Saturday, April 16, 2016

William says there's hope for our sad old wold

William was starved nearly to death, dragged behind a truck and thrown on a bar-b-que grill while lit before being dumped in one of the country's most disgusting facilities in Stockton, California.

Today, he's enjoying his life at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge. He eats raw fed diet with organic free range chicken and humanely raised beef. He is treated with herbs to calm his anxiety and goes on lovely nature walks along the lake.

When he looks out at the swans floating on the calm Colorado River, William looks like he might be regaining some faith that not all humans are horrible.

Hope is wonderful thing. Some behaviorists have said dogs don't have the ability to 'hope' experience emotion, but looking at William in this picture certainly argues that thought.

No matter what might be going on in the stresses of rescue work and the sad stories one encounters on a daily basis, a leash and a walk down by the lake pretty much cure all that ails or dog.

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