Saturday, April 2, 2016

Something to blog about...pit bulls

Walking the pitties today was more than enormous! We got Tex and Guido and Peanut and Amber walked while BeBe and Vinny got yard time. Wilco went to the lake for a little r and r with Scott. Boy, looking at these pictures, I love what I do. No amount of stress and negativity can get near what these wonderful dogs do for my soul. I am grateful to have these babies in my life and the wonderful volunteers who come to walk the dogs.

We love you here at Reunion Rescue. Thank you for helping us get geared up for our big event in September. By then, I just bet some of these beautiful dogs are adopted into their own raw feeding holistic leash and crate trained homes. I sure hope their new families will want to strut their mutts with us at Mueller Park in Austin or even in San Francisco at Treasure Island. All the details are on the Reunion Rescue website.

If you love dogs like we do here at Reunion, take a look at some of the Facebook pages created for these beautiful dogs in our care.

Nolan and Lulu



Vinny and Guido




Little Cayenne


We love dogs at Reunion Rescue. I'm looking at some tuckered out individuals this evening. What a joyful sight!

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