Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oklahoma tornado disaster drags on for months

No Kill Rapid Emergency Response expected a "10 day assistance and outreach trip" when they showed up in Shawnee, Oklahoma to help animals displaced by massive tornados.

"When we arrived we found that there were no on the ground options remaining for pet families and victims of the disaster in this region, with many many animals still lost and wandering. We were asked to stay. We couldn't bear to see them homeless, lost and alone; so we changed plans and promised to stay for as long as we are needed. We are still here. We are still working."

These good people literally hit the deck running with what "started as a tarp stretched between a van and trailer full of collected relief supplies has now grown into a temporary shelter 
with a purchased 12X40 modified cooled ShelterLogic solution, an adult and 1 small puppy outdoor play area(s), an air conditioned nursery building, with supply tents and a large storage shed."

NKRER is begging for help. They desperately need donations, equipment and supplies to continue their selfless rescue effort.

"For well over 60 days we ran on gasoline generators. The cost of fuel went way over $4000 to keep them cool and healthy during that time, with outdoor temperatures that topped 106. We now have electricity, but we are dreading the first bill with deposits and connection fees. 

We want to set up more outdoor play areas and shaded kennels for the dogs. We need to insulate and cool the large shed and create a nice safe exercise and play room for the cats. These things are all needed for their rehabilitation and re-socialization. They have all come so far, and they are a
ll doing well, but recovery is a process. Some of them really need the extra time and work. We need to expand and improve their environment so they can finish healing. 

Right now we are out of funds, and progress is at a standstill. There are still families who need supplies. We are out of dog food for distribution, and haven't been able to do our outreach rounds in days."

NKRER has put together listings of animals displaced by the tornados who need homes:

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