Saturday, October 12, 2013

imediaethics and PIT BULL HATE GROUPS campaign with 'advocates' to shut down Reunion Rescue and APBE

PETITION:  Demand Investigation into American Pit Bull Examiner SHUT DOWN!

Imediaethics is on a mission to shut down everything associated with American Pit Bull Examiner. They've shut down organizer and rescue director's Facebook page for 30 days and enlisted the help of mass pit bull hate groups in their effort.

Groups which want all pit bulls killed like and Beth Clifton are sharing the lie-filled article and rejoicing all over the internet that a pit bull rescue is under siege.

THE COMMENTARY on to Craven Desires to Amsterdog to BAD RAP and Ken Foster 'I'm a Good Dog' book promoter and director of SULA RESCUE is incomprehensible and indistinguished between hate groups and rescue/advocacy groups who are working together for one shut down Reunion Rescue and American Pit Bull Examiner.

It's suspected that imediaethics owner Rhonda Shearer has ties with Facebook as revealed on a recent phone call.

Please sign petition and keep sharing so that an investigation into the suspicious doings and outright libel printed by imediaethics in their campaign to shut down American Pit Bull Examiner and Reunion Pit Bull Rescue.

Imediaethics article shared by rescues and pit bull hate groups side by side:


Beth Clifton:


RESCUE WATCH:…/a.59125868090…/1097293280302646/…









KEN FOSTER 'I'm a Good Dog' and Sula Rescue:


  1. NO PIT BULL LEFT BEHIND comment on the lie filled imediaethics campaign is also filled with lies.

    The only thing worse than a Pit Bull hater is someone who claims to be an "advocate" for the breed, but really only serving their own twisted thoughts in their head. They do more damage to the breed than anyone. In 2011 when Darla Napora was tragically killed by her Pit Bull Gunner, Cindy took it upon herself to write a story saying that Darla simply fell of a ladder and Gunner was just standing over her trying to wake her up.
    the author of this comment very obviously didn't read the series of articles which quoted Napora's next door neighbors account of the incident and description from Napora's husband, Greg after finding the body. Greg Napora told the neighbors his wife had fallen from the ladder in the home and later reportedly attempted to sue the landlord regarding the ladder and death.

    All of us who truly do everything we can to bring education and awareness to the general public about Pit Bulls had an already steep climb to tell the truth made even worse. The Pit Bull hate groups still to this day bring up the article that Cindy wrote and then generalize all advocates as liars who would do anything to cover up the "truth" of why a Pit Bull possibly attacked someone.

    The pit bull hate groups along with this group bringing it up right here in the hate fest.

    Cindy's arrogance, spite, selfishness, and narrow mindedness has caused the death of the dogs she claims to advocate for. But all I have ever seen her do is create fundraisers for fancy water filtration systems for her dogs, a new cat condo, an attempt to make a rescue out of shipping containers, and a new van.

    Stalking, anyone? The water filtration system fundraiser is still running. We got our van and do events and rescue work with our 2010 Ford Transit Connect. Doglandia is still up and running and yes, we will have that shipping container shelter. All of our dogs and animals are available for adoption and can be viewed on our website or on their Facebook pages as each dog has their own page.

    I have yet to see a fundraiser or really any advocating for dog bite awareness or spaying and neutering. Telling the truth about the breed and doing all you can to help them is being an advocate, having your heartbroken daily at the ones you could not save, but still finding the courage to try and save them all the next day is being an advocate.

    Holding a grudge for being kicked out of a shelter years ago is not being an advocate.

    The shelter that kicked me out did so over a dog nearly killed. That shelter SFACC whose director Rebecca Katz was fired reportedly hired a professional team to publish lies about Reunion Rescue and accuse RR of animal abuse, abandonment and killing animals. If you are such a 'heartbroken' (sp.) advocate, how do you feel about shelter money being used to publish lies like the ones you are printing as the animals the funding was intended to saved were put to sleep and rendered into pet food.

    The blood of the Pit Bulls killed by her hatred is on her hands, yet we are the ones who carry the guilt that we couldn't save them.

    Boy, if this is what you call advocacy, the kind of lies being posted side by side with Craven Desires and, you can keep your version of 'advocacy.' I'll just keep saving and healing animals.

    Have a great day. No hard feelings. You can't be angry at those who refuse to or cannot read the subject of their disgruntled ramblings.

    1. Now the irony here is that Kris Diaz has me blocked on Facebook so I couldn't see her threat on the "Report Fake Facebook" accounts page, I admit to posting her there but only after receiving a pm from a friend with a screenshot of her attacking me so I posted her there to shit stir her but as you can see for yourself there's no comment with the post and the page had a disclaimer at the top of the page stating if anyone finds their profile on the page to simply pm the page and it will be dealt with through the normal channels but that wasn't good enough apparently so they all mass reported the page and Facebook took it down.

      Now apparently it's all my fault but don't go blaming me if you're going to post attacking me like this one below don't expect me to roll over on my back and play dead I'm going to report you to Facebook?

      Here's an example of Kris Diaz's advocacy style her and her minions are nothing more then egotistical bully's are you going to step up and care for all the animals you all put in jeopardy? not likely!!!

      See for yourself this is called foaming 101 Kris and her friends mass reporting a fellow advocates page??

    2. Pit Bull Against Misinformation is running a Facebook campaign against the page:

      They illegally claim I created the page to their 183,358 followers.