Saturday, October 12, 2013

Director of imedia ethics terrifies Reunion Rescue adopters with threats

Reunion Rescue adopters are terrified regarding threats from imedia - the group which shut down American Pit Bull Examiner and had Reunion Rescue director fired.

According to concerned Reunion Rescue adopters, Rhonda Shearer has stated she and her group are going after Reunion Rescue.

According to the adopters, Shearer made accusations of hoarding, animal abuse and neglect along with veiled threats of investigation in her/imedia

Two police reports have been filed and one with the Travis County Sheriff's Department for harassment.

Should any Reunion Rescue adopters receive threats from imedia, Rhonda Shearer or any of the pit bull hate groups posting on the imedia page, notify us at once.

The authorities are aware of this harassment and will deal with offenses accordingly. Hundreds of posts, shares and likes have been registered on the site, many belonging to suspicious individuals belonging to groups with anti-pit bull leanings. This terrible effort to shut down Reunion Rescue, a pit bull rescue group with nearly two decades of exemplary rescue efforts and hundreds of dogs and animals placed in wonderful homes, is illegal and harassment.

Please sign and share the PETITION demanding an investigation into these events at once!

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