Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hate group keeps Austin really weird!!!!

Kills her own dogs at high kill shelter after letting one's tail rot off:

Stalks Reunion Rescue for years and finally latches on to LuLu, a Reunion Rescue dog..publishing lies about Reunion Rescue AND LuLu...on a fake page....LuLu never HAD heartworms and was not in the possession of some 'long lost owner'..the whole thing is a HOAX!

Not only libels and lies about Reunion Rescue, but attacks the boarding facility which helps Austin's homeless pets:

Let's not forget Rudo, a dog from this person's own community who was killed after this person and her 'group' sabotaged Rudo's fundraiser and frightened away the Oakland rescue who was set to pull Rudo. Rudo was killed with no options...after this gang chased away his own chance to live.

This fundraiser for Rudo was organized by a longtime REAL Austin Animal Center volunteer...who was SO attacked and bad mouthed, the Fundraiser people at YOUCARING attacking this person day and night over the false accusations from the hate group, the fundraiser was closed and all monies returned. 

...and had the gaul to post on the fundraiser she helped to kill along with Rudo:

The gang has grown to include many affiliated with Austin Animal Center.....there will be many questions to ask and this angry mob...growing by the second...might just get the investigation they're gunning for.....fraud, theft, advising a 'Jane Doe' to kill a healthy animal, might be a shoe that fits the foot with the big fat mouth...

One thing's for sure, these questions WILL be answered.
How much damage can a bunch of nasty old ladies and a few useless creeps that hang out on hate pages with filthy pictures of Jesus do? Well, ask Rudo, ask Charlie and God knows how many other animals who've lost their lives thanks to this hate mob. LuLu is safe and yes, we DID spend $10,000 to get our dog back and wasted an entire month which could have been spent saving lives ... lives that were lost thanks to Austin Animal Center and this hate gang they've cultivated....Keep Austin weird...I don't think so.

Personally, I prefer the old Austin with LIVE animals.

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