Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pit Bull stabbed by vicious neighbor 13 times!!

"Some of you can relate.... for 4 long years we have been buying our house on a land contract. finally no more moving due to the breed of dogs we have right? WRONG!"

This hideous account is quoted from Rachel Baird, a responsible pit bull owner whose dog was viciously stabbed by a neighbor who lured 'Junior' to the fence on the dog's home property!

"It is documented with the police dept. several times that our neighbors have threatened our dogs the whole 4 yrs. We have other witnesses that say they've heard the neighbors will stop at nothing til our dogs are dead or we move."

"In this small town they must be related to one of the cops, because they never done nothing in our defense. 4 long years of them calling the police on us twice a week and cps twice a month. I have put in a nice privacy fence to protect our dogs and security cameras to prove that every time they call its a false report and still nothing happens to them."

"Junior Reed is the guy's name. He has poked at them with a iron poker. police did nothing.. the police did nothing. Last week he poisoned my female dog."


"My dog barked at him only never bit him or anything for that matter. He stabbed my dog in the face 3 times."

"The police showed up and maced my dog and my 12 year old son. When I asked to file a complaint the cop told me, "if i didn't shut my mouth, i was going to jail for disorderly conduct."

"My sons face burning and my dogs face burning off; the cop made me stay out there while he ran my name for warrant instead of letting me assist my animal and my son."

"And guess who has to go to court over the whole thing? Yup, me. The cops said my dog attacked the neighbor. I said, "how bad are the injuries?"

"He (policeman) said, "What do you mean?"

"I said, "from my dog biting or attacking them."

"He (policeman) said, "my (owner's) dog didn't bite nothing. There were no injuries except to my dog and my son."
"They have won. We will be leaving our home."

"Today, Junior (neighbor) rode thru our alley whistling for our dogs."

"It will never stop and the police will never protect us. I hope this story goes viral!"Junior's owner, Adrianna Catt has shared this plea for help on her Facebook page.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Gorgeous parvo Border Collie in Houston needs urgent miracle!


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: URGENT! 7 Mo Border Collie .... Meet ATTICUS, A1391244-PARVO
From: jas1schneider@aol.com
Date: Mon, April 18, 2016 8:41 am


From Steve: Almost made me cry, seeing this dog who was so scared of trusting people show so much promise.

"Very cruel twist of fate for this dog today.

BARC is out of room, and there was nowhere to put this dog this afternoon when he tested positive for Parvo. I begged to keep him in Baydock, which is where he is for the night, but he goes down in the morning unless someone puts a hold.

This is a dog who the kennel tech was working for days with, and today, he showed the best promise.
Couldn’t believe it was the same dog. Before, you couldn’t put a leash on him, he’d go ballistic.

Today, Sophia had the leash on him, and he walked outside beautifully. He slowed down right as he crossed the threshold. We all sat around and gave him encouragement.

Catlin sat next to him, started petting him, and it was like a light went off.  He was basically crawling into her lap, begging for more affection.

Almost made me cry, seeing this dog who was so scared of trusting people show so much promise."

"We put him in the run, and he was a new pup.

Prancing, wanting to jump up and hug the girls.

He went in the back of the run to poop and that’s when we noticed the loose stool that didn’t look good.

Catlin ran a test and it came back positive for Parvo.

Other than the diarrhea, this boy was not showing any other signs.  No lethargy, he was eating treats just fine, very playful, good color, no discharge, etc.

Could be very early stages, which can respond very well with supportive care.

If you saw this dog in person, you would fight for him.

He is not only gorgeous, but has such a sparkle to him.  Just a babe, only 7 months old.

If anyone has a vet clinic with an isolation room, we can get this boy back on his feet in no time."

Please network like crazy and place a hold QUICKLY!

Email: BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov:

Animal ID #: A1391244

Name of Rescue Group/Foster:                                                            

Name of designated person for pickup: ______________________________

Contact Phone Number for person placing hold:                                                    

Date & Time for pickup: ________________________

Steven H. Halpert
Friends of BARC, Inc.
A 501c3 Non-profit Organization

From: BARC Aid [mailto:BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov]
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2016 4:58 PM
To: BARC Aid

We have a timid dog that has shown improvement with behavior but unfortuantely  he tested parvo positive today.  We will hold him overnight.  He needs a confirmed hold by 10am Monday and needs to leave BARC Monday by 5pm.


ALL hold requests are to be sent via email only (none will be accepted via phone) with the following required information:
EMAIL SUBJECT:       HOLD for (insert animal id number)
In the body of the email, provide the following:

Animal ID #: _______________________
Name of Rescue Group/Foster: __________________________________________

Name of designated person for pickup: ______________________________

Contact Phone Number for person placing hold: ________________________

Date & Time for pickup: ________________________

The hold will be placed for 24 hours and a confirmation email will be sent back to the requestor via email.

All incoming BARC Aid emails will be answered during the following hours and within the specified timeframe:

Monday  - Friday
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Within one hour
Saturday - Sunday
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Within two hours

Emails received outside of these time frames will be answered the next day, during these hours.  If a response has not been received within the specified time frames, please notify Mauricio Zepeda immediately via email mauricio.zepeda@houstontx.gov or cell phone 832.623.3871 (days off Friday and Saturday). If no response from Mauricio please contact Alejandra at 832.395.9081.

Reunion Rescue and Pit Bulls and Other Animals advocate 24/7 to save lives. Visit us online and learn how to feed, treat and train animals holistically.

We offer a free copy of Pit Bull Nation to every rescuer! We believe every dog can be saved!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Protest circus in Bastrop, Texas

 PROTEST Carson and Barnes Circus coming to Bastrop Tuesday April 19!!! "Carson and Barnes Circus in Bastrop County for one day only!! Join us at Mayfest Park (25 American Legion Dr.) on Tuesday, April 19th. Shows at 4:30pm & 7:30pm."



"A 2015 USDA inspection report for the Carson & Barnes Circus facility in Hugo, Oklahoma questions veterinary oversight and reveals compromised welfare of three elephants, a llama, and a pygmy hippo. One elephant and the hippo are now dead.

Nina was photographed during the inspection chained in the barn (above – photo obtained from January 5, 2015 USDA Inspection Report). The circus called Nina a “beloved family member,” but the troubling report reveals a different story. The USDA inspector described Nina as “thin” since 2013 and “emaciated” since losing 500 pounds in the past 7-8 months, 8.7% of her body weight. Nina died four months later in May.

A pygmy hippo named Katie also died while in Carson & Barnes care. The 2015 report questioning veterinary oversight and documentation at the facility noted Katie had also been “losing weight and not doing well while traveling for exhibition” in May 2014, but found no records to show treatment was given. Katie was “found dead” 6 months later.

The report also describes Bandit, a llama, having such “excessively overgrown hooves” that his toes curved to the side; a condition the inspector noted “can lead to chronic problems in the feet and legs.”

The report questions certain unprescribed, unapproved treatment given 2 elderly elephants – Opal and Rosie – by a person neither accredited nor trained by vets to perform it.

Prior ADI investigations include undercover video of Carson & Barnes elephants being hit with bullhooks and shocked with stun guns. It also reveals Isa the elephant giving children rides days after she aggressively attacked her trainer and another elephant. See ADI’s Out of Control video here."

"We'll Never Forget the Cries of Becky the Elephant as Tim Frisco screamed "sink that f* hook in 'em"!"

Sign and share the PETITION demanding an end to circus abuse and suffering.

Reunion Rescue and Pit Bulls and Other Animals advocate 24/7 to save lives. Visit us online and learn how to feed, treat and train animals holistically.

We offer a free copy of Pit Bull Nation to every rescuer! We believe every dog can be saved!

Saving Chopper ... a terrified boy at Carson Shelter

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page is advocating to save this boy and his brother, Presley:

Honestly CHOPPER is having a very difficult time in the Shelter. His brother is handling things better but CHOPPER is completely shut down and if he isn't asleep, he is trembling with fear and he won't even look at you. The trembling speeds up if you call out his name, even in a loving whisper..This is too much for him and the brothers need your help today! Please SHARE, they are Urgent and they need help now. A FOSTER or Adopter would save them together. Thanks!

#A4284483 My name is PRESLEY and I'm an approximately 5 year old male Chihuahua. I am neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 4/12. I will be available on 4/16. You can visit me at my temporary home at C242.

My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they couldn't afford the care I need.


#A4284484 My name is CHOPPER and I'm an approximately 5 year old male Dachshund. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 4/12. I will be available on 4/16. You can visit me at my temporary home at C242.


Carson Shelter, Gardena, California
216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California
310.523.9566, M-TH 12pm - 7pm, F-SU - 10am - 5pm

VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/savingcarsonshelterdogs/videos/vb.171850219654287/579250465580925/?type=2&theater
NEW PHOTO: https://www.facebook.com/savingcarsonshelterdogs/photos/a.219655291540446.1073741846.171850219654287/579272172245421/?type=3&theater

Reunion Rescue
and Pit Bulls and Other Animals advocate 24/7 to save lives. Visit us online and learn how to feed, treat and train animals holistically.

We offer a free copy of Pit Bull Nation to every rescuer! We believe every dog can be saved!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

RED ALERT! Small town begging to save dog's life

Lakeway, Texas is a small community located near Austin. Until recently, Austin took in all the local strays and impounds, but are now charging to impound animals from these little communities.

Lakeway can't afford to pay the fee and this dog will be euthanized.

A chip in is being collected to try and save her life.


She is sweet and gentle and was un-responsive to an intact male. According to our good friend and advocate for the animals, Officer Andrea Grieg, she looks like she's been 'bred a lot and beaten. She walks well on lead and doesn't pull. She knows sit and is kennel trained. She doesn't jump on people.'

Here is a very sweet dog who will die if we don't pull together as a community and try to save her.

If enough is collected, we're hoping to get her into boarding where she can begin learning for the first time in her terrible life how to be a dog.

Officer Grieg has named her Clinger, because she just wants to be with a person.

"Female Pit bull approximately 2-5 years was beaten and thrown in a retention pond on 620 here in

She knows how to sit, walks fantastic on a leash, does not jump on people. She loves to cuddle and just wants to stay next to you at all times.

I named her Clinger because  she does not move when you give her kisses. Don’t know how she is about children or cats.

Does like male dogs because she was bred a lot and got to meet a lab in the kennel. She has not gone potty at all in her kennel and has even held it for over twelve hours. She is a great dog  and needs a home where someone will understand the abuse she suffered.

I am working with her every day to help her trust people.

Please contact me if you can take this little girl. AndreaGreig@lakeway-tx.gov

Incredibly sad! Lakeway Police contacted me today on our Austin Pets Alive Pass Hotline. They have no holding place for dogs and can't afford the fees the shelter charges to take her there. 

She will be euthanized on Friday if no help and the officer does not want to do that. She has someone sponsoring her spay and vaccines for any reputable rescue or individual that can take her. Here is the info ...on her from Officer Greig:

My name is Amber

I came from the hard streets of Houston, Texas. Reunion Rescue helped save my life along with Stella who was tortured and abandoned with me.

Stella and I were sent to Spindletop Refuge in 2012 when everyone thought this place was truly a sanctuary. Leah Purcell, the proprietor, was even called upon to testify in courts across the United States. She and Spindletop had everyone fooled.

Stella was killed at Spindletop and Reunion Rescue came for me. I have been here at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge ever since.

I am a really good girl. I love to eat and go on walks. I'm a little chunky monkey. It took me a little while to detoxify and decompress after being rescued from Spindletop, but I'm fine now.

Unfortunately, most people look at me like a pit bull even though on a closer inspection with a trained eye, my bulldog and boxer characteristics blossom forth. Because of the haters and the media most people do not want to adopt a dog like me.

That's ok, though. I am very much loved and always have a place of refuge at Reunion. Sometimes at the end of the day, we sit on the back porch and watch the sun go down. It is calm and happy here. Reunion has promised that I will never go to another place that kills animals or mistreats them.

It costs Reunion about $250 a month to care for each dog, so I'm reaching out to you for help. Please consider a small donation to help buy me a raw meal and some chew toys each day. I don't ask for much, but I do love a cookie, too.

You can help out by visiting Reunion Rescue's website and clicking the donation button. Please visit me on Facebook and like my page:

Help Save Amber and Stella, abused in Houston

Your friend,


Facebook petlovers help handicapped pets

Please check out this wonderful Facebook page trying to help rescue pets with wheelchairs:

Pets waiting for their wheels:


Wolfie was born on February 2, 2013! He was born with deformed front legs that inhibit him from walking normally. When brought to the vet it was recommend that he be euthanized because they believed he wouldn't be able to live a "normal life".
Wolfie was born on February 2, 2013 with deformed front legs. His condition inhib...its him from walking normally, however it does not currently deter him from his puppy ways. This page is intended to share his story and mark his progress, as he will most likely need surgeries to improve his mobility.

It's a miracle Loni is even alive. He was 7 weeks old in a scary shelter and tested positive for panleukemia. He was about to be euthanized but by some miracle there was a delay in doing so. I happened to show up at the shelter and although going to see a cat a few cages down I saw him and couldn't resist. He was said to be a hissy kitten but I picked him right up and he melted in my arms. Knowing... he tested positive for panleuk I still made the decision to take a chance to save his life. After a week of treatment Loni tested negative. A week later from that happy day, suddenly Loni was stuggling to walk with his hind legs which soon left them paralyzed with very little feeling in them. Loni had weekly vet visits testing and retesting with no solid explanation. For three weeks he just pulled himself around. Week four after hope was almost lost.. he started to crawl. Falling a lot but he was moving the legs and crawling on his knees. It slowly progressed. Week five Loni was still crawling around. Week six he would try to use his feet but he couldn't place his paws down... he would attempt to walk on the backs of his paws. Week seven was the same although this determined little soul would force himself to stand at his bowl. He still couldn't walk or end take steps without falling. Not to mention for all these weeks he's unable to use the litterbox. Week eight was a happy one.. Loni started to take steps...

Loni has progressed a lot in 2 months. From not being able to use his back legs at all to being fairly mobile and able to stand and slowly take a few steps. Loni has seen four different vets with many visit and many tests and treatments. He is still being treated and although I don't want to get my heart set on it he is expected to fully recover. It may be months down the road but all that matters is that he recovers. measure: A 6.5 B 3.5 C 2+ D 4 E 3

See these little beauties and several more at Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community Facebook page.