Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just another raw deal

Sasha at Martinez shelter
When Sasha was in high kill Martinez shelter way back in early 2010, she had no idea what was in store for her....judging from her picture, she was like, 'Get me outta here! What's a supermodel like me doing in a prison cell?'

Reunion Rescue can't pull them all, but when I saw that picture, I was like, 'get her out of there. We'll figure something out.'

It was touch and go, a couple of inappropriate foster homes and then to our good friend, dogwalker Jeff who always comes through in a pinch and when we're most of the time.
Russell catching some zzzz's

By pure fortune, my good friend and old neighbor in Pacifica saw another dog on our site and I didn't know about Pearlie Girl with cats...but pitched Sasha...who was on her fourth name, Little Mama by that time. She'd gone from Marla at the shelter, to Taffy by Cindy, then La Reyna which happens to be a bakery in Austin to Jeff's where she started answering to Little Mama...although it was way beneath her dignity and future plans.

Adena and Matt are longtime pit bull advocates as is their incredible son, Reed. Sasha couldn't have

drawn a better home dash castle had she won the lottery for pit bull homes. She immediately became Matt's dog and Adena, Reed and Russell, their good-natured roll with any punch pittie took a back burner.
Sasha and sugar daddy Matt

When Adena started feeding a raw diet, Matt, like most people thought it was going to be too expensive and time consuming, but now, the family is die-hard about feeding their dogs healthy raw organic sources...and have not one, not two, but three robust thriving never sick dogs to show for it.

When Adena accompanied her good friend to pick up a Reunion dog near Bakersfield, Adena saw a
scraggly pup on the kill list. Percy joined the family and was over his tick and flea infestation pronto once introduced to raw diet.

Reed and Adena
The other night, shopping, Adena suggested picking up some canned food 'just in case.' She was met with a big, 'no way!' from Matt, who added, 'I'd rather feed my dogs canned soup than that crap.'

Boy, when things get tough at Reunion...which can be pretty much any day....all I have to do is remember this wonderful family who loves their pit bulls.

Sasha and Percy aren't the only ones who hit the jackpot....Reunion Rescue is very grateful for our good friends and their perfect raw-feeding home of the luckiest pit bulls in the world...and down the road from a real castle.

Sasha, Percy and Russell

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