Saturday, April 16, 2016

Austin, TX: Chained dog in terrible situation and no one will help

A kind neighbor of this abused pet is begging authorities for help. The neighbor's dog is chained on a
heavy chain out of distance from water. He has been licking the puddled water on debris left in the yard in an effort to try and cure his thirst. 

Heavy tow chained abused dog in Austin, Texas
The neighbor never sees the animal being fed, much less petted, walked, cared for. She has called animal control over and over and finally "The Deputy that showed-up on 2/21/2014, for my third call to "311", was Sheriff Deputy Tony Alvarado. He gave me Case Number: 14-4382. He stated he would have the case assigned and also have Travis County Animal Control contacted."

 "I have reached out over-and-over to help this dog get the proper care or be put out of its' misery. No one will help. EVERYONE, including my closest friends turn the other cheek and tell me to stay out of it. I CANNOT CONSCIOUSLY IGNORE THIS. As of 2 weeks ago, the Owner of this neglected and sickly dog has decided to invest in landscape materials. NOT A FENCE THOUGH!!!

The dog has been relocated to the other end of the backyard and still tethered. I was waiting it out to see if this guy was actually investing into his beautiful yard to accommodate the needs of his family dog, but NO, NOTHING as of yet!

The gate I provided to him almost a year ago is now wedged in the privacy as if he is giving it back to me. I do not understand why this is allowed anywhere!!! What is it I need to do to get anyone's attention when animals are being mistreated??? I wish I had a hotline to the WhiteHouse to give a piece of my mind.

Better yet, live satellite feed until people come to their senses and pull their selfish heads out of their asses!!! At this point, I do NOT want "REPLIES", just "RESULTS"!!! I apologize in advance for any offensive yelling and/or statements..."

"Thank you for the information, your help and advise. I have attached what videos & pics I have. The two video links are from back in September I believe. Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing them. Calling Travis County to come out has not worked so far. It will also cause problems for me; as I am the neighbor.

 I am also afraid my calling the law a third time may put my dogs in danger by upsetting these people, but I cannot sit here and watch this poor dog suffer anymore. It is out there chewing on its' water bucket begging for at least water.

The address I listed in the Subject Line is where this dog is." 

This good person has watched this dog chained and miserable during heavy thunderstorms, extreme freezing, heat waves without any help.

Please call Austin Animal Center
(512) 978-0500
Reference CASE # 14-4382

Tethering is ILLEGAL in Travis County...please report!


  1. We cannot allow this poor dog to suffer anymore.PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE

  2. Shared this sweet dog Hopefully something will be done about it soon.

  3. I pray someone gets that dog some help. Please!!!

  4. I tried calling but they said the reference # was incomplete? I also couldn't get the address from the picture? PLEASE PROVIDE ME THE ADDRESS.

    If you give me the address I will start calling to report a tethered dog myself. Anyone else who cares should also call 311 to report it as well (it's very easy to do and you can remain anonymous if you want). The more people who call the better chances of something getting done. Once you get your own case # from reporting it you need to follow up to see what has been done.

    If this continues to slip through the cracks, 911 will have to called (allowed if animal is in immediate danger). No food or water for days counts. And it it comes to it, threatening to report it to the news can be handy. Animal control doesn't want to look like they allow animal cruelty despite it being reported multiple times.

    Strength in numbers -- we need to get the address and start calling. If the damn owner isn't going to care about this poor creature then the rest of us will!

  5. I would call 911, they have to keep it annonymous by law.

  6. Also, the local rescue groups aren't allowed to address cruelty cases because they don't have the authority. It has to be law enforcement or the SPCA.

  7. It's purely disgusting when the law protects everybody but the dog!!!!

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  9. Hi Everyone. I just want to send out by biggest, 'THANX" to all your kind hearts and support for this guy. I have an update that will please you. Austin Animal Control showed-up yesterday and took possession of both my neighbor's dogs; the Tethered One and their Small White Dog they keep tethered inside their home. AC didn't take them based on their current condition, but instead took them because they did not have their current Rabies Vac. I figured the Officer was told to do whatever it takes to get those Dogs out of there. Unfortunately, I have a feeling these people will do this over and over again with new Dogs, but I will be here to save them or make sure they are properly taken care of and loved. No living-being should be forced to live a life they did not choose. Either way, I will make it my mission in life, before I pass (for years to come), to save all these innocent animals with no voice. Thank all of you once again for reaching-out and doing the right thing. Please keep it up! "WE" do make a difference and "WE" are all the hope these beautiful creatures have... Much love!!!

    "Must Love Dogs!!!"