Saturday, April 16, 2016

Put a pit bull in your library

Reunion Rescue and Pit Bull Nation have a great idea. Let's put a pit bull in every library. This is one way to do away with BSL and all of the media horror stories promoted by the press.

One never sees or hears about the happy stories about millions of pit bull family pets and that's exactly why Pit Bull Nation was written. For the true story behind the book Pit Bull Nation about pulling death row dogs being killed at a city shelter along with how Reunion Rescue runs the world's only holistic raw-feeding no kill pit bull refuge, this book is a must read.

We are asking every pit bull lover to call their local library and request a copy of Pit Bull Nation be put on the shelves.

It's easy and besides educating the public, proceeds from all sales go toward helping about win/win, right?

Please visit Pit Bull Nation on Facebook and attend our Put a pit bull in your library event on Facebook. We love your photos and comments, too!

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