Saturday, April 2, 2016

Help us save lives by walking your own dog

Reunion Rescue is strutting across the nation to save lives .... one dog at a time!

LuLu and Nolan are ready to strut!!
For over 15 years, Reunion Rescue has been saving pit bulls and now has the refuge to prove it. Reunion Rescue operates the only no kill raw feeding holistic refuge for pit bulls in the world. We need help to keep things running.

Each dog costs about $250 a month for upkeep, toys, treats, food, medical, herbal and homeopathic support. Plus, we're trying to buy a van so we can take our beautiful healthy happy pit bulls to events and show the world just how magnificent these former abused dogs are.

We are strutting in Austin, Texas:

and in San Francisco, California:

Peanut says, 'hey, let's strut!'
Please consider walking your dog to help us save more homeless pets. You can do a virtual walk and ask your friends to help out! Anything helps.

Please join us so there will be no more homeless pets, inAustin, in San Francisco or anywhere else.

Please check out the links and consider walking your pet for Reunion Rescue. We need volunteers to help us walk the dogs and share the news. You can volunteer for Reunion Rescue from anywhere in the or visit our website and click the Get Involved tab.

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