Monday, December 3, 2012

Just bird dogging around....

Reunion Rescue has a longtime relationship with Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in the beautiful Texas hill country.

Our own little bird rescue and sanctuary had some big toys gathering dust, so when we contacted WRR, they were happy to put these items to use.

WRR does fine work and even rescues the occasional pit bull.

Back in the day, we made the bi-weekly wildlife run from San Antonio to WRR with injured and helpless wildlife. This group turns no animal away and is home for everything from turkey vultures to cockatoos, capuchin monkeys to pigs and lions.

Our hats are off to a group that walks to walk in rescue matters.

WRR is committed to rescue, rehabilitate and release. Their commitment and ability to mimic wild environment is amazing to behold. To lower stress and address these animals' needs, WRR uses calming scents, dim lights and homeopathy. If more of the country's animal shelters put these efforts into practice, just imagine the benefits.

Thank you Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation for the fine work you do helping animals.

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