Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bob Dylan's dog poem

A poem Bob Dylan wrote when a teenager is up for auction:

Little Buddy
Broken hearted and so sad
Big blue eyes all covered with tears
Was a picture of sorrow to see
Kneeling close to the side
Of his pal and only pride
A little lad, these words he told me
He was such a lovely doggy
And to me he was such fun
But today as we played by the way
A drunken man got mad at him
Because he barked in joy
He beat him and he's dying here today
Will you call the doctor please
And tell him if he comes right now
He'll save my precious doggy here he lay
Then he left the fluffy head
But his little dog was dead
Just a shiver and he slowly passed away
He didn't know his dog had died
So I told him as he cried
Come with me son we'll get that doctor right away
But when I returned
He had his little pal upon his knee
And the teardrops, they were blinding his big blue eyes
Your too late sir my doggy's dead
And no one can save him now
But I'll meet my precious buddy up in the sky
By a tiny narrow grave
Where the willows sadly wave
Are the words so clear you're sure to find
Little Buddy Rest In Peace
God Will Watch You Thru The Years
Cause I Told You In My Dreams That You
Were Mine
Bobby Zimmerman

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