Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spindletop dogs, PTSD and the Reunion detox

Dogs are slowly being reunited with their rescues and owners by HSUS, Animal Farm Foundation and Mountgomery County. Two of the first went to a well regarded sanctuary for boarding. Their legal owner picked up two very different dogs than the two she had entrusted to Spindletop Refuge. Both were covered in fresh wounds and both extremely dog reactive. One dog was in such dreadful shape, he had to be sedated to get through the night.

Luckily a knowledgeable rescue was in care of these two dogs, but with more soon to be released, the concern for transitioning these animals back to a normal life is going to be a long and sometimes difficult road.

Reunion Rescue has had extensive experience rescuing dogs with kinks. We pulled every pit bull from the availables before euthanasia in San Francisco for years. In fact, every dog we pulled had been turned down by the 29 million dollar San Francisco SPCA. Granted, this group didn't want to become a house full of pit bulls, but with all that cash and a well funded behavioral team, you'd think they could take a puppy ever so often.

Our experiences are colorfully documented in Pit Bull Nation, my part-rant, part how-to, part page turner and the only book out there which has blow by blow directions how to pull dogs from kill shelters. SFACC still kills 2/3 intake. Obviously, they haven't read Pit Bull Nation.

I'm gonna share a little bit of our detox protocol, but first, take a look at Raspberry's story. Raspberry was a perfect wiggly staffie bull who went totally ballistic after getting a rabies shot.

Raspberry taught me about detox. She showed me how a dog can and sometimes will go insane from over vaccination. Not all of the dogs from the Spindletop raid are vaccinosis cases, but all have been recently vaccinated and should be detoxed. The rabies vaccine contains mercury, formaldehyde, rabies, toxins and all kinds of things you don't really want in your dog...or cat.

Reunion Rescue's Nutrition Page has a nutshell version of our entire program in a wonderful document we call the Reunion Rescue Detox Protocol. It's worth a look-see for any animal lover who might be interested in curing their pet's body. How about never having a dental...or a flea? The healthy immune system is unattractive to pests, parasites and disease. We can safely promise our adopters that adhere to the Reunion program, their pet will live a long life and die of old age. No cancer is our motto.

The Spindletop dogs are seriously malnourished and suffering from PTSD. In fact, when I used to volunteer at SFACC as a dogwalker and website maintenance for the dogs and cats, I saw many a dog literally batshit crazy. When a dog is suffering from being kennel crazy, you do not worry with sit sit treat treat training. You just want the dog to get outside and acclimate to good fresh air...or what I call grass therapy.

When I returned here to the sanctuary with Batgirl and Amber, I listened to my own words. These dogs have been crated 24/7 for a long long time. They must still be crated as our Step 1-2-3- Pit Bull Starter Kit doc points out. Nothing is better for a dog than simulating that den behavior. These dogs have obviously had an overdose of this theory, but that being said, they feel comfort to an almost neurotic level in their crates. So a little crate time is good for them right now.

Take a look at Junior's Page on the site and read our Kong doc. I have a confession to make. I trained on the Kong wrong for 10 years. Once I found out how to properly train a dog on the Kong, I wanted to share it with the world. It's available to view on our site, Junior's Page, the Kong doc.

This effort is to help those picking up their dogs know how to handle them. First and foremost, there is a good dog in saved that dog because you saw something special and unique. He's still down in there and wants to come home. With a little flower essence and detoxing and a lot of love, he can do just that...come on home where he belongs.

Please keep reading our blog to keep up with happenings at the Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge...a real one...and the dogs from the Spindletop raid.

Batgirl eating a raw diet

Batgirl getting down on that chicken

Amber had to be coaxed a little, but is now a raw food fan!

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