Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reunion Rescue Singing Pit Bulls 2013 Calendar

Just as I got all the photos up and running along with a dedicated song for each Reunion pit bull, the whole thing came crashing down. I clicked the link and nada! I lost everything that had taken weeks to create.

After sweating a ton of bullets, I did what every self-respecting pit bull rescuer does. I started over. That's one thing I've learned from these wonderful dogs. Life comes at your sideways most times and the best you can do is dust off and go at it again.

Amazingly, I was able to get the calendar up and running in just a day.

This year's calendar features Reunion pit bulls who have something to sing about. Some of our dogs like BeBe were pulled from the horrors at Spindletop while other longtimers like Pip and Bruce Willis found amazing forever homes.

Guido Sarducci, King James and William are on their way to Texas to join us at the Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge, the only holistic raw feeding sanctuary and refuge in the world.

Take a look at our little songbirds like Toot Toot, Peanut, BeBe, Amber, Nolan, Bruce Willis, Casper, Benny and the rest of the gang yodeling their little hearts out in the calendar.

All royalties from calendar and other product sales go 100% toward saving dogs at Reunion Rescue. No salaries, no mortgages, no trips, no parties..just saving and caring for the animals.

To order the Reunion Rescue 2013 Singing Pit Bull Calendar, click the following link and help us save the world, one pit bull at a time:

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