Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rescue dog LuLu hoax page exposed with ties to city of Austin

Why would the city of Austin take part in a hoax to keep a 501(c)(3) rescue group from redeeming their pet?

Why would pet company owner Beverly Phillips and daughter Amanda Robbins lie to the public about a rescue owned that the Barks a lot Pet Resort told Austin Animal Center they no longer owned?

Beverly Phillips and Brandon and Amanda Robbins from Barks a lot Pet Resort had LuLu all along

Why would the city ignore the Reunion Rescue's proof of ownership of LuLu with notes on their own computer files Beverly Phillips no longer owns LuLu?

This information is directly from Austin Animal Center computer entries in which Beverly Phillips tells AAC she is not LuLu's owner:

Why would Amanda Robbins, daughter of Beverly Phillips make up an outrageous story about being the owner of a long lost or stolen pet?

Each day, Amanda Robbins would embellish the lies on LuLu is reunited with her family Facebook page and populated by hate groups and people connected to Austin Animal Center? These false claims and attacks were plastered all over Reunion Rescue's Facebook page accompanied with attacks from Austin Animal Center people.

Why would this hoax page LuLu is reunited with her family make up so many lies including the announcement that LuLu was heartworm positive?

Why would Austin Animal Center Facebook page host hate fests with these hate groups and Austin Animal Center people to discredit Reunion Rescue and keep us from getting our dog LuLu returned?

Why would these hate groups advise Robbins and Phillips who had LuLu all the while to kill kill a healthy dog only 5 years old?

These and hundreds of other nasty posts have been published since May 21 when LuLu was given to Beverly Phillips who told Austin Animal Shelter she did not own LuLu!!!We do not know why the city lied to the police and falsified a police report with lies stating Reunion Rescue threatened the shelter. This is illegal!

The hoax page is illegal! Charges need to be brought against Beverly Phillips and Amanda Robbins for defrauding the public with the support and efforts of Austin Animal Center.

Beverly Phillips and Amanda Robbins told so many untruths, they couldn't keep up. Their own lies found them out:

By publishing photos of LuLu with Brandon Robbins' tatooed arm encircling their owned dog, Jack Wade, on the hoax page, LuLu is reunited with her family....


 which was matched to Brandon Robbins own Facebook page photo...

LuLu had been with Amanda Robbins and her husband, Brandon Robbins the entire time. There was no South Texas resident bride and mother-to-be heading to North Dakota to work in the oil fields.


Every lie has been debunked and must be prosecuted. Please share this story and LuLu's fundraiser  so that this matter and the lawbreakers can be prosecuted.

We have spent $10,000 to redeem our dog LuLu who was wrongfully given to people that created a fraud Facebook page and lied with the help of the city of Austin and hate groups thousands of miles away.

We will not give up until the public and the courts know the whole story and restitution is made.

The city of Austin has the blood of dead animals on its hands...animals that could have lived with $10,000 and the weeks and months of time wasted getting LuLu back and clearing our good names.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

What is Austin Animal Center so scared of?

Chris Noble @ Austin Animal Center
Holli Odom of Austin Animal Center
Austin Animal Center has a new boss lady and just pulled down all the threads related to LuLu, our Reunion Rescue dog Austin Animal Center totally bungled...and tried to throw Cindy Marabito in jail for requesting a meeting. Chris Noble and compadre Holli Odom totally screwed the pooch on this one with links to the two losing their tempers on the job.

Well, we got our dog LuLu back after a month-long investigation and legal maneuverings that cost $10,000.

Does Austin Animal Center think they can just wave a magic wand and this will all go away?

Do they thing at Austin Animal Center they can just delete the commentary and posts and escape scot-free?

Did they forget Reunion Rescue rescues pit bulls..the very dog that Austin Animal Center counter person stated, "EWWWWWWWW they rescue pit bulls!" over the phone to Beverly Phillips when we were at the 'shelter' with proof of ownership under Texas State Law?

Austin Animal Center tried to step outside the law with microchip info that even according to Home Again, is not legal pet ownership. The representative at Home Again also revealed Austin Animal Center is not covering the $17.99 microchip charge with Austin Animal Center adoptions turning up lost and their chips not updated. These are chips paid to the city of Austin by citizens in good faith for animals adopted from Austin Animal Center.

Each day, more is revealed in the LuLu story with a hoax page set up to hold LuLu hostage with links back to Austin Animal Center and pit bull hate groups.

This Monday, July 7, we will begin yet another legal battle to get to the bottom of this nasty sordid affair with threats, attacks and lies all stemming back to Austin Animal Center.

Please share our chip in fundraiser for LuLu and help Reunion Rescue recover the $10,000 lost/wasted to recover LuLu and have the city of Austin answer for their crimes.

Here are the saved screen shots of the hate fest hosted by Austin Animal Center and it's angry, very angry staff...a staff that Reunion Rescue and other citizens pay and pay well to care for the city's animals.