upon that statement and just exactly what she means by 'rights.'

13. "FALSE. Marabito uses a photo from another news agency and states that "attorney negotiates for Purcell while standing on dog graves." Not only is this false, it is highly incendiary. Maratibohas [sic] most likely used the photograph without permission and claims it was "courtesy" of a news agency as if she has some relationship with them.

Oboy. Where to start. Well, I've never been to law school, but I do know a little bit about publishing. The photograph was borrowed and complete credit given to the source. By the way, is 'most likely' a legal argument? Just askin'.

Again, the dog lawyer was standing on Spindletop real estate, where, according to the HSUS and Montgomery County officials, a mass grave was discovered. If this is not the same mass grave which contains the decaying bones of Stella and the other 37 who died a miserable death, then please explain. The American Pit Bull Examiner does always report the truth and we would appreciate any light the dog lawyer might shed on this grisly situation.

Up until the day of the raid, I trusted Leah Purcell and believed what she told me about the dogs I'd also entrusted to her care. Leah Purcell called me that very day, perhaps at the same moment the photograph in question was actually taken. On our last conversation, the day of the raid, I asked Purcell if she would like me to write an article to try to help. Her answer was to keep the raid off the internet, that 'Zandra Anderson was negotiating for their dogs.'

14. "FALSE. Marabito accuses JamesBrewer [sic] oftaking [sic] funds which is completely false. Mr. Brewer is a 30 year veteran of law enforcement in a different state."

I and many other duped Spindletop victims have thousands of dollars in Paypal receipts payable to James 'Cowboy Mind' Brewer.  Do I have the wrong James Brewer? If so, I'll take the money back and spend it on the dogs who made it out of Spindletop alive.

15. "FALSE. Marabito states that hundreds of thousands of dollars came in to [sic] the rescue [sic] but fails to site a source [sic] because there isn't one."

In fact, the complete statement is 'hundreds of thousands of dollars are estimated to have been obtained through Paypal and other means from across the nation.' Back to law school 101, dog lawyer, if you plan to quote someone, be certain to quote accurately. Your attempt to twist a published phrase to accommodate your own benefit is dangerous and punishable. I won't use your term 'incendiary' as I don't think you meant to start a fight, did you?

Reunion Rescue only boarded dogs at Spindletop the past year a couple of months. I personally am in possession and still receiving communications from people all over the world who fell prey to Purcell's con scheme. I'm only out $10K but have spoken to many others who were bilked that much and much more. Again, I'm just estimating, but if this grift has been going on as long as some of these letters date back, it could even be in the millions, but math's never been my main strength.

15. "FALSE. Marabito is again states [sic] that Zandra Anderson is somehow"insinuating"{sic}herself in a criminal investigation which is not only is [sic] untrue [sic] but does not even make sense."

I'll be glad to clear it up for you, dog lawyer. According to Montgomery County and Constable Tim Holifield, criminal charges are being investigated to present to a grand jury. Again, in the many communications I've personally received, Zandra Anderson has 'insinuated' herself in the 'investigation' of the missing dogs and has given out false leads to several if not more of the concerned dogs' owners.

What does not make sense, to me at least, is why anyone after almost a month would trust what the dog lawyer has to say about the dogs' whereabouts.

16.  "FALSE. Marabitosuggests [sic] that Zandra Anderson has done some wrongdoing in so far as the Texas State Bar is concerned which is untrue [sic]."

To withhold evidence from the concerned dogs' owners seems wrong to me and I would suggest the Texas Bar might consider that behavior in one of its members.

17. "FALSE. Marabito falsely states that attorney ZandraAnderson [sic] has been posting on Facebook about this case which is a total fabrication."

In fact, I actually posted an answer to her original post which has conveniently been removed as has my answer. I'll try to paraphrase, but her post challenged all of the people who were demanding answers from her about their dogs to have the guts to sign their names.

My answer, also mysteriously deleted, signed my name first and begged that she commit it to memory, because she will be hearing it a lot in the future. Until Reunion Rescue's Stella and the other 37 dead dogs are recovered and answered for, I will not stop digging and demanding an explanation. In addition, I did add that how Zandra Anderson and Leah Purcell could get up in the morning and look at themselves in a mirror is unbelievable on every level imaginable.

18. "FALSE. Marabito suggest that Zandra Anderson is in some way "insinuating " herself in a criminal investigation by posting on FB is a total fabrication."

See Items #15 and #17.

She is in fact responding personally to the question, "What is the position of the Texas Bar Association on members of the bar insinuating themselves in a criminal investigation with knowledge of criminal activity?" This is merely a question, which the dog lawyer jumped back at a bit too hasty. 

19. FALSE. MarabitosuggeststhatZandraAnderson [sic] needs "to make a good living [sic] but this is extreme." She bases that on some quantum leap in her imagination that attorneyZandra [sic] Anderson is writing under a nom de plume on FB which is wholly false."

Nothing was said about a nom de plume or Zandra Anderson's writing, so this section of her complaint is baffling. There is a Facebook page run by a Pearl Boosinger character which has become a watering hole for all the Spindletop refugee haters, but certainly no one is suggesting this Boosinger is a nom de plume for the dog lawyer or anyone else even if both gals do sport a sheepskin from South TX College of Law.

My suggestion was simply to find an area of law to help animals rather than defend those who don't.

20. "FALSE. Marabito has made numerous false claims about money paid to the rescue for "Reunion Rescue" dogs."

This one is confusing. By rescue, is the dog lawyer referring to Spindletop? And if so, Reunion Rescue dogs were paid for by Paypal donations itemized and submitted to the HSUS, Montgomery County and Animal Farm Foundation to provide proof and have our three dogs who are still alive returned to us.

21.  "FALSE. Marabito associates a dog namedHannah [sic] in an alleged"holocaust." [sic] This dog was not on the property at the time of the seizure despite this being fully acknowledged byMarabito [sic] herself."

Hannah is a tragic story. Three advocates tried to save her from Spindletop and were threatened by a legal arm to 'never contact Leah' again. These three citizens and advocates for high kill BARC animals in Houston, tried everything to get Hannah back. They fear Hannah was killed by Leah Purcell, their words, not mine. If indeed, 'this dog was not on the property at the time of the seizure' as Anderson states, then the worst is feared. These people and now, the American Pit Bull Examiner believe Hannah is no longer alive.

No one knows if or how Hannah died. Was she in the Morgan Building with the 38 who suffered an horrible painful death due to 'electrical failure' or was she victim of an even more sinister definition of failure?

Holocaust as defined by the American Heritage dictionary means 'destruction or slaughter on a mass scale.' Was Hannah a victim as might have been the many others being sought by their trusting owners who sent dogs to Spindletop?

22. "FALSE. Marabito claims that dogs are missing and indicates they were sent to a dog fighting ring. this is wholly false and obviously raises some serious legal issues since dog fighting is illegal in every state."

Finally, something we can agree on. Dog fighting is illegal. I have been told by Leah Purcell on multiple occasions she was sending dogs to be 'fostered' by her 'friend' in Louisiana. I believed her as I had no reason not to. She elaborated her 'friend' was not like 'us' meaning Leah and myself, that he kept his dogs outside, not crated and trained as we believe dogs should be.

I had no reason to doubt that someone with Leah Purcell's following and history as an advocate of the breed and a longtime rescue/refuge would be lying. However, after the raid and after I discovered the deaths of the 38 dogs in the Morgan Building, the mass grave and other horrors, I began to remember these comments about her 'friend' and the dogs she 'fostered' with him.

When the emails and requests began to flood in about missing dogs and the same old story regarding Leah 'adopting the dog to a good friend who lived down the road on a ranch' I began to feel sick at my stomach. I've been in rescue long enough to know that good homes are few and far between. Big loads of dogs fostered to a friend 'down the road' or in Louisiana are questionable at besy and it's not a question I think I want to know the real answer to.

23. "FALSE. Marabito claims that Ms. Purcell is still collecting money for rescue dogs. This is completely false and is derogation of the Agreed [sic] Judgement [sic]."

This segment again misquotes the article which correctly reads, 'at this writing, word is still surfacing that Purcell is collecting money for dogs...' In fact, a woman wrote about the donation solicited by Purcell for the Dallas dog who was never boarded at Spindletop due to the raid and seizure. Luckily, his caretaker heard of the hoarder's bust and turned the car around afterward to discover the donator had been bilked for $450.

24. "FALSE. Marabitoclaims [sic] that attorney Zandra Anderson pulled a puppy from BARC that [sic] Purcell is taking money for and it is secretly fostered. This is false and highly damaging indicating [sic] that a violation of the Agreed [sic] Judgement [sic] and [sic] that the attorney is somehow involved in this alleged scheme."

The statement read after the court proceedings by Tamara Holland of the Montgomery County Attorney's office and Constable Tim Holifield stated, "Purcell can never have an animal shelter, refuge or rescue in Montgomery county again."

On June 24, Zandra Anderson pulled a BARC pit bull puppy ID#A1087966 under the group Treat 'Em Right Rescue from Houston. However, the dog named Abigail was fostered in Katy, Texas for Spindletop with at least one person donating $750 to Leah Purcell for that dog's behalf. It is unknown how many other people have donated to Purcell for this dog, but Anderson's involvement is a fact down to the driving to the shelter to pull the dog and so on.

It is unknown where Abigail is now. She was suffering from demodex mange and originally was to be pulled by Reunion Rescue and treated holistically. Hope is that she is still alive.

24. "FALSE. Marabito states: "Under the conditions negotiated by Zandra Anderson for Purcell, the former rescuer cum hoarder for big money is not to have any pit bulls in her care or participate in rescue in Montgomery County." This is a totally false statement."

Perhaps I heard the statement read by Holland and Holifield incorrectly that day in the courtroom. So Purcell is allowed to run a pit bull rescue in Montgomery County? All I can say to this claim is 'wow.' Even I'm speechless.

25. "FALSE. Hopefully, law enforcement will get wind of Purcell's jumpstart back into pit bull rescue and give her more than a slap on the wrist. [sic] This is entirely false."

So, clue me in. According to the dog lawyer, Purcell can participate in pit bull rescue in Montgomery County? If not, and she does, it's not punishable? My head is starting to spin around like Linda Blair's, but she, unlike Purcell, actually does rescue and save pit bulls.

The dog lawyer goes on to beg the Examiner, her word, 'implore,' to not only remove my work and the search for justice from the Internet (capitalized) but that 'Marabito be banned from writing for the Examiner.'

Again, wow. Get rid of me and you're left with Boosinger, the dog lawyer and a bigger sack of grammatical errors than a book report by the Deliverance banjo picker.

One last thing before I wrap it up and go play with the dogs and other animals in my refuge. These animals are treasured. They are not 'its,' but each a cherished and beloved being which deserves a right to the best life possible. Word to your mother, dog lawyer.


  1. The only real comfort I have is in hoping that the criminal charges should take care of her and her "client" for the duration, and for the rest of the animals. If guilty of what it looks like she is guilty of (and I believe she is), she should not be able to keep an animal as a pet, PERIOD. Nor should she be able to avoid JAIL TIME. She is the same michael Vick all over again, but instead of dog fighting, she is guilty of neglect, cruelty, negligence, and conspiracy to cover up an inhumane incident (where the dogs suffocated). She should have taken her lumps at the time. This is only the beginning, and once Montgoery county is through with her, she should be served with Federal charges through the humane society. I mean, look at the sheer cost in dollars of what this fiasco has caused! She has a lot of folks taking a number to file charges. And individuals or class action suits should follow.

    1. Oh June, June, June, you thnk that HS can file federal charges? Maybe you should do a litte research. HSUS is not the government. Boy, why do you people and your comments continue to amuse me?

    2. Only someone who is sick and twisted could be 'amused' by the atrocities that occurred at Spindletop, repeated pleas for answers and continued silence by Leah Purcell.
      Although attorneys take an oath to represent their clients to the best of their ability, humanity expects and demands that they also do so with the 'greater good' in mind.
      Dogs and other companion animals are helpless to protect themselves. May God have mercy on your pathetic soul.

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  3. “These articles are the sole source of income for the Reunion Rescue 501(c)(3) to care for, board, feed and treat the dogs in our care”

    Then shouldn't you be EXTRA careful with what you write to insure it's not removed or your ass doesn’t get sued? One would certainly think so considering who's welfare is at stake. But instead you continue to write this diatribe based on your twisted perception.

    People think you are a hero? Well you are not! You are a low life who is getting your 15 minutes while piggybacking Spindletop’s tragedy. Shame on you!

    Just remember the KARMA is a Bitch with sharp teeth

    1. I am not a fan of Cindy Marabito.
      However, anyone who is able to discount the atrocities perpetuated by Leah Purcell and her staff at Spindletop is in desperate need of psychological assistance.
      Karma IS a bitch. Eternal punishment is worse.

  4. Oh another big laugh here, Cindy. Treasured, cherished dogs are in one's home. They are not pawned off on someone else to take care of. Word to your mother---she raised a really big twit!!!

    1. Are you getting good laugh? Can the dead dogs hear you laughing? Sounds like you, Leah and April are having lots to amuse yourselves many dead and missing dogs. Why don't you and RJ form a comedy team...maybe you can find somewhere to perform other than a blog.

    2. You are the comedy here doggirl (hey are you just a little bit old to be called a girl???), Cindy. You and your followers who cannot think for themself.

  5. Your head is starting to spin around like Linda Blair's because you are also possessed just like Linda Blair. You reading comprehension skills really suck, twit. Either that or you deliberately twist the truth until they are lies.

    1. Your spelling sucks. Have you considered a remedial course?

  6. Everyone-

    Let folks solve their own cases they feel they need to. There is no need JJ Jackson to talk to my friend like this whom has a right to her own charges verbally being spoken without being ridiculed in a low life manner. If you have something to say, please say it in an "intelligent" manner with words of wisdom versus cheap low life name calling. Nobody understands the point you are making other than you are an opportunist to show the evil inside you.

    1. PR,

      JJ is only using "your buddy's" own words against her. Which is exactly why she should be careful what she writes!

      Don't forget YOUR friend started this whole mess w/ her name calling of Ms. Anderson.

      People who live in glass houses and all, just sayin....

  7. Really Ms Beller, so the side that tries and convicts a person all on their on, lies and twists facts is the only side that is has a right to voice their opinion? Well that shows your intelligence too.

    Your friend is the queen of ridicule, name calling, insult throwing, fact twisting, flaming the hate and lying.

    I will speak my mind and do not need your permission to do so.

    The fact that you can follow her lies and swallow them for the truth says volumes about your intelligence.

    I will point out just one little lie and fact twisting that she does that is in black and white for you and yours to take in. Your idol says that Tim Holifield said Ms Purcell may not have a rescue in Montgomery County ever again. Cindy jumps from that to Ms Purcell may never have a pit bull again and jumps that to may never have one in her care again to Ms Anderson being a liar. What is totally false is what Cindy says. No where does it say that Ms Purcell may never have a pit bull in her care again. If what Cindy says is true how then was it possible for a pit bull to be released back to Ms Purcell? Oh and all of this is causing her head to spin. Her lies should cause her head to spin off. So if you want to call someone "friend" whose obviously lacks any integrity, you go right ahead.

    I could continue on with Cindy's lies, manipulating and twisting of facts but I have to trust that you people can read and comprehend for yourself but maybe you cannot.

  8. Hey Cindy why don't you address the fact that you claimed that James Brewer was in the court room the day of Ms Purcell's hearing? Another little fact that you lied about!

    Also in your reply here you state "former" law enforcement officer. Former, really? I have not read one place that says he is a former law enforcement office but a 30 year law enforcement officer. You jump from saying that Ms Purcell says he was not like "us" and did not crate and train to he and Leah are involved in dog fighting. Very interesting that you can try to stain and smear a law enforcement officer's sterling reputation with your lies. You know Cindy that can get you into some very serious trouble but when have you ever let facts get in the way of your writing?

    Oh and when you start talking about other people spelling and writing maybe you should look at your own. That is usually "besy".

    Now are any of your followers staring to see her MO here or you are just going to keep drinking the kool aide?

  9. Cindy ....if you cannot print facts and save the theatrics ...don't print anything . One FACT ...had it not been for Zandra the last 4 legislative sessions , YOU would not need to worry about any rescues or owning a "Pittie " as they would be banned from many communities in this state . You are continually spreading false assertions covered in theatrical gibberish , I guess to try and be someone .This is the problem with the web and instant "experts" , especially bloggers .....say anything and someone will believe you . Stop quoting the HSUS ....most of what they have spewed is not factual . Dogs were not withheld food ( except all day during the raid when their full bowls were left on top of the dogs crates after the workers at ST were told to leave ( at gun point ) exercising , peeing or pooping all day , 10 hours or more ...of course they were in their own pee and poop !Crate were not stacked on top of each other ( except in Leahs and her mothers home ...btw , stacking a crate is in and of itself not cruel at all . It creates space for the dogs that people dumped there !

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Where do I send my thank you note to Zandra for the great work she does? May I sign it with the names of the dogs who died at Spindletop and the ones she claims are at the holding center but have disappeared?

    Please reread the three posts which contain factual references. Unfortunately, I am not alone in the search for answers. Many others are trying to sift through the untruths and misinformation spewed by Spindletop and representation. Sounds like you were quite familiar with the goings on at Spindletop. Were you a worker forced to leave at gunpoint? Were you one of the employees guilty of hiding dogs during the raid?

    If so, please do the right thing and disclose the whereabouts of the animals still living so their rightful owners might find them.

    1. Who are you addressing ? You know where to reach Zandra , so stop with the attempts at sarcasm ...they are not working . If you want to know where dogs are you must go through HSUS( good luck there ) or the Sheriffs department , as the county is now the custodians of the dogs . Which ones are living ? Only the County knows , and they are not talking too much . Again , by your nonsensical open ended assertions anbd statements , you make jest at yourself ....It is like one of those UFO theorists ..."Could it be ...?" or "What if ....?" Stick to facts and you will be better off .

    2. I don't see why Leah (or any Rescue/Sanctuary for that matter )need to disclose anything to people who turned their dog over to them.

      When you sign over a dog /cat to someone else, you give up any rights you may have had to that animal! Period, end of story.

  12. Cindy continues to fabricate each and every story she has blogged. She is pathetic. She has showed her true colors...telling lies will only bury her deeper into the quick sand she is slowly sinking in.

  13. Yo twit, where do I send you thanks for all of your lies, half truths and manipulation but THEY ARE NOT WORKING!!!! People are on to you, twit!!

    Why don't you address the lies that I have pointed out that you have written? I have been waiting. Guess what Twit, everyone with a two digit IQ or higher knows you are a liar!!!

    On top of that you are the laughing stock of the internet. I pull up your blog just to get a laugh at your lies and watching you think that people actually believe you. They don't.

    Bye Twit,

  14. contributors such as Marabito are not required to have experience in journalism nor adhere to the truth of an incident. In fact, according to, they need only be "citizens of either the United States or Canada, 18 years old or older." contributors are encouraged to make their articles as popular as possible. The more popular an author's article, the more he or she will get paid.

    "Examiners are independent contractors and receive competitive pay based on publishing frequency and Internet variables including page views, reader subscriptions, session length and advertiser interest," reads the website.

    The more controversial Marabito's article, true or not, the more money it will likely make her. Marabito’s article already has about 6,000 Facebook “likes,” much more than for stories by news agencies which have been reporting on the incident.

  15. The last of the articles to be unpublished was a piece about Nolan, the abused dog from Lake Tawakoni who is now in our care. He never set a paw on Spindletop ground, but moments until the raid took place, Leah Purcell was bilking his first Examiner article's readers for cash. One unsuspecting person actually donated $450 to help underwrite Nolan's medical needs directly to Leah Purcell's account.

    1. Just curious, what happened to this 450.00???

    2. Tasha, this is a lie that Cindy knows is a lie but she keeps repeating it. You are repeating that lie with no knowledge what so ever. You are no better than Cindy Marabito. You might want to check with the person who was going to give that donation before you spew lies or you might wind up in trouble yourself.

    3. Glad the truth about Nolan is getting around.

    4. RJ, Yes. Now what else is false on these blogs? We don't know because if one lies about one thing the odds about another lie are much greater.

  16. I think Tasha was just posting that possibly to remind others that this paragraph is false. She has other posts on other blogs....Tasha is only trying to prove a point from what I can see by other posts from her.

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