Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hillbilly Shining

A few years ago, I, like so many other rescues hit a real rough spot. I got audited for two years and the I.R.S. came into my home...yeah, dumb me...for 8 months. Because I'm honest to a fault, I had years of receipts dated and itemized for dog and cat food, supplies, treats, leashes, vet bills, boarding, you name it.

Reunion Rescue takes a lickin'
The I.R.S. had a field day. The last day the agent was here...and she made me crate up the pit bulls as, like most, terrified of pit bulls....well, the last day, she let me in on a little heart to heart. I had been so stupid, actually fixing her lunch and getting her liquid refreshments, water, coffee, tea. She told me she'd run over and killed her kids pet cat and lied to them about it.

The decision was handed down and some huge arbitrary amount was given to me to pay. The unbelievable angle was I didn't even make that amount those two years. On a side note, 8.5 years later, the state of California re-adjusted my taxes and let me know last December that I owed an additional 1600 dollars. They'd neglected to mention it for all these years, but
and Reunion Rescue keeps on tickin'
did add an additional four thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars in penalties and fines. Shouldn't they penalize themselves for not noticing for 8 and a half years? Oboy.

Here I am sitting in the midst of a house filled with California dogs and being hijacked by the state. Thanks a heap!

We have a landscape business and it's hard to make a living during drought and other weather issues like heat waves, frost, etc. We manage though and just like Reunion Rescue, somehow put one foot in front of the other and get through it.

During that terrible time and over the course of four years, I submitted four complicated and massive offers in compromise to the I.R.S. Finally, they accepted the fourth and I'm currently satisfying my debt with the government.

When that was going on, I re-modified my house payments, declared bankruptcy and kept rescuing all the while. I get over four thousand emails and messages a day, many of which come from hoarders and rescues shutting down and getting rid of house fulls of animals. To Reunion Rescue's credit, we never rehomed or altered our standards one iota during this awful time. I continued to save animals and each is safe in a forever home to this day.
Reunion Rescue rescue dogs

Around the third submission of my offer in compromise, a man distraught by taxes and grief plowed his airplane into the I.R.S. building on Research Blvd. here in Austin. This sort of pressure causes those with less fortitude to succumb to hopelessness. I saw people have their homes foreclosed and lose their pets during this terrible time.

Well, we were terribly broke. I couldn't leave the animals to get a day job, so I took a job at La Quinta as the graveyard room clerk. That experience nearly killed me. I was working during the day here with the animals and our landscape business, then all night long at La Quinta. It was a trying experience to say the least.

After a night of dealing with drunks and leaks and power outages, I then had to prepare rubber egg patties and the breakfast buffet. The smell of those eggs was nauseating. Driving home was a challenge and I fell asleep at the wheel more than once.

I was recently involved in a lawsuit in which the person's lawyer committed what's called 'civil
More Reunion dogs
extortion' and threatened to embarrass Cindy Marabito if she didn't back down. What came after was something like 250 pages of complaint. As tedious as it was, I still wondered what the judge must have been thinking about when he was reading the list of our tired inventory. Old, beat up couches...remember, I am in broken down old backpack sprayers. I said I was honest to a fault and had listed every paperback book, toothpick, towel...stuff nobody, even me, cared about. Imagine my surprise to see my dirty laundry listed in boring detail. Boy! Was I embarrassed!

Everyone has troubles. To be able to get through life and remember that is key. I'm very lucky. I don't think I could have lived with myself had I ever given up any of the animals. My advice to anyone out there who's facing hardship as I did is to keep the faith. Those animals are depending on us. We are all they have. And what they give us back...well, you can't put a price tag on.

In my book, Pit Bull Nation, I quote a tea bag which got me through some rough spots. It said, 'know that you can move through any tide.' And I know that.

Thank you from Reunion Rescue for giving me the opportunity to serve God's beautiful creatures.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why is Nathan Winograd teaming up with Spindletop dog killers? No kill meets real kill!

Imagine the horror when this come-on appeared in my email box? Knowing that 'Texas Dog Commission' is an outfit run by Zandra Anderson, close friend and legal counsel for Leah Purcell and the animal abusers and killers from Spindletop.

Does Nathan Winograd know who he's dealing with here? Has he not heard of Spindletop? These evil animal killers never did a day of hard time and are out walking around and boarding more animals while those of us who lost pets at Spindletop still grieve for their wrongful deaths and disappearances.

Craig Malisow's brilliant piece 'No Sanctuary at Spindletop' reads like a horrible monster movie of the worst kind with lurid tales of sex offenders plowing a hammer into the heads of Rottweilers and other despicable acts which occurred at the former 'refuge' located on Calvary Road in Willis, Texas.

A Facebook page has been created to honor those animals murdered and gone from the house of horrors formerly called 'Spindletop Refuge' called Spindletop Missing and Dead Dogs. Zandra Anderson who collects donations without benefit of a 501(c)(3) non-profit has threatened Reunion Rescue repeatedly with false claims to the Examiner in an effort to quiet the truth. When our articles were illegally pulled based on Anderson's threats to sue, we republished a series of articles (see below) in an effort to seek justice, justice that the hundreds and perhaps thousands of dogs killed by Leah Purcell will never be afforded.

In a later piece, a former manager at Spindletop stepped forward to report the mass loading of innocent dogs sent to board at Spindletop loaded up on U-Haul trucks and taken to off-site locations to be 'disposed of.'

A fellow rescuer who had animals disappear and presumed killed received this answer from Nathan Winograd's No Kill Nation when she asked for help with the Spindletop mass murder:

"I emailed them back when when all this was going on and they responded that they were not releasing any information because it would only feed the drama and their only interest was in keeping the dogs safe. They would not give me any information on the dogs at all."

Please write to Nathan Winograd and ask him to reconsider aligning himself with people who not only condone animal abuse and murder, but defend and friend others who have made a fortune doing so.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Help Reunion Rescue with MONTHLY BILLS!!!

Bella is our little free puppy we saved from the internet.

She needs vetting and spay surgery along with microchip, etc.

We just ordered $600 free range chicken for the refuge

and $500 Texas Tripe food for the dogs here at Reunion Rescue

We spent $570 tracking Cracker Jack..he’s safe, but Reunion’s broke…

Besides balls, treats, toys, chews, bones, Reunion Rescue can use a few bucks to keep up with our lifesaving work.

Please donate what you can and share our request with friends by visiting  our beautiful pit bull website



Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Peninsula Humane Society condemns pet pocket pittie to death

This adorable 8 year old 'pocket pittie' is the latest dog who has been condemned to die by Peninsula Humane Society. She was saved from being destroyed by the multi-million dollar facility which acts as the county dog pound and takes its job seriously when it comes to euthanizing.

From Craigslist:

"*FREE* gorgeous pocket pit bull pug mix. Yes, she's little at 30 lbs (santa cruz)

This is Molly. She's an 8 year old, 30 pound, pit bull pug mix. She's has a sweet disposition and aims to please. She is currently in a foster home but will be returned to the shelter if she doesn't find a home within the week where she will be euthanized. ~PLEASE~ if you or someone you know would like gorgeous sweet well behaved dog contact me A.S.A.P. 

A little more about her: she is originally from Oahu. She's been on the mainland for less than a year. Her owner had her shipped here without having a stable home for herself. The owner couch surfs and can not find an affordable home that allows dogs so she dropped her off at the Burlingame SPCA. Molly does not like little dogs or cats and shows aggressive behavior because of this the SPCA has deemed her unfit to adopt and wanted to put her down. I, the foster, picked her up last minute and am having her professionally trained.

She can now be leashed around small dogs without snapping but I would NOT recommend a home for her with small animals. She is great with big dogs or dogs her size and shines around kids and people!! She is not hyper but loves walks. She loves being around people but loves to sleep for hours on end.

She is up on all her shots, has never been sick, and has a clean record. She does have some pain in her joints from arthritis and it's something she's always experienced. She is house trained and can "hold it" all day, she knows all her basic commands: sit, down, stay as well as few more. Another week in training and she will be extremely obedient.

DON'T let this sweet girl be put down! She deserves a nice family and a nice family deserves a dog like Molly!! 650-580-900 five"

What is happening at this huge facility which pays its director a half million a year and throws in a free million dollar Burlingame residence? Director Kenneth While blogs about loving animals, but each day we hear about innocent dogs like Molly being euthanized at this gigantic San Mateo institution entitled "humane society." Did we not get the memo on the new definition for 'humane' or what?

Please share this story and keep an eye on Peninsula Humane Society and the poor animals who don't wind up in Kenneth White's blog but dead in a plastic bag.

Peninsula Humane Society tries to murder family pets:

This pet wasn't so lucky:

Two elderly pit bulls set to die at murderous facility:

Coco saved at the last minute from death at PHS:

Woman loses home and PHS kills her pets:

Monday, April 28, 2014

Peninsula Humane Society tries to murder two family pets

This hardworking teenager is the latest citizen to suffer Denver-style murder tactics by the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo, California. I've written multiple articles and stories about this high-kill facility which operates as the 'dog pound' for San Mateo County.

When a couple of local animal rescues saw the following post, they jumped into high gear to keep the high kill facility from killing two more family pets.

"OMG MEGA URGENT!!!! Please can someone help or this whole village step in and help as much as possible to save this baby's life TODAY???? 4-24-14 at 4pm any later than that they will put her to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The young man was scared to death having been threatened by Peninsula Humane that his dogs were to be killed. He was so frightened, he posted the dogs on Craigslist as free in order to save their lives:

"Craigslist Post:

FREE DOBERMAN (san mateo) CA

my Doberman/pitbull has been captured by the aspca when she got away one night when I was on a trip unfortunetly they capture my 9 yr old boxer too (I love her to death)

I could only pay the fee for my boxer to get out witch is $90 (im paying for)
but my biggest concern is that since they have been there for a while tthey want to charge me $150 just for my Doberman and if we don't nothing about it my 4-24-14 by 4:00 they will put her to sleep

I cant afford to take both of them out so im posting this asking anyone out there if you want the Doberman for the impound fee of $150

but the final day would be at 4-24-14 at 4pm any later than that they will put her to sleep
the Doberman is less than a year old she doesn't like cats but she is very sweet to kids, and other dogs please reply as soon as possible"

Literally working with only seconds to spare, the young man, a Brazilian teenager, had gone to the 'shelter' to say his goodbyes when local boxer rescuers saw his Craigslist post and kindly offered to pay the exorbitant fees to keep Peninsula Humane from killing these two family pets.

This young man was so grateful, he is working off the fees in his spare time as a local waiter. Wouldn't it be nice if all Americans with 9,000 dogs dying in shelters daily worked so hard to save our own pets?

And how about the director of the high kill Peninsula Humane Society pulling down a half million a year and living high on the hog in million dollar Burlingame digs? Wouldn't it be nice if some of those dollars could be spent trying to save a couple of lives for a change?

This story is heartwrenching and those who helped this young man had tears running down their faces to see someone who loves his pets so dearly and willing to do anything in his power to save them.

On a side note, a couple was overheard at a local market in San Mateo County recently discussing Peninsula Humane stormtrooping into their home and illegally seizing their two pet pit bulls for no reason. To redeem their pets, the couple had to pay $1500 dollars. What is going on in the Peninsula? Has Kory Nelson, the gestapo from Denver and responsible for over 4000 pet deaths moved in?

Thankfully, this young man's pets were spared if only in the nick of time. What about the others whose owners don't have the necessary funds to save when PHS slams the doors on their dogs?


This pet wasn't so lucky:

Two elderly pit bulls set to die at murderous facility:

Coco saved at the last minute from death at PHS:

Woman loses home and PHS kills her pets:

Facebook petlovers help handicapped pets

Please check out this wonderful Facebook page trying to help rescue pets with wheelchairs:

Pets waiting for their wheels:

Wolfie was born on February 2, 2013! He was born with deformed front legs that inhibit him from walking normally. When brought to the vet it was recommend that he be euthanized because they believed he wouldn't be able to live a "normal life".
Wolfie was born on February 2, 2013 with deformed front legs. His condition inhib...its him from walking normally, however it does not currently deter him from his puppy ways. This page is intended to share his story and mark his progress, as he will most likely need surgeries to improve his mobility.

It's a miracle Loni is even alive. He was 7 weeks old in a scary shelter and tested positive for panleukemia. He was about to be euthanized but by some miracle there was a delay in doing so. I happened to show up at the shelter and although going to see a cat a few cages down I saw him and couldn't resist. He was said to be a hissy kitten but I picked him right up and he melted in my arms. Knowing... he tested positive for panleuk I still made the decision to take a chance to save his life. After a week of treatment Loni tested negative. A week later from that happy day, suddenly Loni was stuggling to walk with his hind legs which soon left them paralyzed with very little feeling in them. Loni had weekly vet visits testing and retesting with no solid explanation. For three weeks he just pulled himself around. Week four after hope was almost lost.. he started to crawl. Falling a lot but he was moving the legs and crawling on his knees. It slowly progressed. Week five Loni was still crawling around. Week six he would try to use his feet but he couldn't place his paws down... he would attempt to walk on the backs of his paws. Week seven was the same although this determined little soul would force himself to stand at his bowl. He still couldn't walk or end take steps without falling. Not to mention for all these weeks he's unable to use the litterbox. Week eight was a happy one.. Loni started to take steps...

Loni has progressed a lot in 2 months. From not being able to use his back legs at all to being fairly mobile and able to stand and slowly take a few steps. Loni has seen four different vets with many visit and many tests and treatments. He is still being treated and although I don't want to get my heart set on it he is expected to fully recover. It may be months down the road but all that matters is that he recovers. measure: A 6.5 B 3.5 C 2+ D 4 E 3

See these little beauties and several more at Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community Facebook page.

Amazing rescue: pulls needles out of three dogs being killed

In Palmdale, California: This one person stepped up to the plate to save three dogs being killed and needs our help.

She received "a call today from a girl who was crying. Her brother had decided to put his (6) 3 yr old Pit Bulls to sleep. He cannot keep them anymore, and has been evicted due to them. He did not want to take them to the shelter, and have them die there alone. Our local shelter is the worse shelter in LA County, and is 70% full of Pit Bulls at any given time."

She "literally got her to pull the needles out of the dogs as they were already at the vet, being prepped. Please help me save them, we only have a few days."

This good person is begging for help. 

Conan - male - Fawn - He is a very lovable boy.  He likes to take long walks, run, jump and play.  He loves to chew on rawhide bones during his "leisure time". He enjoys treats and is willing to take them when given the following commands: sit, shake, high five, come and "easy" when accepting food. Just like any dog he loves getting hugs and gives lots of kisses. He would fit best with people who don't have any other pets.


Sheera - female - Fawn - She loves her "blankies"(blankets, sheets, towels to lay on).  She likes to take naps.  She loves playing fetch and jumps really high.  She likes to take walks and loves getting belly rubs.  She gives kisses and loves getting hugs. She is allergic to certain dry foods (no Purina brand) but loves snacks like: tortilla chips, popcorn, saltines, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carrots, peas, applesauce and white rice.  Not to mention she loves boiled chicken! She is a very sweet girl.

Vespa - female - Gray/White - She has a very unique bark when she's hungry. Taking long walks and dancing to Maroon Five are her favorite things to do.  She is a very calm and loving girl.  She loves getting hugs and likes her ears rubbed. She enjoys chew toys and loves to drink water. At night she likes to sleep with a blanket or sheet.


 Honey - female - Fawn/White - She got her name because her personality and color.  She is a sweet girl and she likes to lick on honey. She enjoys taking long walks and playing fetch outside.  Chewing on rawhide bones or a chew toy is the best way she likes to spend her time.


Gigi - female - Gray/White chest  - She is a very lovable girl.  She likes to play catch and fetch. She loves drinking water and tends to sleep at your feet or next to you.  She likes sleeping with a blanket at night (if she is by herself) and enjoys getting her belly rubbed.  You know she likes you when she shows you her belly. Playing with chew toys and enjoying her "nap time" are the best ways she spends her day.

 Xena - female - Gray - She loves giving kisses even "french kisses".  =) She is very lovable and enjoys taking walks outside.  She loves chewing on rawhide bones or chew toys. She likes getting her belly rubbed and loves to scratch her back on the carpet or grass.  She also clips her own nails.  She does not like the nail clipper sound.  At night, she enjoys sleeping on a blanket, sheet or towel.  She will request it by barking a certain way.

These are family pets and due to breed specific legislation, they were being euthanized. How in the world did California annex to Denver all of a sudden?

Please help by sharing their story and offering homes, rescue, a few bucks or whatever it takes to save these beautiful dogs:

Carrie "Poe" Grooms
Secondhand Animals
PO Box 1993
Rosamond, Ca 93560