Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another tired day and a lesson for Cindy

Pip, still looking for love in all the wrong places
I just got through walking with Pip and a potential new owner. I could tell, though, by the time we got to Broken Bow, might as well just turn around. I hate that feeling. When you know, I know and the dog knows that it's a no go. Pip is such an awesome dog. She is the perfect companion. Loves people, loves kids, just not so hot for all other dogs. Oh, well.

It was a beautiful walk and Pip got to go twice today..that's 6 miles. She'll sleep good tonight. I love her and she's always got a place here. Always. It's just a shame for the ones I could be saving who will be stuck in boarding somewhere while waiting for their forever homes or a solid foster.

I woke up to bad news. I probably needed the 6 miles today more than Pip. It's good to beat the trail for a couple of hours when you're feeling blue. Eyes on the prize and the sky, bluer than blue. It is all going to be ok.

Chance, who taught me a lesson about love and believing
I'll start with the worst which turned out to be the best. A dog showed up at the little shelter who could, scared, abused and probably used for bait. He is just a horror case. I had told the wonderful sergeant who called that we just can't save them all..the lament of a broken down burnt out rescuer. Well, I got a lesson taught to me. I had suggested a chip in and the next thing you know, the community had put together over one thousand dollars and found a rescue to take Chance on.

You can teach an old dog new tricks and today, the old dog is me. I forgot to believe. I always say there is more good than bad in this old sad world and had forgotten my own words. I had to be re-taught. That is a lesson I don't mind re-learning. I apologized to the group and thanked them for reminding me that all humans aren't bad. Today, Chance and I each learned that lesson. Good for Chance, good for me. There is hope.

I couldn't sleep all night last night over Arthur. The lawyer who'd agreed to take the case wanted to negotiate and mediate. I am down with that, but with a stipend. These people have lied and defaulted and without a cash fund set up in Arthur's behalf and which would be forfeited the next time they lie and default, what is the incentive for them to begin to uphold the original contract they signed. The lawyer went on to give me some advice on how to rescue. For a person who makes her living writing contracts, she was basically asking me to not hold to a contract. Her suggestion amounted to just giving people the dogs. If I was going to do that, I'd just haul out a bunch of dogs from one of these high kill shelters and take them down to Petco on the weekend to be sold to the highest bidder. My suggestion to her is why don't you stick to lawyering and I'll do Reunion.

Arthur has to go on the shelf for a short while, but certainly not forgotten. I just need to get enough to hire Bruce Wagman. Back to square one. It's a feeling of despair, but I have to hope yet again, there are more good people than bad and hope the people who do animal testing for a living aren't testing on Arthur. Sometimes I feel very alone.

I got a wake up call from Doug. ACC stopped by to check on all his dogs and make sure they all have rabies shots. This is the same ACC who doesn't even have a program to find a lost dog and one which doesn't even check on dogfighting rings, but they're gonna go over and bother somebody who has an extraordinary set up and refuge for everyone else's unwanted dogs. Please. Give me a frigging brake. I get all these calls from locals who are rightfully worried about their neighbor's mistreated and abused dogs and cannot even get ACC to pay a visit!

I also woke up to finding out Darla had been over-vaccinated at PHS. I guess if they didn't get to kill her the way they wanted to, humanely euthanizing, they'll kill her in another way, but over-vaccinating a dog who has recently been vaccinated. This is pure d animal cruelty. For a place with humane in the title, unforgivable. The only two words that are accurate in their name are peninsula and society.

I'd written a reply to the veterinary and kennel manager, somebody I have history with as do a bunch of dead dogs and cats I've known, to please refrain from giving this dog an unnecessary vaccine. We had proof of recent vaccines and I even sent links to scientific studies which cite the horror and danger of over-vaccination. These people do not care. This is the same dump in which the blogging director, same guy in my book, laughed in my face when I asked for a wellness check on Arthur. Anyone who laughs at death and torture ain't no friend of mine or of Reunion Rescue.

This is another case of shelving. These people will get theirs. I am trying to think about Benny today and trying to learn how to let these people and their awful cruelty be an example to me. I cannot stop their evil ways, Santana, but I can stop myself from being anything like them. I can work to make a difference and show how to detox animals and try remove the metals, toxins, anti-freeze, formaldehyde and other nasty items from their bodies.

I'd love to be able to vaccinate all these mean people with the same crud they're injecting into innocent animals only it'd probably just make 'em meaner and eviler. Little bitty things like Buttercup by Lucinda make me feel a little bitty bit better.

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