Saturday, October 12, 2013

Angry California groups attack Reunion Rescue holistic refuge

During the past month, our Reunion Rescue dog, LuLu, was held hostage due to a big SNAFU by Austin Animal Center.

Read the whole story here in these articles:

* Austin, Texas rescue dog LuLu held hostage and nearly killed

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* Austin Animal Pound endangers abused dog and threatens rescue with jail

* Austin TX pound shuts down rescue Facebook account

So why do organized California groups in a concerted attack go after a holistic rescue in Texas?

During the midst of our struggle to find LuLu, this weird post was shared on the Pit Bulls Against Misinformation Facebook page with 183,000 followers....and also posted on the hoax Facebook page, 'LuLu is reunited with her family.'

This page has been removed by 'administrators' and so have the 'Woo Hoo!!!" Pit Bulls Against Misinformation attacks.

What was to be gained and what was the purpose of such a structured angry campaign against a group trying to save high kill shelter animals by sharing holistic tried and true cures for ailments killing so many animals in the nation's animal pounds? 

Wouldn't any normal person would seemingly wish to find answers and heal the thousands of pets being dumped daily in high kill municipal pounds due to enormous veterinary bills that most of us cannot afford? Or would that cut into joke time on these vicious pages?

With 3687 dogs per day being killed, Reunion Rescue has waged a healthy war and saved many with the available information on the Reunion Rescue Health Page and Facebook pages like Home Remedies to Heal Animals.

Upon looking at these groups, Furbaby Jesus, Disciples of Furbaby Jesus and Pit Bulls Against Misinformation, no actual rescue work is going on, although PBAM recently staged a fundaiser for a dog in Oklahoma, Boosie. 

Much of the effort feature pictures of Jesus with his junk hanging out along with gang-style attacks toward people who 'prey' and 'cher' to save animals.

The hoax 'LuLu is reunited with her family' Facebook page announced falsely that LuLu was heartworm positive...and added that her infestation was caused by negligence at Reunion Rescue.

This libelous and harmful announcement opened up the floodgates with attacks and ill-researched 'opinions' like this:

LuLu was recovered last Saturday night and the hoax 'Jane Doe' page 'LuLu is reunited with her family' disappeared along with the posts and comments condemning Reunion Rescue for holistically curing heartworms and other ailments.

Not so amazingly, LuLu tested negative for heartworm after these pages' public dissing. Nolan, LuLu's best friend actually was cured of high positive HW infestation through the Reunion Rescue herbal cure posted on Reunion Rescue's website Health Page.

Maybe even more tragic than the lost lives which could have been saved with the 10 thousand dollars spent through Austin, Texas legal efforts and month's wasted time and effort to find LuLu is a global concern. How many lives could be saved were some of these Furbaby Jesus jokesters 'chering' actual animals rather than attacking others for trying to make a difference?

LuLu is safe and back at Reunion Rescue with all the other healthy happy animals. It was a very close call, though...many of these pages and and contributors 'advised' the 'Jane Doe' who had LuLu and created the hoax page, 'LuLu is reunited with her family' to kill LuLu...a healthy 5 year old dog!

These people continue to stalk Reunion Rescue and post untrue attacks...guess that's the nature of the beast....



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