Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guido, BeBe and the lazy days of summer

Nika and Shelly came by last night to walk the dogs and it was a pure lovely summer night. I'm always amazed at how much these dogs appreciate a little walk and some attention.

Wouldn't it be a nice world if all animals were given a moment's pleasure? It doesn't cost much. Just a walk around the block and they are so happy.

Last night was an easy night as William went down to Low Water Crossing with Scott. Peanut's leg was under the weather and BeBe had enjoyed an earlier walk in the afternoon.

So....that just left Vinny, Guido and for each of us girls.

Guido and I decided to take in a little bit of creek time this morning. He was very enthralled by the tadpole action there. We both got our tippy toes wet which takes the edge off the 103 degree temperature.

We're all cooling it down this afternoon and getting ready for a nice raw food meal around 3.

So ....lazy hazy crazy days of summer...zzzzz. 

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