Thursday, March 17, 2011

Petey Pie, Sweetie Pie

Somebody (namely me) needed some good news for a change. Amid current state of mass euthanasias in the shelters with the Best Friends and others who race across the country to 'save' $50,000 pit bulls while locals dogs are dying....ignored by these Norma Desmonds of rescue.... I got some good news tonight.

Petey Pie was sitting at the Kern County shelter waiting to die. I was not looking for another dog and especially not a puppy. I can't handle the usual people who apply for puppies wishing for a dog they can train...the shelters are chock full of 8 month old dogs who were once puppies these sorts of people wanted to train.

I was looking through the photos on Pet Harbor for Sadie, the dog Reunion and H.A.L.T. Rescue pulled and saw this terrified little boy. He knew he didn't have a chance. So frightened and timid.

I immediately emailed my good friend, Bibi, and asked her if I pulled this one would she foster. Bibi is an angel. She is in the middle of a move, has a three year old toddler, a cat and a terrier mix named Manny and works more than full time. She told me to save the puppy and she would make it work.

Petey was with Bibi for almost two weeks and just went into a foster situation with Cari and Adam. They are committed to sticking with Petey Pie's raw diet. Adam is a chef and Petey's first raw meal was duck, which he engulfed. He loves his raw diet and enjoys the delicious cuisine of Jeffrey's Natural Pet Foods in San Francisco, California.

I wish everyone would feed raw, spay/neuter, love their doggy and treat with homeopathy like Petey Pie. This is how all Reunion dogs are treated. I wish we could save the pit bull at a time.

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