Friday, July 27, 2012

And this little pittie had roast beef....

Yesterday, I made my third trip to Conroe and back from Austin. The stress of the Spindletop raid, trying to get our dogs back, all this driving, attempting to put together a makeshift refuge with no money and no volunteers really is putting me in an empty grave.

Angel when impounded at Garland TX ACC
On a sad note, I was not able to bring back Angel. There were a couple of dogs who looked like him, but the photos I had printed out on my shitty printer were not conclusive enough to redeem Angel. Again, the horrors of this entire ordeal are deep and complicated. Leah Purcell is managing to cause so much pain to so many animals and the people who care for them. Without proper id and release, the HSUS, Animal Farm Foundation and Montgomery County are understandably hamstrung.

Late into the night Wednesday, I am printing out photos and proof of ownership for the fourth go round to try and redeem my last two dogs caught up in this nightmare, Angel and Amber. Amber had entered Spindletop for boarding last summer when they'd been abandoned in a Houston vacant lot. Stella's ears had been butchered off. Angel came from Garland ACC last September. All three dogs were surrendered to Reunion Rescue by their benefactors who'd paid the initial boarding fees. Along with Batgirl who I picked up Sunday, Reunion Rescue has paid almost $10 thousand dollars in boarding fees to Leah Purcell and her sidekick James Cowboy Mind Brewer who operates the Paypal account.

Stella died with the 38 in the Morgan building on Spindletop property. Leah and her lawyer, Zandra Anderson still claim Stella was adopted and 'they love her' even though Spindletop employee Brandon Louth positively identified Stella as one of the dogs buried in the mass grave. Now that grave is filled with rotting bones and decomposing bodies. We cannot even cremate our pets murdered on that property and place the ashes in shrines like the one I maintain for all of our animals who've passed on. Most of the others have died peaceful deaths of old age as we raw feed and treat homeopathically.

I broke down at the building where the dogs are all housed. When I knew I had to leave Angel for the third time and drive back, everything caved in. I sat down and cried. What kind of monsters are these people at Spindletop? How could I have trusted Leah for so long through so many conversations?

I find out today she has been trolling my little Examiner articles for kind hearted people who have offered to generously donate to the animals in the stories. One dog, Nolan, was on his was there last week. Luckily, his temporary foster heard about the raid and turned around. One of his donators had been bilked out of $450 by Leah and the dog was not even there.

How many others has she robbed, people that are trying to help animals, but unknowingly are lining the pockets of Leah and the tribe who still hangs with her...all protected by Texas Dog Attorney Zandra Anderson. Hopefully the Texas Bar will get wind of her threats and rants over the internet and deal out appropriate punishment. I wouldn't lose one night's sleep if that pariah was disbarred. Lord knows we've got enough lawyers in Texas, but maybe there might be some business for a Texas Dog Killers' attorney.

Chris and the HSUS crowd posed with Amber and me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the HSUS team who has been extremely caring and so good to our dogs. Thank you Animal Farm Foundation and all the volunteers and sweet inmates in their orange and white suits. Orange is a Texan's favorite color. Amber is even wearing an orange collar now.

I must be strong and drive Amber home. She is a love. She was hurt by all this. I got her back, her little squatty body, all big ol' head. She just wants to lay down and rest. She thinks she's a lap dog. How could anyone hurt an animal like Amber? I called Theresa who found Stella and Amber in the first place to let her know we were on our way home. She has been completely destroyed over the loss of Stella. It was good to be able to share some good news.
We drove over to the Which Wich and got Amber some roast beef and turkey. I got one the best sandwiches I've ever eaten mozzerella caprese with pesto. Ok, Amber had to have half of that, too. 

There is hope. We might not get all of our dogs back, but it sure won't be from the lack of trying. One of our constant members, Bonny, is tirelessly seeking her Scarlett. Even when she is broken and sad over the results, Bonny has been putting together a spreadsheet of all our dogs so that we can track them and file a suit against these terrible people.

We got home late and got everyone fed. Amber got an opportunity to get a little grass therapy like Batgirl so enjoys.

We have much healing to do and a long road ahead.....but we'll get there....We're the pit bulls.


  1. My heart goes out to all of you that is going through this living hell to find you precious babies.My prayers are with you and you fyrbabies

  2. I am disgusted by that POS, Leah and her band of criminals which includes her lawyer. My heart goes out to you and all of the others who are trying to bring their babies home. Don't give up hope. My fur-babies are my life so I understand your distress. I will Paypal some money to help you in your recovery efforts.