Saturday, April 16, 2016

Amazing rescue: pulls needles out of three dogs being killed

In Palmdale, California: This one person stepped up to the plate to save three dogs being killed and needs our help.

She received "a call today from a girl who was crying. Her brother had decided to put his (6) 3 yr old Pit Bulls to sleep. He cannot keep them anymore, and has been evicted due to them. He did not want to take them to the shelter, and have them die there alone. Our local shelter is the worse shelter in LA County, and is 70% full of Pit Bulls at any given time."

She "literally got her to pull the needles out of the dogs as they were already at the vet, being prepped. Please help me save them, we only have a few days."

This good person is begging for help.

Conan - male - Fawn - He is a very lovable boy.  He likes to take long walks, run, jump and play.  He loves to chew on rawhide bones during his "leisure time". He enjoys treats and is willing to take them when given the following commands: sit, shake, high five, come and "easy" when accepting food. Just like any dog he loves getting hugs and gives lots of kisses. He would fit best with people who don't have any other pets.


Sheera - female - Fawn - She loves her "blankies"(blankets, sheets, towels to lay on).  She likes to take naps.  She loves playing fetch and jumps really high.  She likes to take walks and loves getting belly rubs.  She gives kisses and loves getting hugs. She is allergic to certain dry foods (no Purina brand) but loves snacks like: tortilla chips, popcorn, saltines, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carrots, peas, applesauce and white rice.  Not to mention she loves boiled chicken! She is a very sweet girl.

Vespa - female - Gray/White - She has a very unique bark when she's hungry. Taking long walks and dancing to Maroon Five are her favorite things to do.  She is a very calm and loving girl.  She loves getting hugs and likes her ears rubbed. She enjoys chew toys and loves to drink water. At night she likes to sleep with a blanket or sheet.


 Honey - female - Fawn/White - She got her name because her personality and color.  She is a sweet girl and she likes to lick on honey. She enjoys taking long walks and playing fetch outside.  Chewing on rawhide bones or a chew toy is the best way she likes to spend her time.


Gigi - female - Gray/White chest  - She is a very lovable girl.  She likes to play catch and fetch. She loves drinking water and tends to sleep at your feet or next to you.  She likes sleeping with a blanket at night (if she is by herself) and enjoys getting her belly rubbed.  You know she likes you when she shows you her belly. Playing with chew toys and enjoying her "nap time" are the best ways she spends her day.

 Xena - female - Gray - She loves giving kisses even "french kisses".  =) She is very lovable and enjoys taking walks outside.  She loves chewing on rawhide bones or chew toys. She likes getting her belly rubbed and loves to scratch her back on the carpet or grass.  She also clips her own nails.  She does not like the nail clipper sound.  At night, she enjoys sleeping on a blanket, sheet or towel.  She will request it by barking a certain way.

These are family pets and due to breed specific legislation, they were being euthanized. How in the world did California annex to Denver all of a sudden?

Please help by sharing their story and offering homes, rescue, a few bucks or whatever it takes to save these beautiful dogs:

Carrie "Poe" Grooms
Secondhand Animals
PO Box 1993
Rosamond, Ca 93560


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