Friday, April 1, 2016

Update: Austin cruelty case dogs .... neighbors save the day!

5 of the Austin cruelty case dogs were impounded by Austin Animal Services yesterday, but one is still on the loose. Miss P, as the goodhearted neighbors who are responsible for saving these dogs are calling her is a bit skittish and evaded capture.

According to KXAN, five of the dogs are being held for a cruelty investigation at Austin Animal Services, but foster families are being sought.

Reunion Rescue will step up for these dogs, but must have solid foster commitments to help.

While Reunion Rescue refuge is overfull right now, we have a great foster to adopt program and are the only raw feeding holistic no kill pit bull refuge in the world...right here in Austin, Texas. We want to help these dogs.

Reunion Rescue is walking in Best Friends Strut Your Mutt Austin. If at all possible, we'd like to get these dogs into foster homes and vetted so they could participate in this event. What better opportunity to meet potential new families and raise awareness to animal abuse and homeless pets than these lovely dogs walking for other homeless pets?

Please take a look at Reunion Rescue's website  Health Page and Training Page and think about becoming a foster home for one of these lovely dogs.

Contact with any questions about our program. Details about these 6 dogs and progress reported on our Facebook pages and in this blog.

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