Sunday, June 23, 2013

Raising money and loving the bulls....shooting for the moon

Me shooting for the moon

This week like all weeks at Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge has been a whirlwind of activity. We are trying to raise money to buy a van so we can carry our healthy happy pit bulls to local events and show others how easy it is to feed raw, treat homeopathically and rehab with herbs.

Imagine if every shelter practiced what Reunion Rescue does every day on a shoestring. There would be no more animals in the shelters. All the animals would be healthy and robust with great behavior. Shelters could do outreach and share the good message with individual pet owners.

We had a chase this week, but it is going well. A beautiful Malinois appeared at our doorstep out here at the lake. She looks to have recently given birth, so it's assumed her terrible owners kept the puppies to sell and dumped her to fend for herself.

This little one was quite skittish. I'm full here and it was a struggle talking my better half into letting me take on one more dog. By the time I got her a crate and food set up, she was gone.

The next two days were frightening. Cars whiz by like Daytona out here. In my Ash Juniper grove, I bury the squirrels, birds, cottontails and even roadrunners these newcomers to Apache Shores carelessly and heartlessly mow down in their haste to get to soccer practice or wherever it is they need to go. I personally wish they'd stay there and not come back.

Hildi was spotted by a neighbor, America. She got my number from a nearby friend and called for help. We are trying to raise money to take care of her spay and vetting. American Pit Bull Examiner wrote her a story and Hildi, named for the lovely character in Quentin Tarentino's Django Unchained,  now has her own Facebook page.

It was a way busy week, but the van has raised $65 and we're on our way to our $15,000 goal.

We saved Princess and Hildi who are now Reunion dogs.

We walked a bunch of 'refuge-ees'....Peanut, Wilco, Amber, BeBe, Vinny and Guido...loved on Girl and Tex and all the kitties and birdies.

LuLu and Nolan are doing fine in foster care and looking for that home together. We're gonna make it and thanks to everyone for tuning in and supporting the work at Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge.

This is Tex barking for his dinner
Girl is nearly fifteen now

Shelly walking Amber
Shelly and Amber
Shelly and Nika walking dogs
Dog walking at the lake
A doe on the way
William at the creek
Wills at the creek
Will at the water
Will takes a dip
Good cold water for Wills
summertime fun for Wills
A drink and a swim
Life is good for Will
Fun at the creek
Will is gonna be just fine
Wills at the bridge
Willy boy
Pontoon boat people called Will an ugly pit  bull
Mask at Indian Trail
Peanut drinking at the creek
Peanut learning to swim
Good cold water for Peanut
Look at Peanut!
One happy Peanut
Learning how to swim
Peanut is a happy boy
Peanut swimming
A quiet moment for the P-nutter

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  1. What a lovely rescue you have! I am not familiar with the Google Circles, i opened your site by accident and it sure started my day off with a smile. I love seeing people joined together in behalf of our beautiful, misunderstood too oftenly disrespected Bullys. I have following a FACEBOOK link that is what i am working on to help stop these shootings that to often happen, that unfortunately i fell victim to. Please read and share, in great hopes that you will pass it on to your circle of support. I look forward to more reading on your organization.
    In love for the pitties-Maureen Lynch
    In l