Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another happy day, two in a row!

Mabel, lil' Lancaster Shar Pei, has a date to meet a potential foster to adopter. The lady sounds just about perfect. She sounded like a human! A rarity in my world. She had feelings and punctuation, manners, blood flowing through her veins and none of this control kinda junk people think they need with sweet dogs like Mabel.

Mabel came from down in Lancaster with a super dooper case of mange. It wasn't as bad as Mr. Sweets' or Benny's demodex, but bad enough for people to ask a bunch of dumb questions. I just refer those types to Google and tell them to type in 'demodex' and 'holistic' so they can at least learn a little something about health and curing the 'whole body'.

Life's too short and I'm too old to train any more people. When they start asking questions about pit bulls and offering opinions, I just have to refer them to PBRC or one of the other many new pit bull sites. I'd rather just go walk the dog and never seem to have enough time for that these days.

I spent all morning getting ready for my book signing at BookWoman. I reached out to a bunch of local shelters and animal groups to invite their representatives to the event in hopes that we can work together. The idea would be to set up workshops and readings at their facilities to try and up the adoptions with surefire objectives that have been working with Reunion adoptions for the past 12 plus years, in essence, Pit Bull Nation.

The reception was surprisingly warm and I do believe some of the people invited might actually attend. This is hopeful as I am committed to spreading the word and helping as many animals as possible. I know I can't do it alone, but hope that some of the ideas in the book will help others save lives. It's sure time for it.

Petey Pie's fosters called and had a few little questions. It's so nice to consider that people care so very much. This little boy was just about to give up back in Bakersfield and now he's sitting on top of the world! He gets to go to the park every day, eat raw, go to Starbuck's and the bank...everything in his little life is a total joy for him. It's my desire to help others find that happiness. It's such an easy thing to do.

In order to do that, though, I must remember what Benny has to say. I must let go of the negative and not try to hold on to things. Let the good and the bad just keep on flowing, like the man said. When I stop at the end of the day and let it rest a minute, my little bitty nugget of peace and understanding is just enough to spread like a cocoon around me from my toes to my elbows to my ears and the tip top of my noggin.

When I'm quiet for a moment and can survey the day, all the faces come to me. I'm looking at sweet Mabel and thinking of Benny. Girl's a snoring on the couch and Tex is licking himself where I cannot seem to lick the hotspots even with all the raw the homeo. I'm thinking of Mr. Sweets and Guido, poor old scared Guido. I'm thinking of Hazel and her trip being delayed to the bay. It's ok. She'll get here when she's supposed. All things happen as they should.

Tonight, everything is in its place and I am at peace with the universe.

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