Friday, August 17, 2012

Reprint: Spindletop Raid....where are our dogs?

The following article was pulled by Zandra Anderson from the Examiner based on falsified complaints leaving the question unanswered, why does Zandra Anderson fear the identities and locations be divulged of the missing Spindletop dogs? Are there even worse stories yet to be exhumed?

What could be more horrible for trusting pet owners than the digging up of rotting remains of 38 dogs tortured to death in the Morgan Building and buried on Spindletop grounds? How many other dogs' bones are buried in that filthy squalor? Again, where are our dogs?

Whoever still continues to believe in Leah Purcell's innocence and thinks Zandra Anderson has nothing to hide might want to take a look at the follow three links which explain the dog lawyer's false complaints in depth:

"Concerned animal lovers from across the nation learned about a horrible place in Texas. On the morning of July 17, Spindletop Rescue and Refuge was discovered to be a den of death, abuse and terror.

"Over three hundred pit bulls were seized by law enforcement on Tuesday, July 17, 2012, in an alleged animal hoarding case in Montgomery County, Texas. The raid on Spindletop Refuge was a joint task force effort of Montgomery County Animal Control, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and local law enforcement."

Slowly with the help of Animal Farm Foundation, the HSUS and Montgomery County, citizens and rescue groups have been trying to redeem the dogs they'd trusted to the monsters who run Spindletop. Leah Purcell, the property's partial owner, had been rescuing and rehabbing pit bulls and serious dog breeds since 1985. The court system was fooled, too, as she'd also padded her bank account by charging for her services as an expert witness and dog temperament evaluation virtuoso.

Everyone who met the slick con artist was taken in. The American Pit Bull Examiner was one of the biggest fools to fall for Purcell's con game. In fact, she has been trolling the American Pit Bull Examiner articles to fleece unsuspecting donators and dogs to be sent to the Spindletop Board-to-Rescue program. 

The link below is only one story the heartless former refuge owner illegally pulled under anot her group's federal entity:

An appointment tomorrow at the HSUS holding facility has been made to try and save Feo who will enter the Reunion Rescue program. Hopefully, he is one of the dogs still living.

The Board-to-Rescue program seemed like a dream come true to many for troubled dogs. For $750 which hardworking animal lovers put together through chip in funds, the dog would enter the Spindletop program to be rehabbed and adopted to a loving family. The reality, most of these dogs never saw the light of day again. In fact, from horrible death row situations, many of these dogs who'd never had one good day, went to a fate far worse than death.

People are begging Leah Purcell and her attorney Zandra Anderson for information about the dogs they've been unable to identify at the holding facility. Anderson knows the whereabouts and has given false and misleading ID numbers to the inquiring parties so desperate to find answers. This situation, which HSUS has described as precedent setting in its unique qualities, can be likened to that of a mass serial killer who holds information about his victims and refuses to share with broken families so they might gain closure.

It is supposed that Zandra Anderson is holding out to secure her client a sweet plea bargain for the criminal charges she is certain to face. Leah Purcell and partner James Brewer were paid unknown amounts of money to board and rehab these dogs, many of whom were killed and sent to an unknown source for 'fostering'. Now that the dust is beginning to settle, the estimate of dogs that have passed through the grisly doors of Spindletop Refuge is thought to be in the thousands.

The property is co-owned by Richard Wagner of Livingston. Was he in on the crimes that took place on his property? Who is James Brewer, the man many of us issued our monthly Paypal payments to and the account Purcell deferred emergency payments for everything from dog food to generators, blown out fans, $4 thousand dollar electric bills, floods and othr uncountable disasters that seemed to affect Spindletop on a daily basis. Even Noah who actually saved animals did not face the holocaust of catastrophes which seemed to occur at Spindletop by the minute.

The amount of money which passed through Paypal and bank accounts gobbling up dollars from helpful animal lovers has got to be gargantuan. All these people want to know is where their dogs are. How much is that going to cost them?

Mea was killed by a car while her finder (another) Leah, Leah Z., cried and searched over the internet day and night. Leah Z had found Mea in Ohio, a scared pittie girl who'd never stood a chance. Leah Z worked to put together money to enroll Mea in the board to rescue program at Spindletop. She promised Mea that she was going someplace wonderful.

When the news hit about the raid, Leah Z began searching to find Mea. She did not have the money to fly from Ohio to Texas and started networking to get the airfare. The entire time, Leah Purcell and Zandra Anderson knew Mea had been killed, but withheld the information.

How many other dogs are dead and these people concealing the identity?

How many more have to suffer until the Spindletop victims get some answers?

The Victims of Spindletop Raid Facebook page is filled with desperate pleas looking for missing dogs who'd been entrusted to Spindletop. Unfortunately, the page has attracted its share of trollers who continue to defend Purcell and the Spindletop clan.!/VictimsOfSpindletopRaid

A mass grave was found with decomposed bodies belonging to dogs sent to Spindletop. One of the bodies was identified as Reunion Rescue's own Stella, a beautiful dog written about in the American Pit Bull Examiner. Leah Purcell lied about her temperament and said Stella was aggressive. Only after her murder, was it discovered Stella had gently played with the little Chihuahua dogs at her finder's home. Stella didn't have a vicious bone in her body.

Many of the dogs have been unclaimed to date. If you are an animal lover and want to help, please contact your favorite pit bull rescue and offer to foster. Many of us have great dogs who've already been trained and are ready for homes. You can help by opening up your home and heart to one of these easy dogs.

The 501©(3) rescue groups will be able to then take some of the Spindletop refugees into their program to decompress, detoxify and rehabilitate.

Interested rescue groups can contact the following address to submit paperwork and become a part of the solution for the unclaimed dogs.

Please keep up with the American Pit Bull Examiner for updates on the Spindletop refugees and other stories.

Cindy Marabito of Reunion Rescue writes the American Pit Bull Examiner stories to save lives. Every click on a story donates to the animals

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One more reprint to go and all of the unfairly pulled articles by Zandra Anderson, Texas Dog Lawyer, will be reprinted. This blog will continue to search for the truth until every last dog missing at Spindletop is answered for. That is a solid promise.

Please keep up with the American Pit Bull Examiner as well where pit bulls and other animals are written about and the truth sought. Unfortunately, much time has been wasted in trying to address our first amendment rights which were violated by Zandra Anderson in her fear that the truth be found out.

When our questions are answered, will Leah Purcell dethrone Michael Vick as the most hated person in American dog history?

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  1. A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. ~Author Unknown

  2. "The property is co-owned by Richard Wagner of Livingston. "

    And what property, pray tell us is this of which you speak of?

    Because if you are talking about the property in Willis, it's owned by Leah's Mom according to county records. NO one else is listed as owner.

    "othr uncountable disasters"

    You criticize people for typos and LOOK what you did!

  3. Oh RJ, you must excuse her highness. She accuses others of lying when in fact if her lips are moving she is probably telling a lie. She accuses other's of typos and mistakes but her articles and blogs are full of them. She is the biggest hypocrite I have ever had the pleasure of not meeting. Oh twit, just because something is written in the Houston Press does not make it true---kind of like your blogs and the Examiner, however the Examinere was smart enough to take your lies down. Oh no, RJ, she is going to report us to Google---she has warned us!!!

    1. I find that Ironic. Her reporting anyone to Google.

  4. All of u have your eyes shut...typical. U WILL reap what u sow & u are just plain stupid

    1. Yes, Cindy will reap what she sows for sure.

    2. RJ, JJ I guess your almost pathological attacks on Cindy are all the result of the fact that the saintly Leah P. was the victim of an over zealous Constable and evil elements of the HSUS. Oh and let's not forget the callous and selfish behavior of the countless animal rescues across the country who "dumped their dogs" at the feet of the angelic Purcell. I think your constant attacks on Cindy really exposes a rather close connection to Leah, Zandra, Brewer and the rest of the gang. That is the gang who in the end were responsible for hoarding and the resultant abuse the animals entrusted to their care. Somewhere one of you posted the term Karma.. Yes I hope there is a Karmic event in this life that will punish those that abused these animals, drained valuable resources from the rescue community, created both emotional and physical hardship for so many. Regardless of what you say about Cindy.. may it never hide the truth of the horrors of Spindeltop and those responsible.

    3. Kim, pay them no mind. RJ, JJ are either alter egos of those involved or connected to them. You can find them on almost any blog connected with Cindy Mabrito... There seems to be a maniacal desire to completely discredit Cindy and so they attack her almost exclusively. I might add To the point of being just plain boorish.. Whatever you think of Cindy.. Leah is worse and so are her cohorts who constantly belittle and berate those who were duped by the Spindletop rescue rip-off.

  5. Regardless of what Leah is or isn't guilty of it doesn't give one the right to blog false information. If people break Leah down to the fullest it may make them feel better about letting dogs go there such as Cindy did who is close enough in miles to visit at any time and demand a tour of the ENTIRE property, if that was refused she should not have left her dogs there with Leah. Than those that defend her maybe it makes them feel better for letting a dog go to ST. It could go either way. If indeed Leah is guilty of animal cruelty the justice system will bring that before a jury. If you will go back and take a look at other seizures ALL the animals are normally always taken, livestock and cats included. Their own animals would never even be considered to be given back out of fear of those dogs being treated cruel. All the livestock was left, if Leah was a person guilty of ANIMAL CRUELTY I can assure you they would have removed her livestock. There has been many many complaints about it being mainly a PIT BULL refuge by many of the locals in the community in Willis. Also,all the cats were left, her dogs were given back to her even her pit bull breeds. Again if she was even a suspect of Animal Cruelty ALL the animals would have been removed. We were lied to saying she could no longer own a pit bull. Rumors spread she could never be around pits again when all along she can board dogs as a business. She just will not be able to rescue dogs. If the law thought in anyway she drowned dogs, left them in feces and urine WHY would they allow her to keep her own dogs and continue to board dogs? Why would she be allowed to KEEP her LIVESTOCK if she is the monster you people paint her out to be?If she was even suspected to be involved in fighting why would they allow her to board dogs as a business? Why would she be BROKE? If your involved in dog fighting unless you have a serious drug addiction you will make money, probably lots of money enough to pay your mortgage. I find it hard to believe she was making some kind of large profit. I also find it hard to believe that Cindy is using this incident to get as many LIKES on her articles on DE and on her blogs but I believe by her actions lately she is. CM is clearly aware of what she has fabricated and what she has not. I don't believe her intentions to the animals are harsh, I believe they are her tools at this time and her lifeline to get donations such as the HSUS does.

    1. Very good post Long. You bring up a lot of very good points!

      and Honest, Cindy has been called a liar by another publication. That's pretty heavy. I have posted the links under the other blogs if you want to get educated, go find it and read it.