Thursday, March 10, 2022

How to find a lost dog...repost

 This valuable information is a repost from Dog Inspiration.

This pet parent had given up hope after 12 days of seeking that he would ever see his dog again. But then he discovered about this fantastic suggestion and how it has assisted in the reunion of many lost canines with their owners. On Reddit, he said the following.

“I bumped upon a couple of hunters on day 12 of searching for my dog in a densely wooded region, upset and hopeless.” They claimed to have lost the odd dog on a hunt but always found them. Many canines and families have been reunited as a result of what they told me. I’ve recommended them a few times in the previous few days, so I figured this could assist if there are any lost pets on Reddit.

The dog owner(s) should bring an item of clothing that has been worn for at least a day, preferably more, so that the missing dog can pick up the fragrance.

Bring the item of clothing to the last known location of the dog and leave it there. You can also bring a crate and a familiar toy if the dog has one (unless location undesirable for crate). You might also leave a note requesting that the item(s) not be moved.

Leave a bowl of water nearby as well, as the dog is unlikely to have had access to any. Food should not be brought because it may attract other creatures that the dog may avoid.

Return the next day, or check on a regular basis if possible. Hopefully, the dog will be there to greet you.
I was skeptical that my dog could detect an article of clothing if he didn’t hear me screaming his name as loudly as possible all day for 12 days. But the next day, I came and sure enough, he was sitting there!

Please share to help more families find their missing four-legged family members. I’ve seen this work a number of times.


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