Sunday, August 19, 2012

Austin Pet Expo 2012

Boy, oh boy...was the Austin Pet Expo a fun fest or what? Reunion Rescue had a blast meeting tons of pit bulls and other beloved Austin animals at this year's event. Whether we needed help hanging signs, taking a quick break or an announcement made, the Expo girls Courtney R., Courtney H., Jessica, Patti, Tiffany and Savannah were right there with a big smile and a helping hand.

We were right next to Austin's Love-a-Bull who are taking in five of the Spindletop unclaimed dogs. Love a Bull could really use some help with foster care in the greater Austin area. If you know anyone who might open their hearts and homes to one of the sweet dogs already in the Love-a-Bull program, it would open up a much needed space for some of these unclaimed Spindletop dogs affected by the raid and seizure in July.

Love-A-Bull's Nutty Brown and family
A big perk in the day was getting to meet Nutty Brown, the dog Love-a-Bull saved from Log Cabin, Texas. Nutty Brown used to be Macky Mack.

He was saved by Love-a-Bull and renamed Nutty Brown. He came to the Expo yesterday with his new family and we got to meet them. This is what rescue is all about...people helping people helping dogs. What a treat for us to meet this wonderful family and their beautiful and beloved Nutty Brown.

One of the most amazing perks at the Austin Pet Expo was meeting so many people in rescue. Right around the corner from us was Heather Morris and Don't Bully Me Rescue. Heather and I both write for the Examiner and she is a tireless rescuer and advocate for the breed. I don't think she sleeps.

Don't Bully Me Rescue's Sampson
Don't Bully Me is right around the lake in Lago Vista from Reunion Rescue, but we both have very long arms and try to save dogs in need from more than our overpupulated zip codes. Don't Bully Me is also trying to help out the Spindletop unclaimed and could certainly use some good foster homes. Take a look at the adorable availables at Don't Bully Me Rescue.

We got a look at Sampson last week and boy, is he a lil' heartthrob. Lucky us when we got to sample some of Sampson's smooches at the Don't Bully Me Kissin' Booth. Yummy! Who needs candy when you've got a sweetie like Sampson?

We met Amanda at Bullyvard Rescue from Driftwood right outside Austin. Grateful Pets Rescue from Georgetown. We didn't get a card, but a brand new group from Killeen stopped by...please get in touch so we can link your info.

Hey, does anybody notice a trend here? With Mariah's Promise in Blanco, Ebby's Dogtown in Elgin, Reunion Rescue, Love-a-Bull, Don't Bully Me Rescue and trying to lure Amy Adams of Midland's Bully Beds to town, the Austin area might soon be home to the biggest population of pit bull rescues in the US! Stay tuned. There will be some good news coming from Austin. Let's all show up at Love-a-Bull's 2012 Texas-Sized Pittie Pride October 28 and show 'em how we roll!

We petted dogs, kissed cats, hobnobbed with petlovers and had an all around wonderful day...but pictures tell the best sturry, even if they're kinda blurry...

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