Saturday, October 12, 2013

Imedia intern/reporter tries to join Reunion Rescue

After sabotaging the funding source of Reunion Rescue, Katie Kausch, the imedia ethics reporter dash intern, tried to join our pit bull rescue.

This is terrifying, considering the massive pit bull hate groups who endorse the lie-filled articles written by intern/reporter Katie Kausch and Rhonda Shearer.

We do not know Katie Kausch and first heard of her when she approached American Pit Bull Examiner by email (archived) representing herself as a reporter and leaving imedia ethics contact information.

Imedia ethics then tried to claim the girl was only a 17 year old intern and the contact was her private phone number.

The imedia page is host to known pit bull groups such as Beth Clifton who, along with longtime pit bull hate group blogger-husband Merritt Clifton, write pro-pit bull annihilation blogs and are the darlings of Craven Desires/Dawn James, and hundreds of other pit bull hate groups which are sharing the imedia (Kausch/Shearer) article along with another inaccurate rage-motivated piece by the Cliftons on their anti-pit bull blog. The Cliftons killed their own pit bull and collect money to fund their efforts to shut down groups like Reunion Rescue and American Pit Bull Examiner which has saved thousands of dogs.

Followers and promoters of these anti-pit groups have staged country-wide pit bull adoptions to save
death row dogs and kill innocent animals that resemble pit bulls.

Why would any 'journalist' jump into bed with these groups who kill innocent dogs?

Even more alarming, why is imedia ethics trying to join our rescue group with 20 years of saving lives and never so much as a nail scratch?

Reunion Rescue has the reputation of housing the 'world's friendliest pit bulls' and the thought of one of these monsters managing to get their hands on our dogs, or any dog is horrifying!!

Please sign the petition asking for an investigation into the suspicious takedown of American Pit Bull Examiner and this entire frightening affair.

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