Monday, September 9, 2013

Sheriff's department has no update on Nina the chained pit bull in the woods

Petal, Mississippi: The following story was written about Nina, a chained pit bull in wooded terrain outside Petal, Mississippi on July 23. Only one comment has been published regarding Nina's wellbeing, but the information is suspicious.

The country sheriff's department promised to contact the original owner, J. R. Reynolds July 26, but no word has been received regarding contact. No word has been received about Nina's welfare, although Dogs Deserve Better posted a notice on their Facebook page that Nina was in the care of some third party.

In light of the horrible abuse sweeping the nation, care by some third party is not comforting.

I placed another call today with Purvis County Sheriff's Department at 601-544-7800 only to get the same story, that Nina is in the care of some third party. If this third party is responsible for the chain around Nina's neck, then something certainly must be done.

I asked the sheriff's department to call J. R. Reynolds again and left my phone number so that we can attempt to trace Nina's whereabouts.

According to another Facebook page:

Nina is safe with some third party. If this is fact, where are photos of Nina off the chain and in her safe new whereabouts?

If Nina can be located, Reunion Rescue will save this dog. She can come to Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge in Austin, Texas.

Here is a copy of the original article printed July 23, 2013:

Nina is the beloved pet of J.R. Reynolds. She was stolen from his home over a week ago. Mr. Reynolds received a text on his cell phone of his beautiful dog on a tow chain somewhere in the woods.

Facebook groups are posting Nina's picture everywhere in hopes that someone recognizes the terrain and will turn in the evil criminal who stole Nina.

The photograph of a terrified Nina inspires dreadful thoughts. Concerned animal welfare advocates are fearful Nina will live on this chain the rest of her life or is being used in the nasty sport of hog hunting...or even a worse fate.

According to WDAM News, Nina is only 7 months old. She was stolen from her outdoor pen, which is yet another testament to not letting your pet outside without direct supervision.

What kind of monster steals a puppy and sends the photograph to the owner?

According to the article, local police are involved, but a call to both Petal Police Department and the County office provided no information:

Petal Police Dept. (601) 544-5331

Purvis Police Dept. (601) 794-5070

County (601)544-7800

Again, it appears that justice will come from Facebook posts and social media outreach.

Please continue to share Nina's story in hopes that she is returned to her family and in hopes that her family will bring their pet indoors with the rest of the family.


  1. This story seems a little bit fishy to me and a little bit on the side of I don't believe a word of it. Something is just not right if the person claims the dog is safe but will not produce the dog (Nina) and prove to the police and everyone else that she is safe and sound. I think that if Nina is safe and sound then let the "Third Party" produce Nina and show that she is in fact safe and sound. If the former owners wife did in fact sell Nina without his knowledge then the money should be returned to the person that bought Nina and her returned to her original owner and then everything would be solved and no hard feelings or discontent would be happening. So it is my suggestion that this "Third Party" produce Nina and prove she is in fact well taken care of and not mistreated in any way shape or form.

  2. Poor Nina. So innocent and beautiful.

    I sincerely hope she gets rescued soon.