Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why is Nathan Winograd teaming up with Spindletop dog killers? No kill meets real kill!

Imagine the horror when this come-on appeared in my email box? Knowing that 'Texas Dog Commission' is an outfit run by Zandra Anderson, close friend and legal counsel for Leah Purcell and the animal abusers and killers from Spindletop.

Does Nathan Winograd know who he's dealing with here? Has he not heard of Spindletop? These evil animal killers never did a day of hard time and are out walking around and boarding more animals while those of us who lost pets at Spindletop still grieve for their wrongful deaths and disappearances.

Craig Malisow's brilliant piece 'No Sanctuary at Spindletop' reads like a horrible monster movie of the worst kind with lurid tales of sex offenders plowing a hammer into the heads of Rottweilers and other despicable acts which occurred at the former 'refuge' located on Calvary Road in Willis, Texas.

A Facebook page has been created to honor those animals murdered and gone from the house of horrors formerly called 'Spindletop Refuge' called Spindletop Missing and Dead Dogs. Zandra Anderson who collects donations without benefit of a 501(c)(3) non-profit has threatened Reunion Rescue repeatedly with false claims to the Examiner in an effort to quiet the truth. When our articles were illegally pulled based on Anderson's threats to sue, we republished a series of articles (see below) in an effort to seek justice, justice that the hundreds and perhaps thousands of dogs killed by Leah Purcell will never be afforded.

In a later piece, a former manager at Spindletop stepped forward to report the mass loading of innocent dogs sent to board at Spindletop loaded up on U-Haul trucks and taken to off-site locations to be 'disposed of.'

A fellow rescuer who had animals disappear and presumed killed received this answer from Nathan Winograd's No Kill Nation when she asked for help with the Spindletop mass murder:

"I emailed them back when when all this was going on and they responded that they were not releasing any information because it would only feed the drama and their only interest was in keeping the dogs safe. They would not give me any information on the dogs at all."

Please write to Nathan Winograd and ask him to reconsider aligning himself with people who not only condone animal abuse and murder, but defend and friend others who have made a fortune doing so.


  1. "Teaming up with...." ? An invitation is not "teaming up with." If these are evil animal killers shouldn't we do all that we can to educate and try to change such people. The HOPE is that they will attend and they will CHANGE. They may not but why not at least try?

    1. It's not worth the invitation to them, they will never change, being a TX resident here myself. spindletop is a horrific place. Even after they had been shut down and warned. They still continue to abuse, neglect and kill their animals.. It's best that spindletop never be in business again. We need NO KILL rescues down here, not this type of crud in our state. Too many animals go without any home here, and it's only getting worse the stray population is rising with each passing month. You may have hope they'll change, but if they didn't change after shut down, honestly why would they change now?

    2. Gee Teri, Why not invite all of Texas breeders, puppy miller and rescue hoarders t theparty - then Texas can follow in the foot steps of south Florida promtomh more rescue hoarding just like yours and debi's rescue hoarding pal Gigi? How many times has she been raided and had "rescues" taken FROM HER? I guess she'll never learn nor will you.

  2. One more thing - No Kill Nation is not Nathan Winograd. Nathan's organization is the No Kill Advocacy Center.

  3. Either way..someone please tell him to ditch the killers.

  4. I have read Nathan Winograd's book, 'Redemption.' What bothered me the most is that he denies pet overpopulation and vilifies shelters and disparages the national groups. No sources were cited in his book either. He divides the rescue community with polarizing tactics instead of bringing everyone together for the same cause.

    According to Nathan Winograd's list of communities, only 2% of the US population are served by no-kill shelters that betray animals by turning many of them away because they are full most of the time. We found 15 shelters that claimed to follow the No-kill equation. "

    Prevention by Spaying/ Neutering is the only proven method to significantly reduce euthanasia by 85% at shelters in the past 44 years.

    In 1970, 20 MILLION animals euthanized.
    In 2013, 2.7 Million healthy animals euthanized.
    It's the hardest to place animals not finding loving homes 2.3 million cats a year.
    The bottom line reason why U.S. shelters are receiving more than a million pit bulls per year & killing 90% of them is that the pit bull sterilization rate, nationally, isn't even 25%, compared to 70%-plus for all non-bully breeds combined. Free sterilization of pit bulls isn't doing it. Even the four biggest free pit bull sterilization programs in the U.S. are still fixing half as many pit bulls per year. The second illusion is the notion that shelters can adopt their way out of the pit bull influx -- which didn't work with any other breed, either, until spay/neuter drastically reduced the intakes.

  5. No Kill Brevard's Teri Dyer is obviously seriously confused as to WHY Nathan would partner with an attorney like Zandra is the first place. With her ties to an irresponsible BREEEDING community INCLUDING Leah Purcell why would anyone ASSUME Zandra would invite anyone but breeders who share Winograd's dislike for HSUS? Certainly Zandra has NO INTEREST in saving shelter animals o she wouldn't support the animal hoarding breeder Leah Purcell who in fact was using pit bulls rescued from No Kill shelters including Austin and using unaltered pits to BREED more.

    These are the people Nathan and Debi are inviting to their team?

  6. To bad Teri Dyer of "No Kill Brevard" failed to mention that Nathan Winograd and Debi Day are PARTNERS in the No Kill is Love Tour. Personally as someone VICTIMIZED by No Kill Nation's recent filing of a FALSE police report alleging neglect of the twenty nine mostly senior hounds living in our no kill sanctuary which were ALL found to be unfounded I don't find a lot of NO KILL LOVE coming from an organization trying to KILL my old hounds.

    Here's a link to the hounds Debi day wants sent to our local kill shelter. Can someone point out how any of these old hounds would be SAFER at a KILL Shelter that already wanted them dead once before?