Sunday, April 10, 2016

Reunion Rescue Spindletop Refugees

On July 17, almost 300 dogs were impounded by the HSUS and Montgomery County Animal Control from Spindletop outside Willis. Many of us in rescue had thought the former 'refuge' was just that, a place of quiet rehabilitation in the lovely countryside outside Conroe, Texas.

What we discovered to be the real ugly truth was a huge hoarding operation in which dogs were stacked in crates filled with their own excrement and vomit. Photographs of filthy dishes and water bowls have been shared across Facebook and other social networks.

Reunion Rescue has been trying to raise funding to begin a real refuge, for some time. We have named it the Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge with its own Facebook page.

Most people do not realize how much rescue work entails and costs. We could probably have built our own refuge some time back had it not been for the boarding costs. Until the raid, Reunion Rescue was raising about $2500 a month to board at least 10 dogs. That is a lot of moolah to drum up each month and requires much writing, begging, can shaking at events and penny pinching.

We are down to four boarded dogs in California (Spuds, Diesel, William and Guido) one by one will be coming to our Austin, Texas sanctuary.

First, though, we must attend to the ones we redeemed from the raid. Stella is thought to be dead, one of the 38 who died in the Morgan Building at Spindletop and the terrible tragedy which activated the investigation.

The first dog we brought back in four trips to Conroe was Batgirl, now called BeBe. BeBe was not anything like the dog we initially boarded at Spindletop for rehabilitation. She had luckily been chipped and fixed before going to Spindletop, so she was relatively easy to have returned to Reunion's program. Sadly, her heartworm medications has been disposed of by Leah Purcell who reportedly does not believe in holistic cures.

BeBe's treatment is the heartworm cure on our Nutrition Page along with a long term detox and herbal treatment for her issues which have been extremely escalated by solitary over-confinement in a filthy crate. Bottom line, this dog has been driven insane. We feel we can bring her back around, but this will take months if not years of work and supplements.

Amber was the little one who was rescued with Stella last summer in Houston. We created a Facebook page for them and raised enough to get them started in the boarding program at Spindletop. At least five homes were screened and would have been appropriate for either of these girls, but were turned away by Leah Purcell. Amber was very depressed when we got her back, but thanks to lots of fresh air, good raw diet, herbal and flower remedies, she is on the road to recovery, a squatty little doll.

Angel was the hardest one to retrieve. He didn't have the benefit of someone who'd actually handled him. The holding facility was reluctant to let him go in fear of the wrong person claiming him. We drove to Conroe and back twice to get Angel.

Angel responded quickly to a detox and herbal pick-me-up. If someone were to tick off the boxes in what they wanted in a dog, Angel would be that dog. He lives in the now and is very dog friendly. Since Leah turned down almost a dozen inquiries for his adoption, it was surprising to discover he was not only not a pit bull, but also very adoptable. This little Rhodesian Ridgeback mix is already in his new home with a longtime Reunion Rescue adopter. His new name is Hub.

Nolan was nearly starved to death outside Dallas when we wrote him an article and tried to get him to safety. A kind hearted rescuer was able to talk his abusers into relinquishing him to her while the money was raised to get him into Spindletop. Nolan was boarded at her vet who discovered heartworm infestation and severe emaciation and dehydration.

When news of the raid hit, Nolan was being transported to Spindletop. Luckily, his transporter heard the news and turned the car around. Even though he never set paw on Spindletop soil, Leah managed to bilk $450 from one kindhearted donator.

Nolan, a big Great Dane and American Bulldog mix, was brought to foster care in Austin, but Nolan quit eating and was taken to the vet. X-rays, bloodwork, a sonogram, biopsy and over a thousand dollars later, Nolan is here at the sanctuary and eating well. He is putting on weight, enjoying the sunshine and the herbal heartworm cure. Since his health is so challenged, neuter and conventional heartworm treatment are out of the question.

Feo, which is a dumb name for a beautiful dog, was located at the city of Alvin Animal Control. He was pulled fraudulently by Leah Purcell under the Reunion Rescue 501(c)(3) entity. He was redeemed and boarded for a few weeks until we could get set up and bring him here. After being neutered, he arrived safe and sound. His new name is Peanut.

We have applied for several grants to help us build kennels and underwrite the costs of running a holistic no kill sanctuary, but so far have been dependent upon the goodness of private donations. The immediate costs to set up and meet the current needs of these dogs has depleted the budget and we need help.

We have set up a system in which the dog friendly dogs can spend time on the porch with ball breaks in the yard.

A chip in has been set up to try and raise money to underwrite food and health care as well as dog supplies and tarps to cover the day areas.

Please take a look at our wish list:
  • Kuranda style beds X-Large and Large
  • Fleece crate liner beds 30" 
  • 4" Kongs
  • 6" bully sticks
  • Rawhide chews
  • Tennis balls
  • Coolaroo tarps
  • PetSmart gift card
  • Petco gift card
  • Whole Foods gift card 
Please 'like' and share the Reunion Rescue Spindletop Refugee Facebook page and consider volunteering. We need social network help as well and hands on help.

Please get involved and help a dog out!

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