Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy tails are here again!

In between trying to re-publish my articles which were wrongfully removed articles. The wasted effort for a rescuer is irreplaceable. But, as I quote in "Pit Bull Nation," 'don't cry, organize,' the famous folk hero, Joe Hill, left us with.

Like the man said, "I have lived like a rebel and I shall die a rebel." In the memory of my dog, Rebel, Joe Hill, in the memory of Stella and the so many others harmed at Spindletop, I'll continue to write my bloggies and pet my doggies.

Here is a priceless moment from today. Angel is now called Johnny Angel. He is adopted and awaiting his opportunity to travel to his new forever home.

Amber prefers the stairstepper:

I wish I could sit and watch these beautiful dogs run, play and learn to be dogs for the first time in their lives. That is the reason I got into rescue work so many years ago. The grand pity is having to waste time that shouldn't be wasted when precious lives like Johnny Angel and Amber so desperately need us to help them.

Read more later...happy blog..naughty blog...

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