Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BSL results in DOA for another pit bull shot by cops

St. Clair Shores: Police shoot and kill yet another pit bull. According to a story in the Detroit Free Press "St. Clair Shores police officers shot and killed a pit bull mix Friday morning, saying the dog menaced several people and then charged officers who attempted to capture it."

The reader doesn't need to travel far to find out what really happened to Lexie, an 18 month old dog who was brutally shot by a cop. Stated near the end of the Detroit Free Press article, was this description:

"Preston lives at the home with her grandfather, Tom Warunek, who witnessed the shooting. He said three officers came to his door. “He said they were going to shoot the dog,” Warunek said. “She wouldn’t come in, and then he took one shot and it’s right in front of me on the side porch.”

"Warunek said the dog squealed and ran into the bushes, where the officer shot it several more times and watched the animal die."

So, the office needed to shoot Lexie several times while she was bleeding to death in the bushes? Who was he protecting....the shrubbery?

Lexie was owned by 19 year old Brittany Preston who lives with her grandfather. Preston's grandfather witnessed the gangland-style killing of an animal.

Please take a minute to thank the St. Claire Shores police department for keeping the landscape safe....safe from dying pit bulls.

The name of the officer who shot and killed Lexie is unknown. Lexie was saved by Brittany Preston when Lexie's family moved to a county which practiced BSL and does not allow pit bulls.

Shame on the cop who shot Lexie over and over while she bled to death.

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  1. There is a facebook page Justice for Lexie.Please go over and show your support.