Saturday, March 19, 2011

Puppies and other little critters...

Sadie and her puppies are still in Bakersfield. They are being fostered by Shane and crew. I know he's probably rethinking the whole thing, but were it not for Shane, this mom and her pups would all have been euthanized. Thank you, Shane from the bottom of our hearts.

Patty Boles of H.A.L.T. Rescue and I are co-pullers and sponsors of this family. Patty will be handling all of the puppies adoptions and I will be taking Sadie. Sadie has had (as are all these dogs) a bit of problem since her rabies shot! I am getting plum sick and plum tired of reactions to these pathetic killer toxic shots.

Once and for all, here are some simple links on my site....links which I recently sent to the Peninsula Humane Society when they OVER-VACCINATED a dog who'd recently been vaccinated, Darla. I guess they thought, well, since we don't get to euthanize her like we really wanted to do, we'll just torture her poor body by injecting rabies, lead, mercury, toxic chemicals, formaldehyde, anti-freeze and other horrible and nasty substances into the poor animals' bodies.

Every person should be aware of what is being injected into innocent pets. Here are the same links I sent the so called 'veterinary' vice president at PHS...which, the more I hear about this awful place, the more terrified I am. I do believe I'd sooner adopt an animal to somebody in Garland, Texas than San Mateo County, California and Garland is where they were recently forced to dismantle their gas chamber. That's how scary the Peninsula Humane Society is to me. For someone pulling down big bucks and posing as a vice president of veterinary care to flagrantly disregard a letter citing a dog's recent vaccination and to re-vaccinate that dog out of spite is just plain wrong and it is animal cruelty.

Here are some photos of Sadie's pups when they first came to Shane's from the Kern County Shelter.

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