Saturday, October 12, 2013

Balboa killed in NYC while imedia continues bashing campaign

After publishing the debunked lie-filled article which resulted in American Pit Bull Examiner being shut down, the imedia page posted their piece with the foaming at the mouth comment, " fires reporter who published fake pit bull story. Reporter becomes unglued after entire archive deleted!"

Pit bull hate groups, called 'foamers' by animal rights activist, began sharing the piece among their frightening followers, many of whom belong to groups which adopt pit bulls from shelters and kill them. The number of animal killers involved with this imedia campaign is unknown, however extreme and terrifying.

Clifton has quietly changed some of the outrageous false claims in his blog, like calling a Great Pyrenees a pit bull and correcting the false statements about Reunion Rescue dogs at Spindletop. While attacking American Pit Bull Examiner for an error about the time Skye was fostered or adopted by imedia head, Rhonda Shearer.

As this affair progresses, we shall see other lies debunked, such as the intern or reporter (depending on which way the wind blows) Katie Kausch's false claims in the non-factual imedia piece she co-wrote with Rhonda Shearer. Such blatant imedia mis-representations such as Skye and Milo being located at the Harlem Shelter when there no Harlem Shelter even exists is only one example of ludicrous claims in their piece that resulted in American Pit Bull Examiner's thousands of life-saving articles being removed from the internet.

Sadly, dogs like Balboa die in the process. Yesterday, Pit Bulls and Other Animals wrote a blog on Balboa and his brother Rocky at Manhattan Shelter, the very same shelter where Skye and Milo were located before they were fostered or adopted, depending on conflicting claims by Kausch and Shearer in their imedia article.

Imedia and Amsterdog thread has been posting for weeks about their victory killing American Pit Bull Examiner column. American Pit Bull Examiner column and two other titles have helped save thousands of dogs over the past 5 and 1/2 years.

Amsterdog's initial post which stated Skye was in her new 'foster' home has recently changed their post to read 'This morning SKYE was on the TBD List. Now she's sittin' pretty in her new home. Thank you, new mama Rhonda!" This posting was altered after the new mama, Rhonda attributed the 'accident' to typographical error on her imedia page claiming Amsterdog meant to type 'adopted' instead of 'foster'.

The Amsterdog thread still reflects many conflicting statements, even referring to Skye as 'Star' while asking their Amsterdog posters to adopt both Skye and Milo...that after claiming Skye was adopted and American Pit Bull Examiner story is 'fake' and the author a 'liar,' strong claims from pro-advocates like Ken Foster of Sula Rescue who claims on the page that NYC shelter system saves 9 out of every 10 dogs.

Balboa wasn't one of these lucky dogs as so claimed by the posters like Foster on the imedia page which has become a 24/7 watering hole for so-called pro-advocates and pit bull hate groups.

Yesterday's blog didn't help Balboa according to the Gone Dogs Page on NYC's Urgent Death Row Dogs page which features actual dogs in the NYC system on a daily basis minus 'typos' and minus hate groups.

For many years, American Pit Bull Examiner has written life-saving articles about dogs like Balboa, many from the NYC Shelter System. Many of these dogs were saved. Sadly, the column is dead today, dead and gone based on untruths perpetuated by imedia group and promoted by huge rescue efforts like BAD RAP, Sula Foundation and Amsterdog side by side with pit bull hate groups like Craven Desires, and the Cliftons who killed a pit bull.

Another Manhattan pit bull died yesterday, Balboa. He is remembered here along with Everglade and Archy where we fight hard to save lives day after day, year after year.

Please continue to sign and share the PETITION asking for an investigation into NYC Shelter system involvement with imedia and Amsterdog's takedown of American Pit Bull Examiner complete life saving archive.

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