Sunday, April 10, 2016

Government official Kory Nelson wishes for child mauling

Kory Nelson is the man behind Denver's pit bull slaughter in which pets were dragged from their homes and killed by the thousands. Kory Nelson is Denver's Assistant City Attorney and a government official.

The man who made a name for himself killing other people's pets by the truckload has now issued a statement that he's hoping for  'a celebrity's child to be attacked....'

Nelson, always aping for the spotlight, has even endorsed shooting dogs in the street something like the recent dog slaughters in Sochi. is the group headed by Colleen Lynn and has become notorious for using 'flawed statistics' to promote hate for pit bull-type dogs. Lynn, who calls herself a 'social activist' moved to Austin, Texas in 2010 to promote her operation.

What kind of people hate dogs so much they fabricate facts and figures to propagandize a doctrine
promoting death to all animals who have a certain appearance? What kind of person advocates tragic mauling of an innocent child in order to hype his hostile campaign?

Sound familiar?

"Hitler, Adolf(1889–1945), German leader, born in Austria; chancellor of Germany 1933–45. He cofounded the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party in 1919 and came to prominence through his powers of oratory. He wrote Mein Kampf (1925), an exposition of his political ideas, while in prison. He established the totalitarian Third Reich in 1933. His expansionist foreign policy precipitated World War II, while his fanatical anti-Semitism led to the Holocaust.

• [as n. ] ( a Hitler) a person with authoritarian or tyrannical characteristics : little Hitlers in the classroom."

It is a terrifying thought that a man with 'ideals' inspiring hate groups holds a government position. How is modern-day Denver so different from Nazi Germany?

No one in the thinking anti-BSL legislation movement endorses mauling or bad dog behavior. It's common to hear the statement 'ban the deed, not the breed' among those of us looking for solutions.

Is it pure hate or just plain old wanting to be famous?

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