Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dad with baby create Nazi pit bull hate film

Labeled a public service announcement, a Dexter look-alike holding a toddler begins a nauseating attempt to ape Sarah McLachlan's heartfelt song and outreach to save shelter animals.

In a sickening plea to help homeless pets, the speaker mimic's McLachlan's ASPCA animal cruelty video in a perverted attempt to malign pit bull type dogs.

Entitled "Pit Bull PSA," the video employ's McClachlan's recording and elements of the ASPCA advertisement to push a message of hate and killing. Did the ASPCA and Sony/ATV Music provide permission to use McLachlan's music and lyrics for a pit bull hate 'PSA' message?

Highly doubtful. What kind of individuals would put together this kind of garbage in order to trigger hate for an already maligned animal? Certainly not any thinking person interested in education and solutions. Do these 'filmmakers' consider themselves creative?


The production ends with a pit bull attack and one that's made its dogeared travels over every pit bull hate site on the internet, so no surprises. Word up, homey. Element of surprise and redemption set the bar distinguishing the men from the inept in the arts. One strives to leave the viewer leaving with something new, a broader concept. This is just a piece of hate-filled junk which leaves the audience walking away with a sad sense of a demoralized society and a taste of what liver cancer must feel like.

Maybe someone should call ASPCA and SONY to see if permissions were granted for the use of intellectual property in such a low brow effort.

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