Friday, April 1, 2016

Benny is coming to Texas...

When the whole world seems sad and crazy, it helps me to hold on to one good thought. This week, I'm thinking about Benny coming to Texas. Benny has been with Reunion Rescue for three weeks. He has had quite a struggle, but luckily, he found Patti and Raven. Patti has been fostering Benny and continuing his curriculum with homeopathic treatment and raw diet.
Benny in Bakersfield, CA

It's really difficult to convince people to try raw and homeopathy when we've been so brainwashed by the pet industry to vaccinate, feed kibble processed food and kill every single disease symptom with toxic pharmaceutical medications.

My good friend Kasie who founded SF Raw Feeders and a longtime advocate for raw diet and holistic care read me the label on a bottle of cleaning fluid once. I remember Kasie reading the warnings to me and asking why anyone would want this product around their family and animals considering the list of dangers.

Every day is a learning experience for me. Not only with animals like Benny who is teaching me a whole new way of looking at life, but how to live life more healthfully and happily. I think of that old Adele Davis saying, 'you are what you eat.' That is so true. When I eat lots of brown rice and greens, I feel so clean and remember my meals throughout the day. It's also true you are what you think. When I think good happy thoughts, even with all of the bad animal stories I see and hear each day, I am stronger and able to help more animals. I am able to fulfill my purpose here on earth and get so much work done. I am able to serve the greater good and live the good life.

Benny is a good part of that newfound way of living for me. Here is a dog, really more than a dog, a being, who was so mistreated and hurt. When I saw that little photograph of him at Turlock Animal Control, I was blown away. I couldn't believe a dog could wind up in that condition and still be alive. The people who began to network the photo actually listed him as a shar pei puppy. You could not even tell he was an adult.

I am so looking forward to watching Benny evolve and change to be the dog he was born to be. He is on his way now to Texas. Patti is driving him all the way here. He was supposed to have a ride from Arizona, but the person was afraid for her own dog who has a suppressed immune system. Imagine that. Probably a dog who eats kibble and takes all of the shots and medications to ward off non-existent diseases and the result is a dog who is challenged and unhealthy. Yet another lesson from Benny. Benny is going to help the world be a better place. In fact, he already has begun. He is bringing the message right now, but stopped off long enough to smell the roses in Bakersfield.

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