Friday, April 11, 2014

Let's pull Cracker Jack from Fort Worth!

This is little Cracker Jack and he's plumb scared to death! He was supposed to be euthanized yesterday, but by a pure fluke, he's managed to stay alive another day.

What do you get when you mix a cattle dog with a pit bull? A whole lotta love and working together to rescue lives!

Texas Cattle Dog Rescue and Reunion Rescue are teaming up together to try and save Cracker Jack, but we only have until 6 p.m. tonight to organize details and raise the money for his vetting and boarding until he can find that forever happy home...we know it's out there!!!

Help us get Cracker Jack out of the stockyards of Fort Worth and over to Music City in Austin, Texas U.S.A.!!!

Until then, please consider sharing Cracker Jack's story and photo and donate anything you can to: on the Donate button.

Reunion is full of pit bulls and TCD is full of purebred cattle dogs, but we couldn't turn away from those little sad eyes...who could?

Thank you for caring and and thank you for sharing!

Contact if you can help with transport or want to donate a chew toy or a bed for Cracker Jack!

The plan is to raise funds to care for Cracker Jack, try and get him picked up by 6 p.m. tonight in Fort Worth and transported to Austin, Texas where he can begin his new life! Please help us save Cracker Jack and then, the rest of the world!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adopt Maximus from Beaumont...he's the 'GREATEST!'

The city of Beaumont Animal Services has gotten behind Maximus and is reaching out for a good home. In today's world, so many unwanted dogs are ending up in shelters, it's very special when a shelter does everything in their power to save a life!

According to the posts on Max's story, "Max's story, as I know it. Can be revised if anyone has anything to add: Mac was initially saved from Irving animal shelter. He was not microchipped at that time, because they do not always chip for rescue pulls. Sometime after that point he had been adopted from RAS, then given away to someone else from there.

I was working at Beaumont Animal Services when he came in, and he was scanned for a chip. No chip. I texted a picture of him to Courtney to see if she recognized him because he sounded similar to a dog she had described to me before, and since he was neutered I took the shot. She let me know that he was Maximus, and called the RAS adopter. they told her they had given him to a friend and didn't want him.

Newer owner was contacted, also did not want him back. RAS did not come to retrieve him at that point. I searched for approx 4mos to find an adopter, and finally did after waiving the adoption fee. 
Maximus was most recently found tied to the gate at BAS, adopters were contacted. They claimed he had been stolen and they would come pick him up. They never bothered. Max was adopted last month but returned after a week because the new adopters dog kept attacking him."

Maximus has the sad story so many of today's dogs seem to incur. But....just look at that smile! Maximus is truly evidence of the meaning of his name...the GREATEST! All he needs a stroke of luck.

Reunion Rescue has not had an adoption in ... well, forever? Reunion Rescue will take this dog if we can get a solid Austin foster to help us out until we can free up a space for Maximus.

Email if you'd like to foster Maximus for Reunion.

Please comment and share your thoughts about Maximus below the blog..he could sure use a good friend!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Austin, TX: Chained dog in terrible situation and no one will help

A kind neighbor of this abused pet is begging authorities for help. The neighbor's dog is chained on a
heavy chain out of distance from water. He has been licking the puddled water on debris left in the yard in an effort to try and cure his thirst. 

Heavy tow chained abused dog in Austin, Texas
The neighbor never sees the animal being fed, much less petted, walked, cared for. She has called animal control over and over and finally "The Deputy that showed-up on 2/21/2014, for my third call to "311", was Sheriff Deputy Tony Alvarado. He gave me Case Number: 14-4382. He stated he would have the case assigned and also have Travis County Animal Control contacted."

 "I have reached out over-and-over to help this dog get the proper care or be put out of its' misery. No one will help. EVERYONE, including my closest friends turn the other cheek and tell me to stay out of it. I CANNOT CONSCIOUSLY IGNORE THIS. As of 2 weeks ago, the Owner of this neglected and sickly dog has decided to invest in landscape materials. NOT A FENCE THOUGH!!!

The dog has been relocated to the other end of the backyard and still tethered. I was waiting it out to see if this guy was actually investing into his beautiful yard to accommodate the needs of his family dog, but NO, NOTHING as of yet!

The gate I provided to him almost a year ago is now wedged in the privacy as if he is giving it back to me. I do not understand why this is allowed anywhere!!! What is it I need to do to get anyone's attention when animals are being mistreated??? I wish I had a hotline to the WhiteHouse to give a piece of my mind.

Better yet, live satellite feed until people come to their senses and pull their selfish heads out of their asses!!! At this point, I do NOT want "REPLIES", just "RESULTS"!!! I apologize in advance for any offensive yelling and/or statements..."

"Thank you for the information, your help and advise. I have attached what videos & pics I have. The two video links are from back in September I believe. Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing them. Calling Travis County to come out has not worked so far. It will also cause problems for me; as I am the neighbor.

 I am also afraid my calling the law a third time may put my dogs in danger by upsetting these people, but I cannot sit here and watch this poor dog suffer anymore. It is out there chewing on its' water bucket begging for at least water.

The address I listed in the Subject Line is where this dog is." 

This good person has watched this dog chained and miserable during heavy thunderstorms, extreme freezing, heat waves without any help.

Please call Austin Animal Center
(512) 978-0500
Reference CASE # 14-4382

Tethering is ILLEGAL in Travis County...please report!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RED ALERT! Small town begging to save dog's life

Lakeway, Texas is a small community located near Austin. Until recently, Austin took in all the local strays and impounds, but are now charging to impound animals from these little communities.

Lakeway can't afford to pay the fee and this dog will be euthanized.

A chip in is being collected to try and save her life.


She is sweet and gentle and was un-responsive to an intact male. According to our good friend and advocate for the animals, Officer Andrea Grieg, she looks like she's been 'bred a lot and beaten. She walks well on lead and doesn't pull. She knows sit and is kennel trained. She doesn't jump on people.'

Here is a very sweet dog who will die if we don't pull together as a community and try to save her.

If enough is collected, we're hoping to get her into boarding where she can begin learning for the first time in her terrible life how to be a dog.

Officer Grieg has named her Clinger, because she just wants to be with a person.

"Female Pit bull approximately 2-5 years was beaten and thrown in a retention pond on 620 here in

She knows how to sit, walks fantastic on a leash, does not jump on people. She loves to cuddle and just wants to stay next to you at all times.

I named her Clinger because  she does not move when you give her kisses. Don’t know how she is about children or cats.

Does like male dogs because she was bred a lot and got to meet a lab in the kennel. She has not gone potty at all in her kennel and has even held it for over twelve hours. She is a great dog  and needs a home where someone will understand the abuse she suffered.

I am working with her every day to help her trust people.

Please contact me if you can take this little girl.


Incredibly sad! Lakeway Police contacted me today on our Austin Pets Alive Pass Hotline. They have no holding place for dogs and can't afford the fees the shelter charges to take her there. 

She will be euthanized on Friday if no help and the officer does not want to do that. She has someone sponsoring her spay and vaccines for any reputable rescue or individual that can take her. Here is the info ...on her from Officer Greig:

Monday, March 24, 2014

What the heck is Wobbies and where are all the backyard breeders going?

Wobbies stands for 'war on backyard breeders in every state' and has a plan to lower numbers dying in shelters.

This Friday at 1 p.m. CST, Conversations with a Pit Bull LIVE hosted by Foster Corder and Daniel Mason will feature Wobbies.

An event page has been created on Facebook:
Please join us this Friday, March 28th for a new episode of "Conversations with a Pit Bull LIVE" with hosts Foster Corder and Daniel Mason. In-Studio guest will be DOG MAN! ( Go check out his page and give him some Pitty love!

Also Skying in for the show will be Cindy Marabito , of Reunion Rescue ( rescue) She will be telling us about WOBBIES! I can’t wait~

We also have Fred Kray with Pit Bull Legal News, Paula Archer with Pet Adoptions and our wonderful sponsor, Pit Bull Energy Drink! Please join us from 11 a.m.-noon PST, noon-1 p.m. MT, 1 p.m.-2 p.m. CST, 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST right here... INVITE your friends!!
Better yet, invite your shelters! Call your local shelter today and tell them about Wobbies and this program. Wobbies has a big plan to lower numbers of shelter animals everywhere and needs the help of communities to accomplish the work. Let's save the world by shutting down one backyard breeder at a time!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Put a pit bull in your library

Reunion Rescue and Pit Bull Nation have a great idea. Let's put a pit bull in every library. This is one way to do away with BSL and all of the media horror stories promoted by the press.

One never sees or hears about the happy stories about millions of pit bull family pets and that's exactly why Pit Bull Nation was written. For the true story behind the book Pit Bull Nation about pulling death row dogs being killed at a city shelter along with how Reunion Rescue runs the world's only holistic raw-feeding no kill pit bull refuge, this book is a must read.

We are asking every pit bull lover to call their local library and request a copy of Pit Bull Nation be put on the shelves.

It's easy and besides educating the public, proceeds from all sales go toward helping about win/win, right?

Please visit Pit Bull Nation on Facebook and attend our Put a pit bull in your library event on Facebook. We love your photos and comments, too!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My name is Amber

I came from the hard streets of Houston, Texas. Reunion Rescue helped save my life along with Stella who was tortured and abandoned with me.

Stella and I were sent to Spindletop Refuge in 2012 when everyone thought this place was truly a sanctuary. Leah Purcell, the proprietor, was even called upon to testify in courts across the United States. She and Spindletop had everyone fooled.

Stella was killed at Spindletop and Reunion Rescue came for me. I have been here at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge ever since.

I am a really good girl. I love to eat and go on walks. I'm a little chunky monkey. It took me a little while to detoxify and decompress after being rescued from Spindletop, but I'm fine now.

Unfortunately, most people look at me like a pit bull even though on a closer inspection with a trained eye, my bulldog and boxer characteristics blossom forth. Because of the haters and the media most people do not want to adopt a dog like me.

That's ok, though. I am very much loved and always have a place of refuge at Reunion. Sometimes at the end of the day, we sit on the back porch and watch the sun go down. It is calm and happy here. Reunion has promised that I will never go to another place that kills animals or mistreats them.

It costs Reunion about $250 a month to care for each dog, so I'm reaching out to you for help. Please consider a small donation to help buy me a raw meal and some chew toys each day. I don't ask for much, but I do love a cookie, too.

You can help out by visiting Reunion Rescue's website and clicking the donation button. Please visit me on Facebook and like my page:

Help Save Amber and Stella, abused in Houston

Your friend,