Thursday, June 27, 2013

A wild and crazy day with pit bulls and other animals....

Reunion Rescue is running around like a chicken today. I picked Hildi up and dropped her off at Emancipet for spay surgery, microchip and shots.

Gave Hildi arnica 30c which eases any sweet dog through surgery and rarely requires any hard core pain meds. She was also dosed with Australian Bush Flower Essence Emergency to help her be calm during such an invasive procedure. We'll be dosing her with Waiora to counter the toxic effects and remove harmful metals from the vaccines.

Made it to Emancipet along with some soothing Loft music...we were groovin', me and Hildi. After I dropped her off in Emancipet's capable hands, I stopped by my good friends Hut's Hamburgers to throw myself on their mercy. Hut's turned 70 years old yesterday and God Bless Hut's as they say!

Hut's stepped up to the rescue for Reunion and will be hosting a wonderful benefit for Reunion Rescue in the next couple months. Please keep tuned. You'll definitely be hearing a lot LOT more about this.

It was pedal to the metal after that to zip it back to Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge to meet Mimi who valiantly came out to walk the pitties with a recovering sore knee. Thank you, Mimi and all our wonderful volunteers for making our lives happy, productive, thrilling, adventuresome and full of love!

Take me home, Jesus!!!! Now, that's what I'm talking about.....what a great day!

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