Friday, September 6, 2013

5 cruelty case dogs abandoned in world's music capital

Austin, Texas has come to be known as the music capital of the world, but soon could be eclipsed as the global center for abandoned dogs.

Yesterday was a record day for Reunion Rescue. I get about 4,000 emails per day, many of them dealing with abandoned and stray pit bulls. Without my own tv show or government funding, it's difficult to answer every call, but I try to do my best.

A woman called about a situation in her neighborhood. She was trying to help a neighbor's dog who keeps escaping the yard when she discovered five beautiful dogs so thin they could barely stand up.

With temperatures over 100 each day, these dogs were delegated to the backyard as so many seem to be in Austin. Reunion Rescue is suffering from extremely low adoptions specifically due to so many dog owners who leave their pets in the backyard. Reunion has a policy to only adopt to crate training homes.

When Kimberly followed the neighbor's dog down the street, she came upon this situation. Horrified, she called Austin Animal Center 311 to report the abuse and was told they couldn't address the cruelty complaint until the next day.

"The neighbor at 6211 has not seen the 6213 neighbors in about 2-3 weeks. There have been no cars out front for some time now. The water to the house has been turned off. There is no mail in the mailbox. Trash is everywhere in the sideyards. No one has answered the door in 2 weeks. Living room furniture and a cat can be seen through the window by the front door. That window is open about 6-8 inches."

"There is no foul odor, but the cat desperately wants attention. I did see a couple of flies. However, that would be expected in Austin in September. We slipped the cat a little food through a small tear found in the window screen. Rescue groups for the dogs are being contacted. Two other neighbors and I fed the dogs last night. One of those neighbors helped me feed the dogs and the small cat this morning.

After taking photos and a video, we uploaded to Facebook and the community began to step up. Reunion's full and can't take on any more dogs, but we've already had one person offer to foster. Just think. If four other foster homes could become available, we could begin to raise the necessary funds to vet and care for these dogs and show them off at Strut Your Mutt this year.

Reunion Rescue is walking in Strut Your Mutt Austin, Texas at Mueller Park September 28. Please comment on the Facebook page if you might be interested in helping one of these dogs.

Neighbors are throwing food over the fence and waiting for animal control to come help these dogs. Austin Animal Center is super full right now as the new facility doesn't hold as many dogs as the old Town Lake Shelter held.

Reunion Rescue has a dream to be able to save dogs, but it's a huge struggle. In our town and the rest of the nation, there is more supply than demand. Wouldn't it be nice if Austin were known as kindness to dogs capital of the world, too?

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