Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reprint of Hannah's Story: Where is Hannah? Foul Play Suspected at Spindletop

The following reprint is the story of Hannah, a tragic tale of yet another rescue gone way wrong at the horror hotel formerly called Spindletop Refuge. The only picture left is the sad intake photo from Houston's BARC.

The article was published July 29 and then removed due to falsified claims by dog lawyer Zandra Anderson.

The only memory we have of Hannah thanks to Leah Purcell
Three volunteers still mourn for Hannah's loss and asked that her story be told. Unfortunately, Zandra Anderson, the dog lawyer, had this story and others pulled erroneously from publication. Citing her legal office to incite fear, the mouthpiece for suspected animal abuser and killer, Leah Purcell, wanted this piece and others removed.

The American Pit Bull Examiner and Reunion Rescue will continue to tell the truth while wading through the sludge of fake posters who defend their leader Purcell's reputation, no....honor, a loss for words here. They attempt to defend something in their slimy world where indebtedness is a crime and animal torture is applauded.

RJ, JJ, Jeff, James Brewer, Zandra, April.....whoever you are, this story is for you. Since all of you repeatedly comment about how funny this situation is, you'll be laughing your heads off about Hannah's horrible story.

First, though, here are the links to the three pieces which address each of the dog lawyer's misspelled, grammatically flawed and false accusations.

"Hannah was pulled from BARC in Houston last August 2011 by the group Pup Squad. She had birthed a litter of puppies which all died at the shelter. Hannah was too weak and sick to feed her own puppies.

Three networkers had diligently followed Hannah's story and worked hard to bring attention to her plight. Everyone involved was thrilled when Pup Squad saved the whippet mix female listed as a pit bull.

Hannah's kennel card and photo is horrible and disturbing, but not nearly as disturbing as what came next. This poor dog who'd managed to keep herself alive in one of the highest kill shelters in the United States was placed in foster care by the rescue group.

According to the foster, "Hannah had lunged at a neighbor when neighbor got too close to foster. But you see Hannah had never had love, attention, good food on a regular basis, a home, a bed, and walks in evening."

"Pup Squad made a decision to send Hannah to spindletop to be evaluated for 2 weeks. They could not afford more time to train her."

From one of the concerned three volunteers who'd been following Hannah's plight, "I called Leah myself about Hannah talking extensively and Leah told me Hannah was sweet but couldn't be trusted and needed to be euthanized. She was a risk she said."

"Pup squad agreed with Hannah "s decision!! My friend and I were livid at this thought. We contacted an officer with Pup Squad's board and told her we wanted Hannah taken out of Spindletop and given to a trainer in Magnolia that had agreed to take Hannah and work with her."

"After all we all knew this was a behavior issue and not an aggression that would never go away as Leah was portraying Hannah. Pup Squad 's board lady (?) would not let her be released to us due to a personal vendetta issue with this trainer."

"So before we knew it we were told never contact Leah. And never try to talk to Pup Squad again!! It was a big ordeal with one volunteer quitting b/c of Hannah."

No one is attacking Pup Squad for being fooled by Leah Purcell. Many of us, including this column were completely bamboozled by Purcell's lies and manipulations.

These good people are still searching for Hannah at the undisclosed holding center in Montgomery County.

"It is a nightmare and we have no closure on Hannah. She was a white dog with tan spots and a pointed nose. We didn't even think she looked pit, but we only saw Hannah in her box picture to love her. "

Many dogs are still missing and some feared to have been sent by Purcell to a dogfighting ring with clandestine associates she's been involved with over the years. At this writing, word is still surfacing that Purcell is collecting money for dogs and at least one other puppy pulled by Spindletop from BARC by Leah Purcell's attorney Zandra Anderson is still secretly fostered.

Under the conditions negotiated by Zandra Anderson for Purcell, the former rescuer cum hoarder for big money is not to have any pit bulls in her care or participate in rescue in Montgomery County. Hopefully, law enforcement will get wind of Purcell's jumpstart back into pit bull rescue and give her more than a slap on the wrist. How many more dogs must disappear and die a torturous death before this monster is finally stopped.

People are broken hearted across the country who sent dogs in good faith to the Spindletop holocaust. They do not know whether the pets they trusted to Leah Purcell are dead or alive. Why won't this demon do the right thing for once in her sorry life and identify the dogs she murdered and hurt?

Where is Hannah?

Please continue to follow the American Pit Bull Examiner in our search to find the truth. We will not stop until every dog is answered for. That is a promise.

Please share this story and follow the American Pit Bull Examiner for details about this situation.

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Please tune in tomorrow for the next installment of unfairly and unjustified pulled articles. Furthermore, JJ, Jeff, RJ et al, you are treading on dangerous ground in your accusations of theft and fraud. Libel and printed slander as as punishable as the crimes committed by Leah Purcell and James Brewer in which hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars has been defrauded of innocent citizens across the US and beyond.


  1. I remember this poor little girl was ultimately supposed to come to Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary for rehab, but Leah Purcell was so insistant that she should be euthanized that Pup Squads board decided to do so.
    aggresion comes in different levels and comes from different sources in a dogs life, each dog is case by case and not one evaluation on aggression issues across the board fits all, so sad how this one fell through the cracks, such a pretty little girl.
    Angela Sera

  2. Sounds to me like Pup Squad made the choice to have her PTS. I don't see where anyone did anything wrong. Sometimes one has to make that call. I've done it myself. It's painful, you cry but you do what must be done.

  3. Next time, people will think before they send a dog to a 'refuge' for 'rehab'....hopefully they at least humanely euthanize Hannah and didn't drown her by pouring water down her nose.

    1. oh yeah coz there is proof that she drowned them dogs. uh huh, fo sho

  4. She could have been trained, is the tradgic part of the whole thing, no one wanted to bother with her