Saturday, July 13, 2013

Andy Griffith in Apache Shores

Yesterday was Phil, Dante and Jennifer's first day to volunteer with Reunion Rescue pitties. You could hear the theme song from the Andy Griffith show as we walked the dogs to the creek and the lake.

Phil and his younger brother, Dante are the kind of kids who give me hope for the future. Both Dante and Phil had a calm presence and a love for nature and animals. After we walked Amber and Guido, they took a tour of Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge to visit the cat sanctuary and our bird rescues. We are a little bit like Busch Gardens, but on a smaller scale and Apache Shores style.

Here at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge, we pretty much strut our mutts every day. This year, we're going to step it up a notch. Reunion Rescue will be participating in Best Friends Strut Your Mutt both in San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas.

Please share these links to help Reunion Rescue spread the word. Whether you're a Reunion Rescue adopter or a supporter, you can help by strutting or letting others know. Help Reunion Rescue do our part to create a nation with no more homeless pets.

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