Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sometimes the rescuers are scarier than scary shelters

The other day, I got one of the many mass alert emails I receive on a daily basis. This one was directed at raising $1,000 to pay some rescuer who was p.o.'ed about being promised $1K to take a dog and hadn't received the money yet. She went off on the whole group who'd initially been emailed to help with expenses.

Supposedly the dog had experienced bloody diarrhea and had to be taken to the vet. Anyone familiar with rabies vaccinosis knows that bloody diarrhea is a symptom of over-vaccination. Anyone with a computer can easily Google rabies vaccinosis or over-vaccination and diarrhea which will bring up multiple scientifically researched studies along with case studies from people whose pets have suffered and even died from over vaccination. Even the protocol from vet offices warns about the dangers of vaccination.

I felt it my duty to suggest the dog might be suffering from rabies vaccinosis only to receive a rabid reply from a fellow rescuer. It was quite frightening to say the least. The woman, whose name seemed familiar, was very angry at my information about over-vaccination. In fact, she literally said rabies vaccinosis is bullshit.

I come from the south and am more than familiar with ignorance, but you expect a little more from the great state of California and especially from someone who very proudly works as a vet tech. Oh, Lord, save me from most of these vet techs and especially when they rescue pit pulls. Even if they only have three in the stable.

I wrote back to suggest she read my book, Pit Bull Nation, namely the Raspberry chapter, where I tell the story of a dog who I witnessed with my own eyes develop an immediate and horrific case of rabies vaccinosis.

She went on to state that she'd had this conversation with me in the past and believes what she hears from the veterinarians. I guess she doesn't believe vets who write scholarly reports about intensive studies done to substantiate their work.

As one recent article posed, the very term rabies vaccinosis is becoming quite common. More and more people have witnessed their pets' reactions to vaccination with symptoms such as ADHD-like tendencies, aggression, seizures, chronic distemper, chronic parvo and chronic rabies. 

According to recent editions of the Senior Dogs Project newsletter, all twenty seven of the nation's vet schools in North America are in the process of changing their vaccine protocol.

I looked back through my emails for the conversation this lady claimed to have shared with me. I found the couple of sentences she was referring to. A woman who works at a shelter had written in about an owner surrender dog who'd allegedly bitten someone. She wanted to ask for help with the dog whom she'd grown to care about. 

I suggested the Reunion Rescue detox protocol as aggression is now thought to be related to over-vaccination, even a single dose. The rescuer-vet tech whose rescue, by the way, is yet another one of these rescues more about advocacy rather than rescuing...actually recommended euthanizing the dog. This is what you call advocacy? You're going to kill a dog you've never laid eyes on? Never temperament tested? Never even looked at an incident report? You call this rescue? 

Now, I understand why she only has three rescue dogs....I don't even want to know what she does with the rest. Too dang scary.

All I can do is continue to learn and continue to try and do the real outreach work. To share my experiences detoxing and rehabbing and yes, rescuing the dogs this woman would kill. 

The scary award for the day goes to this scary do not want to learn, but yet you call yourself an advocate. You over-vaccinate as a job and then kill the animals who become sick as a result. 

I doubt this lady will ever read this blog, but on the off chance she might like to learn something, here are some well researched articles about that rabies vaccinosis 'bullshit' she was referring to.

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